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  1. ohhh damn, thats sad. but the sadder thing is im not going, im broke atm T-T i wish i could go and im really looking forward to the streaming concert video if there is, i really dont want to miss out. If there is can someone link me? as in send me a message, thanks if someone gets one
  2. yeh, they really deserve a rest but for longer then 10 days Lovey Dovey is such a great song ^^
  3. OMG serious? 7 is fine but for an 8th, why not just ad 2 so it can be 9 like snsd lol
  4. wow, the person who will be selected will be the luckiest person on earth! I wish i could be t-aras manager
  5. 90% shuffling on stage O: Wont the be really tired? 90 is just too much >< Hopefully the dance doesnt turn out bad
  6. T_T its out at 2nd of january now, Lovely =[ But i guess ill have to w8 till then T-ara FIghintg!!!
  7. i will spend my christmas time listening to this song and of course thier new lovey dovey !~~
  8. Ohh wow looks so cool! i really cant wait to see this >< They looks so good especially Eun Jung and Ji Yeon, they standed out the most for me. .lovey dovey dovey oh oh oh oh!
  9. ohh i cant wait to see this, i want to see hyomins and eunjungs partner, ahahha very interesting show n wish i was ji yeons partner x3 So Yeons partner looks like Tom from mychonny for me lolz
  10. i actually cant wait to see this show. sounds really interesting for me and i will be hoping that diadem with sub the videos
  11. OMG its So Yeons turn! Lead the girls well! Congratulations Soyeon !!
  12. wow, five versions of the Lovey Dovey? OMG IM SO looking forward to this! T-ara is so full of surpirises :3
  13. Qri looks so pretty!, only few more days til this lovey dovey is out! Looking forward to this. Love you T-ara!
  14. yay! ^^ i will be looking forward to this, thanks for update!
  15. thats aesome, they all are good at acting too. what a unique charm lol
  16. thanks for translation, cant wait fo rthe comback n the dance music video, T-ara Fighting!
  17. tell us the fanclub name, i cant wait for this ><i want to go the the concert but ill have to wait for it. fighting! wish i could help out lol :3
  18. wow an all kill! GO T-ara!!!!!! fighting! x3 A long wait and now t-ara is back
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