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    [IG] Boreum

    Han Boreum is an actress. If you happened to watch the drama Master's Sun, she played So Ji Sub's first love. She was also in Dream High - although I can't remember who she played there.
  2. I'm surprised people are still confused about the song. In the "What Do I Do" MV, they sing the ballad version first, then the curtain drops and they start the Dance version, kinda just like how they had two versions of Cry Cry. It's not just one long (tempo-changing) song. But aside from that, I loved the song (both versions) and MV. Hyomin looks gorgeous in blue!
  3. I remember a very early T-ara dorm interview when these two were roommates, and they mentioned how they tend to be the bookworms in the group. Adorable how they managed to guest on a reading show all this time later!
  4. Oh goodness, someone please tell me what KKS is thinking. The girls have a horrible image in their country as it is, and Chris Brown (regardless of how well his songs may fare on the charts) has a legitimately bad reputation as well. Clearly putting the two together isn't in PR's best interests.
  5. The promotion technique is clearly just a cheap ploy for CCM to make money, if we're assuming that fans will be willing to buy all the different versions, so I'm a bit torn, because at the same time I'm happy the girls are finally promoting original material in Japan. I do hope the production quality is up to par with their Korean music, especially when they decide to shoot/release an MV. And the decision to make a comeback in Japan is amazingly brilliant, because I thought for sure CCM would (stupidly) try to tackle the Korean market again, even with all the bad press T-ara's still getting. On another note, I guess we should all start saving up now, huh? Unless by some act of God they decide to release ONE album with all the songs. (Oh, and because it's CCM, I won't be too surprised if that's what they end up doing months later anyway...)
  6. I found this article by E-news, which seemed to be the source of the article on AKP claiming that the conversation had been edited: http://m.enews24.interest.me/news/01/4249951_2381.html I do wonder why AKP decided to delete that post, though...
  7. Honest to goodness, I think that regardless of whether the topic was about a celeb or not, our Sso (and the other girls) should remember that netizens are seriously watching their every little move for a slip up after last year's controversy. They should try to lie low, and never give knetizens the pleasure of catching them do anything even slightly controversial.
  8. Everyone looks beautiful, but I love Eunjung's dress - she looks stunning! Congrats on the win, T-ara
  9. They look pretty! ... But also tired? I do like Jiyeon's new haircut, btw. It makes her look her age.
  10. First thought: Is this in response to the Confession Soyeon made about their BPBP days? Second thought: It's CCM.... so yes.
  11. I wonder how people will react to this. :\ But CCM is getting really unpredictable, I have no idea what's coming next.
  12. This isn't really a good thing. As much as I was looking forward to their comeback before this controversy, I don't see the girls getting forgiveness, love, and acceptance so soon. Fact is, people are still speculating and criticizing their every move. They need to lie low for a while. But I think that's too much to ask for from KKS, isn't it? Idiot is probably only worried about money, anyway. A break probably would have done the girls well, honestly. They may just end up suffering (mentally, emotionally) far more in the long-run now than they would if they just left the public eye for a bit.
  13. You know it's tiring when people only believe what they want to believe, but I find comfort in knowing that Hwayoung still cares about the girls - and you know what, I bet the feeling's mutual. I don't doubt for a minute that there were conflicts. Considering that some members' schedules were truly packed, and the group in general had the added stresses of flying back and forth between countries for major concerts, tempers probably flared up in more than one instance. In work environments, they usually do. I truly think KKS mishandled the girls - and particularly this situation - from the get-go. He really is an idiot, and as far as I remember true Queens' have been praying for T-ara to join a new company since last year. This whole incident with Hwayoung really made me wish they had a better CEO backing them. Oh, and BTW, screw antis - but let's not stoop to their level of insults on other sites.
  14. Oh my God, I hope she really isn't injured at all, but when you read "the vehicle flipped over", you tend to worry about at least some injuries! I just saw her interview too, and teared up when the poor girl cried over this whole controversy. Things keep piling up on the girls this month this year. A bit off point, but: KKS really is a horrible CEO, only capable of destroying his own artists, not protecting them. And it seems as though everyone under him suffers for it - including the staff (stylists, makeup artists, etc.).
  15. Seriously maybe the girls should have been edited out. Because their appearance on the show seemed to add more fuel to the scandal's fire. Although it should be noted that the girls may have been mistaken as seeming 'indifferent' (to the scandal) on the show, because they had shot the show prior to the whole thing. Also, as far as I know, K-entertainment does tend to cut celebrities out of shows when a celeb in question is involved in some scandal. I don't think they have a criteria for the "type" of scandal. As long as the general public is upset with the celebrity in some way, that celeb gets edited out.
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