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  1. Is no one even CONSIDERING the EXTRAORDINARILY LIKELY idea that she could have consumed high amounts of alcohol. ESPECIALLY since this is the main cause of acute Gastritis? It's one thing to support her, but it's another to cover up obvious facts, and since she's been stressed out by KKS work, I don't see why over-usage of alcohol is such an unlikely thing.
  2. If it's going to be so expensive, then people will just go with the easier, and frankly, more convenient path
  3. That is disgusting. Just because we idolize them doesn't mean we have to see them every second of every day. It doesn't mean they have to be working every single damned moment... What were they thinking, this literally violates all plausible human rights. I'm so proud of Soyeon just cause she told that asshole of a president that they needed a break, and I'm sure all of us will agree that it's a well-deserved one.
  4. Oh god, new siggy limits. Now I'll have to find a way to push it right to the limit JKJK LAWL Theorem 1 simple = beautiful Theorem 2 Jiyeon = More beautiful
  5. Completely unnecessary, Hwayoung was already a very edgy move and caused a lot of t-ara fans to go skeptical about continuing their diademship. Let well enough STAY well enough.
  6. And I put in all that effort to make a teas a night before Christmas poem. Now it's going to be completely out of place until I add a disappointment scene into everything
  7. i love ur picture,,jiyeon look cute inside that photo,,:)

  8. mrawr? JIYEON!!! I love this look the best, the dirty blonde died long hair in which it is completely straight down the ends. TOO BEAUTIFUL, aigoo, what to do what to do.... If I were a girl, I'd walk into Tony Moly and pretty much buy the whole shop, but.....................
  9. Is it just me or will there be a lot of people playing this game with HD headphones and trying to get all the sound interaction we can just so we can hear Jiyeon's voice. Cause I would.....
  10. Its great to see T-ara finally getting the credit they deserve. The work they did and the choreography for Cry Cry is absolutely stunning. Its also obvious that they worked extremely hard as there were 3 MVs that were released for this song, not to mention how perfectly they conduct the quick choreography. No doubt about it, they deserved that win.
  11. Is it just me or was everybody spamming that download button just hoping it would download a second faster. Typhoon, words can no longer describe how awesome you are. *breaks down in tears*
  12. Sounds fantastic, pity I don't live in Korea, something that I'd definitely look forward to. What would interest me the most is the contrast of t-ara and other world-class groups. After all, T-ara still isn't a big group on an international scale, so it'd be nice to see them perform next to such groups.
  13. Lots of what ifs here, but I'll just do two If Hyomin brought presents to my house and if Lovey Dovey was within those box of presents I'll leave it at: "Merry Christmas"
  14. It's a great christmas present from T-ara, that's for sure However, I'm not sure it would be good for their well-being if they did 5 MVs along with their Cry Cry promotions in such a short time. I would prefer it if T-ara came out with less MVs, less promotions, but had more energy and better wellbeing when they did Quality over Quantity, only way they can surpass and be above other groups (SNSD, kara, 2NE1 etc.)
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