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  1. Thank you so much for a downlaod link, I hope t-ara other abroad activities be successful like Malaysia!
  2. Come over to america we love t-ara too! give us a chance to make T-ara happy!!
  3. Thank you very much for posting, uploading and sharing download link for the hong kong showcase event!
  4. Thank you so much diadem!! Don't have to go on the individual sites to obtain the photos. Saved my sanity lol
  5. thank you for posting these videos, greatly appreciative! Will watch these later.
  6. Thank you for posting and uploading these pictures. You are a life saver!
  7. I wonder how this will fair, very interesting development. Can't wait to see the video in a little while.
  8. They axed soyeon's character out of nowhere, does not fit the plot for her to be awol.
  9. Nice to hear, too bad the order is very limited. I hope I be able to purchase one.
  10. I can't wait for a full hd version of the concert, I hope it is released soon.
  11. I hope T-ara does win the mnet countdown award. But the online poll only makes up 15% of the decision to crown the winner.
  12. Watching the fancams and reading the translated new sources from the jeju concert are mind boggling. There was silence in the fancams but i did not hear any boos.
  13. I can't wait to see this version, so many versions of sexy love been realeased.
  14. Ah this is so stressful, what is with all of this t-ara drama still occurring. I feel so bad for T-ara members, no one deserves all of this flack.
  15. thanks for sharing the link, had no idea there would be a robot version.
  16. Agreed whole-heartedly with your assessment princess t-ara...When I first thought of little t-ara first thing that popped in my mind was RamBo/Boram too.
  17. I hope these are all the photos from the sexy love website. I don't even know how to batch download images on my mac.
  18. Wow this is great news, can't wait to see the videos will be dazzling for sure.
  19. Thank you very much for posting the concept photo set and providing a download link as well. Can't wait for the comeback!
  20. Thank you for the concepts photos. Just saved all ten of them. Fighting t-ara!
  21. I hope everything goes well. T-ara been missing you for so long. Slay the charts Queens! fighting!
  22. I never suspected Qri to have written the letter. I wonder if Qri iwll be the next leader for T-ara's comeback.
  23. This is so epic! I am so excited! I been missing our T-ara for am onth but it feels like an eternity! Thank you CCM.
  24. I just can't wait for the come back. So many dates ,the 29th and 30th, got postponed. Now its in September. If I wasn't avid, i probably would miss the comeback due to the date's anonymity.
  25. Kudos to Kim Hye Eun, If only we had more reasonable figures like this in CCM society we propbably wouldn't gone through most of this turmoil.
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