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  1. it's been long time coming here..i love 'never ever'..n nice body too..

  2. i hope there is more people support t-ara..btw why did it caught attention..i mean t-ara is great..of course people will support t-ara..
  3. i hope the best for t-ara..maybe i love 6-ara more..but 7 is my favorite number, i love 7-ara too.. emm, can't wait for their comeback..wish everything will go well n success.. t-ara saranghae..t-ara jjang..hwaiting..forever together support t-ara..
  4. i can't take my eyes on them especially jiyeon.. i love her new hair style..btw, where is eunjung..

  6. T-ARA N4 JJANG.. EUNMINYEONREUM..wah..can't wait for it.. fascinating..mesmerized by this concept..they got 'wow' thingy.. i don't know..i just cant wait for it..let support them.. good luck T-ARA N4..daebak..
  7. totally awesome..t-ara really do have kind-hearted..i will always support and love t-ara..let us make the world love t-ara more n more..
  8. I LOVE T-ARA..only if i could be there with other queen.. huhu..i really want to meet them..please give my regard to them.. need to go to the class..gosh..
  9. daebak..t-ara will gain more love, right..all queen love t-ara so much..wish the best for t-ara..this year might be hard for them..but next year sure will make them shine brighter than before this..all the best for t-ara..hwaiting..
  10. i will always love t-ara..t-ara is the best..no doubt at all..hwaiting..i hope t-ara can gain more love at japan..
  11. evil netizens..poor t-ara..this is too much..t-ara please stay strong..heartbroken..
  12. what should i do..back with study..huhu..btw i love sexy love n i love t-ara..(*,*)..proud to be queen..hwaiting..pm me..http://www.facebook.com/rabiatul.yazid

  13. i'm happy.. i'm happy..queen happy..t-ara happy..t-ara hwaiting..sexy love is awesome..daebak..love hearing the fans chant..i wish i could be there with them..
  14. t-ara must miss be on stage very much n love queen so much..i remember that jiyeon have said in slt that she love being on stage and do a performance..i'm glad queen was there supporting t-ara..t-ara hwaiting..only they have record all above moment..huhu..miss t-ara a lot..i'm happy they all happy..
  15. awesome..i never expect for another mv..but wow..this is fantastic and i like it very much..just look at the robot..the most beautiful robot i have ever seen..make me love this song more n more..i just love t-ara..sexy love hwaiting..
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