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  1. OMG I was just shouted it like ages ago.they really gonna do that.i hope it will be great!!!!!
  2. Kirpeen,insoo is that good?lmao..your post always make me even curious.so far only 2ep sub right

  3. Yes,a lot of fancam out there.i just curious when ppl met them in person.especially eunjung And they sound great! thanks for sharing
  4. Eunjungie..be healthy T.T

  5. HAPPY NEW YEAR :D i didnt realize i gave Jiyeon that much spot.lols..like both of them almost equal.but i wont bother with T-ara if theres no EJ :P

  6. Lols,stalk me?but,isnt it too obvious frm my pics,my fics.do you think im jiyeon stan? :)

  7. Congrat EJ!!!!! molkang molkang....... i know youre gonna achieve something with this
  8. Asa!!! waiting for it XD

  9. they must be freakin tired!!! oh my Gosh...although its interesting but their company killing T-ara slowly >.<
  10. my fics chap 8 update :)

  11. im sorry i got problem with twitter.i didnt celebrate xmas :) but enjoy it.have a nice day ^^

  12. my fics UPDATE ^^ i drop comment on you fics too.grant my wish,pls

  13. my fics update chap 8 :)

  14. my chap 8 update :)

  15. ione

    my fics update!!!

  16. my fics update!

  17. my fics update!

  18. my fics chap 8 update :)

  19. my chap 8 update :)

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