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  1. Her face, you can clearly see that even though she's smiling, she was still hurt, anyway she handled this professionally, kudos to her.
  2. I hope she gets this role! Weee!!!! I like Joon Ji hoon, he's the male lead in princess hours. Yay!!! So happy for Eunjung, Hyomin and Soyeon. I hope their drama will get high ratings and their acting gets a lot of praise from others. Daebak!! Can't wait!!!
  3. Oh Eunjung, too bad this happen to them, but i think it should not be her job to managed the funds, the manager should be the one to hold that amount of money, what could be their job then or they should just split it. They should also give a bodyguard for each member. hope this news is not true and just for publicity, Eunjung don't cry.
  4. I'm just glad there's no replacement in members. But Kim Kwang Soo is really retarded!!! I hope adding two more members won't screw their popularity. But, oh I wonder how will the public accept two new members. Oh, I'm praying for my seven angels!!!
  5. Call me violent but the first thing that came to my mind after reading this is to kill that damn CEO, why is he doing this to us and to t-ara!!!!!
  6. My heart aches when I heard this news, but after their performance, I became more bias to her, her determination will serve as an inspiration to me, Eunjung! fighting!
  7. Eunjung is glowing. She is really pretty. I like her eye smile in the picture.
  8. I always love to see Eunjung with Soo hyun, same as Jang woo and Taec, I dont know but she looks good with anybody hahaha.
  9. Eunjung looks really good in Hanbok and I'm really happy she's acting again in a drama, but I'm worried about her health, I hope she will not be hospitalized like Hyomin, anyway Good luck to her drama, I will pray that it will get good ratings and recognition.
  10. The poster looks good but why there is no Hyomin . I hope they will release another poster with her and Eunjung. But i'm happy that Qri will be more promoted with this comeback.
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