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  1. ahh yes, thier so popular, and after this thier gonna get alot more attention tara daebak! where would this wildrose be?
  2. they are doing so much, lucky they arent doing acting because they should be so tired. i really want to go to the concert D:
  3. saw this on soompi, those dirty people, why do such a thing to tara! just if you want to copy thier stuff, make a cover not actually copy ti without permission, GAWD these ppl on ma list, i will hunt them down. track em, and eat them Tiara Fighting!
  4. too bad for me i wont even get to see them live > i want to see boram or soyeon is a drama or movie D:
  5. yearh! whats the album called >< first cry cry, lovey dovey and now this. they were all fantastic songs cant wait to see this and wish i could go see thier performance D:
  6. Log In Log In, nal haru jongil. Call Me Call me, bulleo jwo. Saranghae, geudaeman saranghae!~~

  7. Ohh wow, i want to go there!!!, visit everyday >< why do i have to live in australia, !! and why not make that in korea? I Really want to go there D:
  8. oh wow, ive missed alot, i must watch the speed performance NOW and where is eunjung in the picture? Tiara and SPEED Fighting!
  9. why surprised? im not, i think they should get more of a storm. I really want a signature of thiers D:
  10. ppl need to chill out, and this happens abit lol i dont really see a big deal with what happend
  11. speed lovey dovey, havnt heard it yet. ive got it tho. is hyomins happy with it, IM WATCHING IT! its gotta be great
  12. wow, hyomin can edit videos? so singing, dancing and now video editing, wow i cant even do any of those myself
  13. ooooh, i missed out on this, wish i was there to see all the kpop groups i like i really wanted to see t-ara T^T
  14. wow, i cant wair for this D: the two sisters dance head to head xD the video must be awesome
  15. what a huge contract, WOW and for a chicken company? lol why chicken >.>
  16. didnt think a remake for lovey dovey would ever happen. dont think it needs one, lovey dovey was the best. but.. im curios to see this
  17. Wow, i knew something like this wouldve happen, as in they would do something. what kind haerted ladies. but why? they need a break, like cmon. arent they really busy with thier lovey dovey? they need a break n rest
  18. I heard about this accident on soompi. I hope hwayoung feels better, throw the bad feelings away and move on. I feel really sad for her, it mustve been SO EMBARRASING. it probly feels like being dakked infront of a whole school to see, it must be so embarrasing D: her sister is a great sister, i hope hwayoung is ohkay...
  19. i am really worried about them, thier company like doesnt even care one bit about them just use them then throw them away, its JUST NOT COOL, please take more care of them
  20. i think her her husband looks better then jangwoo and she will be a popular person in china now
  21. how they gonna comunicate to each other 0.0 LOL, the guy might noe korean mayb
  22. WOw, yay! ive been waiting for this >< whats it called? ill definetly join this rightaway as soon as its ready
  23. Ill always be supporting t-ara no matter what happens! I will always be a tara fan and always be cheering them on, fighting tara!!
  24. coed, the multi gender group i think >.> thier awesome >< i wish to see them with t-ara live and they appear in the lovey dovey
  25. that means its out today (im late) havnt seen it yet, ill go have a look now, hopefully its not too bad so ccm dint postponed it, noice
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