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  1. Areum and the Ryu Twins are on good terms with each other. Take a look here. I don't blame her or her twin sister. Mistakes were made everywhere back then according to the other members. To be more open about the possibilities about this, those fake news could've been drummed up by former MBK staff members and begrudging reporters who cannot let go of that media burn accident by T-ara years ago. It's not the first time this has happened. Even Areum herself pointed out how the media spun her stories to make it look like she was some escaped insane patient from an mental asylum hospital for idols. The media can and has given fake news before to serve their own selfish purposes. It just doesn't make any sense for Kim Kwang Soo to be intentionally hating T-ara after that was said and done. So far, there's no indicators to even assume he hates T-ara. If he hated T-ara so much, then why bother protecting the T-ara name from other artists from using it? I understand some people are still unhappy about MBK, but you got to ask, why fuss over something that can be settled peacefully and logically?
  2. The only reason I can see MBK doing this correctly is to protect the name T-ara from being used by another group of artists in the future. I do agree that shouldn't bar the original T-ara members themselves from it. Sincerely, I hope both MBK and T-ara can share the name equally and justly to recognize the loyal fans whom still support both T-ara and the company. It's a win-win when they honor the great achievements done together.
  3. I agree. Both sides should settle this peaceful and amicably over the trademark. Given how they are the artists who performed and given life to the copyrighted music, there should be enough leeway for MBK to make adjustments to allow the members to share in the T-ara namesake when fans have purchased said items and allow them to still be purchased in the future.
  4. I heard Section TV issues a public apology for releasing this rumor as factual news. Why are the media still making the same mistakes over and over again? Do they really check their sources? Do they even have enough creditable sources?
  5. It sounds similar, but I think the end result is what could make the difference.
  6. 9 Sisters to be exact. They can reunite without MBK. This is nothing more than just setting legal standings between properties. Was it really released by MBK, or did someone else do that on purpose to make it look like MBK did it? MBK is thankful to China for keeping T-ara around. It won't make any sense to burn a supportive fan base. Unless this has something to do with that Fantagio incident with their co-CEO being fired for no reason and getting a member wide notice from K.E.M.A. about managing foreign investments. They don't really need an agency to get together and hang out with fans, unless they needed media coverage for it? It's alright.
  7. T-ara showing love to their juniors is so sweet. I know T-ara covered some of 2NE1's and Sistar songs before. I'm not sure if they did any covers of T-ara though. Probably on a variety program I missed in the past?
  8. We Kings' and Queens' will always support T-ara, no matter what challenges they face in life! Go get 'em, Areum!!! FIGHTING!!!
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