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  1. it's been long time coming here..i love 'never ever'..n nice body too..

  2. i hope there is more people support t-ara..btw why did it caught attention..i mean t-ara is great..of course people will support t-ara..
  3. i hope the best for t-ara..maybe i love 6-ara more..but 7 is my favorite number, i love 7-ara too.. emm, can't wait for their comeback..wish everything will go well n success.. t-ara saranghae..t-ara jjang..hwaiting..forever together support t-ara..
  4. i can't take my eyes on them especially jiyeon.. i love her new hair style..btw, where is eunjung..

  6. T-ARA N4 JJANG.. EUNMINYEONREUM..wah..can't wait for it.. fascinating..mesmerized by this concept..they got 'wow' thingy.. i don't know..i just cant wait for it..let support them.. good luck T-ARA N4..daebak..
  7. totally awesome..t-ara really do have kind-hearted..i will always support and love t-ara..let us make the world love t-ara more n more..
  8. I LOVE T-ARA..only if i could be there with other queen.. huhu..i really want to meet them..please give my regard to them.. need to go to the class..gosh..
  9. daebak..t-ara will gain more love, right..all queen love t-ara so much..wish the best for t-ara..this year might be hard for them..but next year sure will make them shine brighter than before this..all the best for t-ara..hwaiting..
  10. i will always love t-ara..t-ara is the best..no doubt at all..hwaiting..i hope t-ara can gain more love at japan..
  11. evil netizens..poor t-ara..this is too much..t-ara please stay strong..heartbroken..
  12. what should i do..back with study..huhu..btw i love sexy love n i love t-ara..(*,*)..proud to be queen..hwaiting..pm me..http://www.facebook.com/rabiatul.yazid

  13. i'm happy.. i'm happy..queen happy..t-ara happy..t-ara hwaiting..sexy love is awesome..daebak..love hearing the fans chant..i wish i could be there with them..
  14. t-ara must miss be on stage very much n love queen so much..i remember that jiyeon have said in slt that she love being on stage and do a performance..i'm glad queen was there supporting t-ara..t-ara hwaiting..only they have record all above moment..huhu..miss t-ara a lot..i'm happy they all happy..
  15. awesome..i never expect for another mv..but wow..this is fantastic and i like it very much..just look at the robot..the most beautiful robot i have ever seen..make me love this song more n more..i just love t-ara..sexy love hwaiting..
  16. i hope those 'little t-ara' won't get hurt by netizen's word..well..they just a kid..emm..i just need t-ara..huhu..can't wait any longer..t-ara hwaiting..
  17. hehe..t-ara always have the best music video, right..t-ara hwaiting..t-ara sexy love daebak..
  18. this is awesome..t-ara is back..i hope they receive more love not hate..wishing everything is gonna be okay.. i hope t-ara can win sexy love on chart..get most download or something else..you know the power of queen's n t-ara of course.. only if we could shut up those hater stinky mouth..
  19. hooray..keep watching again n again..t-ara hwaiting..i t-ara..
  20. yeah..support t-ara forever..the mv is awesome..they all gorgeous..can't wait for their live performance..how to vote them..
  21. hehe..awesome..t-ara sexy love hwaiting..hope everything can be better..saranghae t-ara..
  22. hehe..the most beautiful group in the world..the picture say 'sexy icon'..yes, they even won on best of korea as the most sexy group..i wonder if they know about it..anyway, keep faith with t-ara..daebak..waiting for more pictures..
  23. omo..omo..cute..gorgeous..hehe..they still release the drama version of music video, right..they all robot or doll..awesome..hehe..i like it..i love it..when will they release the music video..this is beyond my imagination..coming out from box then dance..hehe..can't wait any longer..t-ara is the best..hwaiting..what else i can say..i love t-ara..
  24. hehe..i knew it..i do recognize qri's handwriting..beautiful..yeah, maybe she is the next leader..well, great timing..i wonder how qri will lead t-ara..interesting isn't it..shy, calm..huhu..keep faith for t-ara..hwaiting..
  25. the most beautiful robot in the world..sexy love concept is robot, isn't it..hehe..can't wait for their comeback..t-ara is the best..but they will have to work hard..i mean they always do work hard..hope t-ara will receive more from the whole world..i hope they wouldn't not get sick due to overwork..i t-ara..
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