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  1. No surprise for me.. We all know CCM is using T-ara to boost the popularity of "GANGKIZ".. CCM maybe you would want other T-ara members to bath for Gangkiz members or maybe be their maids who hold their things or maybe be their personal maids to fetch some errands to them or maybe make T-ara members the one who prepare their foods and maybe the one who cut their fingernails or cut their hair, etc. BTW. Thats what you called " USERS"
  2. Awww... Am i the only one who likes Boram here???? or did i misunderstood the title.. Boram will also attend music shows right????
  3. Waaaaaaaaaahhh :D That is the t-ara cafe right?????? They went there personally ???????? The people there are so lucky
  4. Ill go there every single day and befriend all t-ara fans who will go there if thats close to where i live but sadly im in philippines and so far away in there >.<
  5. Aww... this cafe is every t-ara fans dream to visit.. too bad i cant go there personally but seeing it makes me happy and envious at the same time to those Japanese >.<
  6. Ahjumma!!! lol When and where is this event?????
  7. Wooaaawww... Hyomin praised it so much so gotta look forward to it so much too
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