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  1. Soyeon looks so cute ^^ i wish he could have seen pic of the other members too T.T
  2. Junggie is too kindhearted. I've always loved and respected her and she just made me love her and admire her even more.I know her parents must be so proud of her, i know i would. I'm thankful to Eunjung's parents for instilling all those morals and values- that many people seem to lack nowadays-in Junggie as she was growing up.Also thankful to god that he let such a beautiful person into this world..its people like Junggie that makes this world a better place and restore my faith in humanity. It angers me that Junggie is blaming herself and feeling bad for the production team because of the scandal, when she was the biggest victim and took the hardest hit but this just goes to show what a great person she is..always putting others before heself , not being remorseful against those who've hurt but rather be forgiving and kindhearted..It angers me that there are others who take advantage of this.. I understand that Junggie wants to forget this and act like it never happened but these people not only violated her rights and treated her like sh*it but they also had the audacity to put all blame on EJ, most of all they have scarred Junggie's heart.Yes Junggie says she's forgotten but the truth is you can never forget , she will forever be scarred , the scars will fade with time but the traces will always be there. I respect EJ decision but i think KEMA is doing the right thing by putting sanction and boycotting YEIN E&M to let it serve as an example to other companies that you can't just violate a person's rights and treat them like sh*t and get away with. It not just for Junggie but for other actors/actresses.Maybe this is what they mean by everything happens for a reason.
  3. Aww loved how Malaysian fans welcomed the girls ...so much love & support for our girls Junggie was so cute when she introduced herself ^^ I cant wait for fancams of the showcase Its QUEEN'S (emphasis on the 's) as in we belong to them not Queens nor Kings ..We are QUEEN'S Sorry it just really irks me when people say kings or Queens because that's not what we are called ><.. We are QUEEN'S!!!
  4. Nooooooo!!! This cant be TrueT.T why must she leave its not fair T.T im seriously crying right now
  5. dont cry soyeon unnie ....i will always stand by T-ARA no matter what
  6. I have never turned my back on T-ARA , never bashed T-ARA because i dont believe everything the media says but ive followed them long enough to know that they are not the type to bully someone.Yes they might have their conflicts like any other person ,heck ive said things i wished i hadnt to my loved ones(lets get real who hasnt) but in the end we know we care about each other.So speak for yourself and other" so called QUEEN'S"(easily turned their back on T-ARA) who " wanted to revolt and bash T-ara" when they heard the "news". i do agree though that they need a better management company.KKS only made matters worse.
  7. Maru Entertainment is a subsidiary label of Core Contents Media, so she would still be attached to KKS. CCM,Maru,FNC, and GM contents media are all family they are all under Mnet Media.
  8. sad that you are on of those people who easily believes this kind of rumors
  9. I think EJ is wearing extensions its obviously not a wig
  10. awwww they are so cute ...im so jealous of hyomins body....cant wait for their comeback
  11. They all look beautiful....seriously Eunjung i feel has become more feminine and blossomed ...she looks so pretty
  12. Eunjung Unnie looks so pretty and cute in every single picture
  13. aww they are so adorable ... is it just me ...eunjung's face looks thinner...i hope shes okay
  14. Eunjung unnies i love you so much She looks beautiful like always
  15. Daebak!! Just have to wait a few more days till the mv comes out !! Ii get to see Eunjung star in a mv again its been a while since shes been in a drama or mv ... can't wait to see her acting skills again
  16. I love that in every performance Eunjung is always happy and smiling ♥Eunjung's smile ♥
  17. T-ARA hands dwon is the prettiest girl group with and without makeup ... Eunjung Unnie is so confident ..never embarrased of showing her bare face ..she looks younger and cute regardless I'm so happy they're back...though it means that they'll have a packed schedule ♥T-ARA Hwaiting!!♥
  18. Eunjung's and Jiyeon's pictures are the best though the other look pretty too
  19. Eunjung looks so pretty like always
  20. i cant accept thisnews ...i want T-ar to remain the same ..i like them as they are now there is no need for an addition of 2 new members that will only bring the group down
  21. i support all girls and no matter what happens ill keep supporting them but if alot member leave then it wouldnt be T-ARA ANYMORE it would be just a name +1 old member thats how they will be viewed ...because to fans T-ara is not just a name its all the 7 members that make it up .....EUNJUNG JIYEON HYOMIN SOYEON HWAYOUNG BORAM QRI ARE T-ARA ....they are not part of T-ara they ARE T-ara ...adding/remove members will just be the downfall for T-ARA because T-ARA is like a Pyramid every part that makes up the pyramid is important otherwise it will fall down
  22. i dont agree with adding new members ...people are just getting used to hwayoung ......she received so much hate ...these new members are going to enjoy the fame and success that the current members have worked so hard to attain ..its not fair that they get to be on the concert and comeback in just 3 months when our girls have been working for 3 years ...adding and removing members will only cause T-ARA to lose fans and fame that they worked so hard ...its like KKS is throwing out all their hard work out the window
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