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  1. i kind of dislike the name but theres nothing i can do about it. i gotta listen to honey honey as people say its good wish the gang kiz luck
  2. i really want to join ): the website is all korean tho. im doing the best i can to learn it. i know the basics and can understand the letters fine. cant they put a language changer? ): im still wondering why the named it QUEEN'S, i think the majority of t-ara fans are males. it wouldnt be fair to call it kings tho. I like diadem, mayb i should stay here.. D:
  3. i like diadems! but i dont mind the other. but im not a girl, i cant be a queen D: but i will deal with it, t-ara members are my queens. i really want to join, how much would it be because they said it would have a payment right? im exited xD
  4. a free concert, they will all be gone by the time i get there, like the spots. and i know i definetly cant go but if i could, i'd buy heaps of them LUL. wish i could go D:
  5. thier hand writing is perfect ;p i wish i could be there for the openning D: Tarathenas sounds cool
  6. Pump the Volume Up UP

  7. yerh! way to go, t-ara is really popular ;p i i order one, they will be sold out?
  8. i really want a photobook ): where can i join this ? --------------------------------------------- found it dw, its here http://tara.ccment.com/ its all korean tho, i can just read it not understand, i just know the first part 아이디 means "ID" actually i dont think its there lil, someone gimme where to participate please
  9. im gna go gmarket now, no more EBAY. im ordering lovey dovey album soon, im so SLOW ><
  10. omg, thank god they stil had thier passports. how were they gna get back if they dint have it. and why was it eunjung that got robbed, out of all the people that stupid person chose her. she shouldnt blame her self, she was really busy thats all
  11. more control of tara, less ccm, cheers. they must not quit singing D: but if they REALLY have to then i guess.
  12. they dint even bother to give hwayoung and qri more lines, wth and are boram gna do man stand there n dance? gave the 2 new members alot of lines. hmmm please balance things out for tara. i really hope the new members are talented and get alot of attention coz if not, its almost like 4 or 5 if them arent as popular, just jiyeon taking all attention as main dancer. I hope t-ara will succeed and do really well adding them in, atleast it will help soyeon out coz she is singing in everything, giving her a break. nothing we can do about this. all i can say is... Tara fighting! goodluck
  13. so they arent removing any? well since this thing is definetly... i have have to deal with it what will they become if some gets swapped? I'd be the manager of tara, why not him just hop off and do something else
  14. they are always doing things like this, they are such nice genorous girls i love them
  15. yay, i really want to see it i hope diadem will be subbing? thanks if you guys do x)
  16. man, thier such great girls x) and arent they so busy enough? i would go disabled to see them lol nah jks
  17. hyomin wasted 10 hours of her life, LOL i wonder what they coulda spent that 10mil on
  18. if she needed me to go with her, there would be no 10 hour of persuading i will instantly say yes. if i was in a foreign country, id want a freind to accompany me aswell
  19. hyomin daebak, she is so talented, i remeber she took a photo at a tower and it looked so good her amazing skills
  20. so busy >< and whats roly poly 2? what is it, i never heard of this D: and who is that in the picture, i cannot recognize, that person has jiyeons rolypoly hair
  21. if anyone gets replace, i swear to god... why is this happening to tara. what will happen if they go soyeon, jiyeon,eunjung... i will miss them all so much they all need to be together...
  22. OMG, thier fine the way they are D: they need to stay together for t-ara to be t-ai will hunt down the person responsible if someone gets kicked or leaves
  23. they really deserve it, i dont think they even got one since thier debut. tara are really hard working girls, i hope they do a concert in australia D:
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