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  1. A statement from a man that sees it in reality. I hope more people take it all into context and resolve this once and for all.
  2. Why actually would they close the site? Is it because of hateful users or in response to CCM as a whole?
  3. Sheer perfection captured in such lovely photos. I loved that they got to explore Europe and do some other stuff than shoot videos or go to fan meets for a change. The photobook is really awesome! The ones who got it are really lucky.
  4. As much as she's acceptable, she and Dani are still irrelevant no matter how you put it.
  5. I disagree with this decision. She's going to have to face an armada of fans and I don't think it'll be a nice sight.
  6. This man is running an entertainment company that involves people's feelings, not selling products as if he were the owner of a factory. Utter foolishness in his reasoning, disregarding any compassion completely. I for one disagree with this change but if it were to happen and as it proceeds, we all would just have to live with it. 7 or 9, T-ARA will always be number one in our hearts. Amen.
  7. I see no significance of adding new members at the peak of their success right now.
  8. WHAT IN THE WORLD IS HE TRYING TO DO? Ruin the already blissful dynamic of our girls? Break the hearts of fans? What if their biases get removed? What would happen then? I have the utmost urge to just breakdown and cry right now but I shall wait for the final announcement. If Kim Kwang Soo really knew what it's like to manage groups, he'd think about the fans, as well, and not just his business.
  9. Malaysians can't get away with anything can they? Speaking as a Malaysian myself, I'm truly disheartened by the rampaging piracy syndicates filling every corner. During Chinese New Year, they used Bo Peep Bo Peep and changed the lyrics to some Chinese lyrics. I'm not against my country, I'm against piracy, plagiarism and pure inconsideration of other people's copyrights. Sue them, sue them for all their money. Heh.
  10. That is super massive. The fact that the numbers greatly exceeded the preceding top song of the year in 2010 shows that these girls are widely accepted and receiving much love from the fans. Hope they can keep it up this year, too. ^^
  11. Lovely photos! They've been appearing in all sorts of Japanese mags now. Hopefully, they will get more success and not just in Korea and Japan, but also worldwide. ^^
  12. the Pretty Boys were in this CF? wait, how come i haven't seen it yet?! i'm sure that the other members had their own schedules so they couldn't have all them at once.. surely the others will join for another photoshoot later! ^^
  13. their performances were amazing!!! and Eunjung-noona showed a lot of showmanship for coming up on stage and greeting the fans. would've killed to be part of that crowd. they all looked super hyped! T-ARA 짱이다!!!!
  14. Eunjung is constantly increasing my worries for her knee every time I see her with her crutches. She really needs to get better soon and rest up a lot. Thank you for the photos. Boram looks super cute! Wish there were some photos of Jiyeonnie, though.
  15. candy_floss, we can mention people now? Or did u just hyperlink his profile? It's pretty cool, though, to be able to mention people.. Haha Sorry for digressing, I was shocked by this. 큐리 누나 파이팅!!!
  16. Dude, spot on, man! Sometimes, it's hard to understand why some main members (referring to how many lines they get) are involved in so many things while the others are restricted to just performances. Besides, Qri is a trained actress and she's more than capable of a role in a movie/drama. Don't let Qri miss her chance at taking the spotlight for once. She, and all theT-ARA members deserve to grow more.
  17. The fan club will be international, right? It wouldn't be like them to just limit it to South Korea. Awesome, though. I'm really excited for the future of T-ARA fans.
  18. 꺄아아아아아아~~아아아아!!!! They are hella CUTE~~!! Seeing them smile and dance like crazy really gives me strength to pull through. They look so happy~ *dies*
  19. Is this even legal? Opinions are opinions, yeah, but, we're all Citrines here and it's really offensive to the Jiyeonians (yeah, I said it) to say something like that. I'm not picking a fight, but, yeah ...
  20. This MV is certainly brilliant and the dramatic ending was simply heartbreaking. Looking at Jiyeon cry makes me want to cry. 지연야, 울지마라요! ;(
  21. Happiness restored! Jiyeon, Hwayoung, Eunjung, Boram, Soyeon, Qri and Hyomin have all worked hard and a good rest is all they need. It'll give them time to start fresh and also Citrine Diadems (I'm still trying to get this caught on) can rejuvenate after a rest, as well. Rest up, everyone!
  22. Will the official version come out? They said it would be today at 17.00KST, right? I just can't bring myself to watch this.
  23. The new layout is amazing! Happy New Year, Citrine Diadems~ :D

  24. The new layout is amazing! Happy New Year, Citrine Diadems~ :D

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