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  1. My four favorite T-ARA member are in there but i feel that the other T-ARA members should also be on the list
  2. Everyone! Vote for T-ara - Lovey-Dovey for Kpop Music Mondays! http://t.co/Nt6G5R2x via @eatyourkimchi

  3. Everyone! Vote for Davichi & T-Ara - We Were In Love for Kpop Music Mondays! http://t.co/iNkEylcU via @eatyourkimchi

  4. T-ara released the practice dance version of Cr Cry the dance is AWESOME
  5. T-ara releases dramatic MV for “Cry Cry”!: http://t.co/Tj07yR31

  6. They are really pretty but i wish that their pictures in the add were more big
  7. Soyeon and Eunjung are so cute they are beautiful as always
  8. The video is so awesome i can't wait for the second part is going to be epic
  9. This is such an AMAZING video i love you T-ARA have a different image each comeback I can't wait for part two
  10. This just made my day T-ARA is going to KILL ALL CHARTS can't wait ><
  11. I can't wait for their comeback !!! the teaser is so good i really hope their gonna win with Cry Cry
  12. A detailed explanation of ‘Chuseok’: http://t.co/1cmtqxx

  13. November is coming so SLOWLY i'm sure this is gonna be epic
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