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  1. My wish is that hwayoung will comeback. my eyes teared as i saw this title, Hwayoung to re-join.. i want her back now. WHEN she joins, i really hope the rest of t-ara members show her peace, share the love she once shared with them, i cant say anything else. i never can understand why the treated her so bad, i never knew t-ara was like this. just hearing her voice in the songs im listening to now makes me cry, and again. i wish for her to come back.
  2. I kinda dont mind, HAH is all i can say. People will hate on me, MEH. she nearly suffocated hwayoung, she was the main bully that gave hwayoung the most SH*T. My hate has grew towards t-ara, I love them all but this hate wont stop growing. (maybe but yeh...) I have to admit, i wanted her to get kicked instead, once again i will get hated for saying this but ohwell. I support hwayoung with my heart, i dont care what any others think.
  3. I hope the end of T-ara is not close from here but extremely far from the end. hwayoung is gone, i personnaly think t-ara is no longer t-ara. Hwayoung is needed, what have they become with having her in the group, more goals and much more successes achieved. KKS doesnt understand how she feels, she was the victom ganged on for her whole life spent with t-ara. i say the jelousy and hate grew as hello baby started, the 3 moon borhters loved hwayoung the most. I say thats when hate grew while the love and care she recieved lowered. Hwayoung was the innocent one, why kick her? you must be a cooked k*nt the kick her. im sorry to use that word but its just disgusting seeing that as the choice he made. i just want to take my heart back form t-ara, as i said before. i personally think t-ara is no longer T-ARA. i am not happy about this.
  4. I personally think its fair if she got.replaced, she nearly killed hwayoung with forcing tgat dry rice Cake in her mouth, perfe't thing to choke on. although i dont want her to be replaced either, um still glad she didnt get replaced. Whats happened ca-not be changed. Tara fighting hope only positives will happen.
  5. i am gna wake up tommorow and BE THE FIRST to see the news. i really hope notihng bad will happen. i dont think he will even kick jiyeon or the actresses coz the dramas, CCM is on a way to collapse, very slowly i can see.
  6. T-ara, HAPPY 3rd anniversary ;D | whats going to happen tmoz, i hope its gonna be good.

  7. this announcement could be a bad thing coz i heard that hwayoung or something is getting bullied, not sure >.> just hope this announcement is a good one.
  8. oh oh oh! looks soo cool, so this and huendae lovers to watch, looking forward to this
  9. the box shirts, makes me think of her in the airport clothes and having her pants covered with the shirt, ahahah ;D i adore boram
  10. Soyeon has such a kind heart, i love her and they arent gonna live togethr? whats happend, short in money? ):
  11. OMG its out now ;D cant wait to watch this. its loading > this is going to be awesome, something il watch 50 times
  12. KKS just wanted the money i think. will the website be free to register?
  13. i am difinetly going to watch this. 5 stars 5 stars, i hope it wont be below 3 please do your best !
  14. this sounds really interesting. im thinking of dead space 2 or sometinhg lol this should be aweomse, cant wait to see this.
  15. naww her face is cute, she reminds me of suzy ! they look kinda alike
  16. i hope she will get well very soon isnt it caused by too much medicl stuff or stress ? i hope she bieng looked after well
  17. this girl is so beautiful, bare face too no makeup. still pretty. shes cute >< i hope the music video come out quickly so ican see her in it
  18. thats alot of money she refused. im really surpirsed they offered her so much already, but still if she was to accept it. some ppl who dont know what "chill" means will go babbling about her being greedy and all. i dont mind whether she accepts or rejects it. its her choice
  19. Australia please D: i want to see them, i dont know when im ever going overseas now. been 2 or 1 years since ive been overseas. want to go see ALL of the concerts ): i'd love to goD: by the time i get there, the tickets would be sold out before the store even opens
  20. im really looking forward to seeing this angel in stage lol she seems very popular already, she is so cute this makes my heart draw more towards t-ara.
  21. i read the first comment, "it sounded good" where can i listen to it D: i was thinking of jiyeons haru haru but its a new song
  22. the thing ur missing is that u didnt simplify, so 7 + 3. nah jokes LOL uhmm maybe someone is getting replaced, not sure.
  23. i saw this on facebook from soyeons fan page, lul. uhmm here it is: http://a7.sphotos.ak.fbcdn.net/hphotos-ak-ash4/303399_10150917374914127_285943754126_9862820_524266195_n.jpg the description said it was the ninth member, "Dani" so im not quite sure if it is eight members or nine. and early july, thats JUST past my brithday D:
  24. hyomin is so talented xD she got the opportunity to be the stylist for Gankiz aswell. shes got swag ;P
  25. omg, thats gonne be so cool shes got all the swag, she will do so good at this xD
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