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  1. I'm up for a T-ara reunion concert fan meet with all 9 members in the near future!
  2. T-ara showing love to their juniors is so sweet. I know T-ara covered some of 2NE1's and Sistar songs before. I'm not sure if they did any covers of T-ara though. Probably on a variety program I missed in the past?
  3. She's getting better and better with her acting.
  4. We Kings' and Queens' will always support T-ara, no matter what challenges they face in life! Go get 'em, Areum!!! FIGHTING!!!
  5. All of the T-ara members, that includes former members, all deserve great, BIG, HUGE HUGS!!!!!!
  6. Congratulations! T-ara deserves it! I'm so very happy.
  7. This is one the longest interviews I enjoyed very much. They've come a very long way and continuing onwards. They're all so lovable and kind. T-ara, one of the best girl groups in K-Pop history.
  8. What's My Name Music Video
  9. I think it would be really neat to see Boram and Soyeon with the fans cheering them on stage. Better yet, Boram and Soyeon are backstage with them taking selcas with them. Even more better, all 9 members together backstage taking one most group photo together.
  10. I once had that kind of dog before. Such a lucky dog. A very good dog. I bet she allows the dog to sleep on the bed with her. Cuddles up in a roly poly position, right next to her warmth. Okay, I better stop before I become jealous.
  11. Hopefully, they can get together later on, and have a fan meet there. It's good to have hope, won't you agree?
  12. It's rather sudden, but must be respected because it's their career decision to make, although it does make fans feel more disheartened from the breaking news. Boram and Soyeon struggled a whole lot. Soyeon was the appointed leader in the rotation when that incident went down. Boram was getting extra stress too, because she worried a lot about Ram and how things were rolling along back then. So tough, yet, they both showed how much they love their fans to accept their gifts in person. Better than nothing, as our leader says. The security guards could've helped out carrying at least one or two things for them, despite their S.O.P.
  13. I wonder if they'll keep the 6 member track(s) for their last album? Since technically it was recorded while their contract is dutifully fulfilled and was still active?
  14. It feels so good to see her smile so happily. I thought they would end differently too for T-ara. It does feel like such effort was for nothing, no thanks to antis and false fans. I surely didn't want all 9 members to split up either. Yup, those spiteful hating former staff members. They even killed Jiyeon's solo comeback at the same time. I'll always be a fan of T-ara, no matter what. That's because we don't ever forget the good things T-ara has done over the years. Signs how much they love this job. And we love them for it. Those fake news trying to convince people that they don't. Proves how dead wrong they all are. Yes, they've all grown to be fine women in society. Well, it's in the past now. At least T-ara as taught invaluable lessons to the younger girl groups, and not to worry so much, T-ara is definitely not the first girl group to go through such tough times in their careers. But the positive ones are ten times worth more to remember than the negative ones. She's accomplish much thus far in her career. I look forward to more achievements from her and the 8 other T-ara members. 5-ara Era! T-ara debuted on May 8th, 2009 with A Good Person, and I do believe their first stage was on Music Core. Their reactions follows T-ara's real debut as 5-ara, which really indicated their confusion and frustration with what T-ara was doing when they became 6-ara. Fond memories. Saying their farewells wherever they connected with their fans. I think it's a good idea to see Hyomin's solo comeback. I hope she can accomplish her wish list soon. That guy better be truly in love with her to fill up that emptiness in her heart. Hyomin is definitely not alone on this, millions of graduating college students world wide face this dilemma every year. Work is good, save up for your retirement. Naturally, T-ara is persistent in achieving their goals. Hyomin does work hard because that's who she is. She is so pretty. Wait a minute, a magazine actually got a fortune reader for this interview? Daebak. Sounds pretty good, even the last part. Lucky guy, whoever he is.
  15. I think that's where I heard it from. The song, Moments, was played for DIA, if I'm not mistaken. Meaning that the song was recorded with MBK Entertainment despite already with MMO Entertainment (A division of CJ E&M). To which I think all of the media got the idea that things are still good between Davichi and MBK. From that point of view, it would make a whole lot of sense. I thought it was rather strange of CJ E&M to step in for a song that's not even theirs to begin with or prevent from being released, I mean, technically it's possible for artists to sign up for other ventures, or even keep ties with former co-workers, unless there's some sort of beef between CJ E&M and MBK Entertainment for reasons unknown, or some sort of contractual clause we are not aware of from CJ E&M/MMO Entertainment. But it could be a case-by-case basis from this example for T-ara to maintain the possibility of a full 9 member get together. There's always hope. There will always be fans who want the very best for them, that's to be expected in the fandom. And their songs from their last album will enter the music charts and it'll be voted upon and reviewed with commentaries all over the world. We'll see how well it does. I think it would be nice to end on a high note for them, would you agree?
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