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  1. English email is fine. Did you do a password recovery? It is the third word below the login fields
  2. Yeah sure, send it over to me. Email: flyboyx26@gmail.com Click international, and passport number (unless you are living in Korea and have a foreign registration number). I would wait a few weeks depending on when you registered. I bet it'll take them some time to process all of the memberships. Aside from that, we can't do anything on our end. You would have to contact the staff on the fancafe for more assistance. If you posted everything they asked for and the screen cap, you should be good to go. I would wait a few weeks for your status to change as they have many applications to process.
  3. Select the 30th (the only date you can click on) on the calendar. After that you should be able to proceed normally. They don't really give you any options so you just keep selecting through the steps. After you submit the order, it should launch the INIPay plugin for you to pay.
  4. Visa 3D is a security system that protects online transactions. Generally, all Visa cards have it, but you may need to contact your credit card company to enable it. Mastercard has a similar version, but I don't know what the name is. Make sure you specify that your card is Master before entering your information or else it won't go through.
  5. Where I circled is where the message will show up: Please look at CCM's English instructions for posting the confirmation form on T-ara's fancafe. They are clear and tell you exactly what you need to do: http://cafe.daum.net/fant-ara/3WIP/52 It depends which OS you are using, but there should be a screenshot command regardless: Windows OS: Hit the Print Screen button, then paste (CTRL+V) the screenshot in a program like Paint Mac OS: Command-Shift-3 or 4
  6. You need to register for an account on Daum (there should be a tutorial on Diadem) so you can join T-ara's fancafe: http://cafe.daum.net/fant-ara. After that, please read [알림] Queen’s 2nd official fan club application confirmation direct which tells you what you need to do on there in English.
  7. On the main fancafe page, I have the following written across the top: "축하합니다~ flyboyx26 님이 우수회원으로 등급 UP 되셨어요!" From what I've been told, that means they've leveled my account to the max (Queen's 2). Check if you have that.
  8. A Foreign Registration number is issued to foreigners living in Korea. Per Wikipedia: "Upon registration with the city office, foreigners receive an alien registration number, which serves as a substitute, on their alien registration card." As for not having a passport, I'm really not sure. Because in the confirmation form, they ask for the full name written on the passport, you can't simply enter a fake passport number (though I know some have). I don't think they'll understand your Driver's License as it is specific to the US and they can't really verify it.
  9. They haven't given any details on shipping yet. You could post in T-ara's fancafe and see if staff can help you out.
  10. That's what it seems like for now. I'm not sure how they'll process international shipping and what not.
  11. I'll let you know what we hear on our end. I don't see why a passport is needed for the membership process.
  12. The button that we were referring to was based on information prior to the sale going up. So we made the steps based off buying any other product on their page. For membership, you indeed have to use that red INIPay button that you've been going through. As for the wall.. I'm not sure why it won't let you enter additional information, but the domestic delivery would be a problem as it only accepts addresses in the standard Korean format. This is why CCM emphasizes that the English website is for foreigners to use. We'll try to contact them and see what people without passports should do.
  13. It seems the English and Korean sites have separate logins. Its unusual that they require a Passport number for registration. Though, when you submit your confirmation form on T-ara's fancafe, they do ask for the full name on the passport. The INIPay plugin is required to process payment; once it launches, it will take you through a prompt for entering your credit card information. I signed up via the English website so I can't be of further assistance, but hopefully there are some members that did go through the Korean website to obtain membership who can offer some help.
  14. There aren't supposed to be any shipping options. You list your address in the confirmation form you post on T-ara's fancafe, and CCM will handle shipping later on.
  15. After you took the screenshot, did you save it onto your computer?
  16. I believe CCM will handle that when they start processing memberships
  17. That would be nice, but them offering membership for international fans is probably the better than we'll ever get.
  18. I can help you get a Daum account running. What are you stuck on? Actually, PM me. Thanks. EDIT: Our Daum guide has been updated for their current process: http://www.tiaradiadem.com/forums/topic/21479-tutorial-how-to-join-level-up-in-t-aras-official-fancafe/
  19. I believe its till the end of the month.. and yes, you'll have to pay all associated costs + international shipping (not sure exactly how much)
  20. The way I entered my address was First row (two boxes): Zip Code + 4 digit Second row, first box: House address Second row, second box: City, State It accepted the registration soo... not sure what the exact Colombian version would be, but I hope that helps.
  21. I just saw that today too.. thanks for your updates Ryu. Its unfortunate that happens to be the case. It seems to be a recurring problem with setting things up in the West such as the SF concert.
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