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  1. I wonder if they'll keep the 6 member track(s) for their last album? Since technically it was recorded while their contract is dutifully fulfilled and was still active?
  2. It feels so good to see her smile so happily. I thought they would end differently too for T-ara. It does feel like such effort was for nothing, no thanks to antis and false fans. I surely didn't want all 9 members to split up either. Yup, those spiteful hating former staff members. They even killed Jiyeon's solo comeback at the same time. I'll always be a fan of T-ara, no matter what. That's because we don't ever forget the good things T-ara has done over the years. Signs how much they love this job. And we love them for it. Those fake news trying to convince people that they don't. Proves how dead wrong they all are. Yes, they've all grown to be fine women in society. Well, it's in the past now. At least T-ara as taught invaluable lessons to the younger girl groups, and not to worry so much, T-ara is definitely not the first girl group to go through such tough times in their careers. But the positive ones are ten times worth more to remember than the negative ones. She's accomplish much thus far in her career. I look forward to more achievements from her and the 8 other T-ara members. 5-ara Era! T-ara debuted on May 8th, 2009 with A Good Person, and I do believe their first stage was on Music Core. Their reactions follows T-ara's real debut as 5-ara, which really indicated their confusion and frustration with what T-ara was doing when they became 6-ara. Fond memories. Saying their farewells wherever they connected with their fans. I think it's a good idea to see Hyomin's solo comeback. I hope she can accomplish her wish list soon. That guy better be truly in love with her to fill up that emptiness in her heart. Hyomin is definitely not alone on this, millions of graduating college students world wide face this dilemma every year. Work is good, save up for your retirement. Naturally, T-ara is persistent in achieving their goals. Hyomin does work hard because that's who she is. She is so pretty. Wait a minute, a magazine actually got a fortune reader for this interview? Daebak. Sounds pretty good, even the last part. Lucky guy, whoever he is.
  3. I think that's where I heard it from. The song, Moments, was played for DIA, if I'm not mistaken. Meaning that the song was recorded with MBK Entertainment despite already with MMO Entertainment (A division of CJ E&M). To which I think all of the media got the idea that things are still good between Davichi and MBK. From that point of view, it would make a whole lot of sense. I thought it was rather strange of CJ E&M to step in for a song that's not even theirs to begin with or prevent from being released, I mean, technically it's possible for artists to sign up for other ventures, or even keep ties with former co-workers, unless there's some sort of beef between CJ E&M and MBK Entertainment for reasons unknown, or some sort of contractual clause we are not aware of from CJ E&M/MMO Entertainment. But it could be a case-by-case basis from this example for T-ara to maintain the possibility of a full 9 member get together. There's always hope. There will always be fans who want the very best for them, that's to be expected in the fandom. And their songs from their last album will enter the music charts and it'll be voted upon and reviewed with commentaries all over the world. We'll see how well it does. I think it would be nice to end on a high note for them, would you agree?
  4. In a way, part of T-ara is ending, a huge part of it unfortunately, but they all still keep in contact with one another, which is a very good thing. If those former staff members kept their mouths shut and let the members decide when to reveal it on their own, this disbandment probably won't have happened so soon. We can also blame the stigma on antis and fake fans too, for making it even worse after all these years. I too, shall continue to give my support to all 9 girls. Who knows. Plans can change to adjust to what is happening. We just have to wait and see what comes into fruition for them throughout this year. Just don't hold your breathe. Breathe in. Breathe out. Breathe in. Breathe out. T-ara is already part of K-Pop history as one of the top girl groups for their time. Most definitely they won't be forgotten. I hope to hear updates on their individual activities here in this forum, so we can continue to comment and support their careers.
  5. Yes, the truth that fits everyone involved made mistakes based on misunderstandings, which was clearly summed up since the beginning. No one involved should get any more hate after they all apologized for it long ago already. I never stopped loving each one of them. All 9 members are precious and dear in life despite their faults, therefore, I didn't give up. Call me a saint if you like, but I'm subtle as a fan, a Kings'. I always will be since their debut as 5-ara. Such a kind and gentle person Hyomin is, to which I know and wish her, as with the rest of the 8 members, a good, new beginning in the successes, endeavors, and challenges ahead in life. I hope her wish comes true and all 9 members come together again. I'll always be a proud Kings' because of them all.
  6. I think there's a special contract between Davichi and MBK, because I heard they still work together from time to time. If that's true, it could be possible for T-ara. Fans "hope" more fans will join them as well as having T-ara to sway more fans for the up votes so it reaches the number 1 spot, thus fulfilling their hopes. T-ara stating the rankings didn't matter to them, kills that hope. However, they perform on stage and continue to promote, thus bringing the sense of false hope. I hope that explains it more. If not, we'll just leave it as that and move on. Still sort of a mismatch of priorities when it comes to charting and rankings whether it be on music programs and/or music charts, given how general the statement from T-ara is about this and from the fans in the stands. No sweat. I've been busy lately myself with the whole Star Wars Celebration, amongst other things.
  7. But MBK does hold the copyrights to every single song they've done, no? Unless there's a contractual clause we missed? I am told there's like a fee or something in order to use them when the artist is signed up with another agency. Yes, thankful we'll still have T-ara to the end of this year. I'm guessing Jiyeon's solo comeback will happen after June. I'm very happy Eunjung and Hyomin are still getting casting calls. It was so heart-wrenching back then. I hope their new home(s) will treat them very well after this year. They have shown a devolved sense on charting with their own music since Tiamo though, which in way, where fans would like them to hit the number 1 spots, yet they're stating they are not aiming for it anymore? Won't that be considered somewhat of a "false hope"? It's one of those the glass is half full and/or half empty perspectives, I guess. I truly wanted all 9 members to be reunited together and continue onwards. Having family separated amongst these sisters is just too soon, in my opinion. They should only be separated when they've found their husbands and starting their own families, but still connected to each other, like S.E.S as an example. Just to imagine the sheer beauty of the T-ara mothers/wives together with their husbands getting along and children playing together at a family picnic on a good day outside, it's so endearing in mind. Why would anyone want to destroy such a lovely T-ara day? But I think it's safe to say that for the amount of time waiting for some kind of a get together with all 9 members, we'll be able to get rid of the weeds, pick up trash, feed the animals, heal the injured animals, and ensure a stable population for them, and fertilize the soil to an entire rainforest or nature preserve park about the size of North America or even Asia, all the while praying for good weather from our Lord, our God, no thanks to haters and antis hating on them still, including on the former members. The insanity of it. *sigh*
  8. But isn't odd though that Hyomin, Eunjung, Jiyeon, and Qri are only renewing now a short extension of their contracts to the end of this year? Correct me if I'm wrong, isn't contract renewals giving the artist several more years of employment? Knowing that essentially all of the members, including Soyeon and Boram, will be focused on individual careers after this final group promotions in June, wouldn't that be common sense to conclude it is a form of "disbanding" without having to call it "disbanding"? I hope that's not too confusing to say. Don't get me wrong here, I do know other girl groups are still doing this sort of thing, going all the way back to S.E.S, such as Kara nowadays. A few of my colleagues are convinced it's a disbandment, and with the numerous media articles up online everywhere, are claiming it to be a disbandment, thus convincing the masses that it is quite a sad disbanding news. And of course the haters are rejoicing, which sickens me to no end. Any mention of a reunion with all 9 members, or a get together after 2017? By the way, thanks for that Boram video. She's such a cutie and so adorable. It's rather perplexing that she's still single? Whoever the guy ends up with her is going to be the luckiest guy on the planet.
  9. What??? A conflict between AIDs and Kings' & Queens'? How did that happen? These fans do know that they are from the same agency, right? That's so insane given how there's agency family concerts internal collaborations amongst labelmates in the industry. That's just the dumbest thing I've heard today. So tragic. I just love that part about "T-ara and DIA will protect each other warmly". So good. Maybe DIA can perform their version of "20090729" on their comeback album??? That way, you get both versions. Then DJs can mix both tracks together and make a ultimate 20090729 song. That'll be so epic!
  10. It'll end with 4-ara then. I know I'll continue to support them individually as well. When Hwayoung and Hyoyoung did their Taxi episode, they didn't go into the details of the incident either. So it's true, all of the T-ara members didn't confirm anything concrete from their point of view about it, just a generalization of what had happened back then. I'm starting to formulate that the former staff members didn't have all of the information to what was going on too, given how spotty the event accounts from that former manager released after raging when he saw the Ryu Twins on t.v. He got so triggered it was pathetic. That Shampoo Guy was just ridiculous, which felt like a last ditch effort to hate and rage quit. And the reason why Jiyeon's solo comeback was put on hiatus was in no thanks to the antis and haters once again. Think about that. Very painful indeed. The tragic thing about it was fans didn't rally together to ensure all of the T-ara members remain together. If fans would've done so, T-ara could've become 9-ara and still be in the Top Spots of the industry along with the other great girl groups of today. But out of the sheer insane hate for a CEO, a company, and hypocritical reasoning to hate on added members, those plans were shot to hell, and in doing so, they're disbanding at the end of this year. The good thing is, the civil war will come to a poetic end, when it comes to New Years 2018. I sympathize with Kim Kwang Soo. It was a rough, yet fun, and one heck of a bumpy roller coaster ride. He did his best. T-ara certainly done their best. Much respect and love. Here's to hoping their careers will continue to have successes, and their lives full of love and support. Cheers! We'll all continue to be Kings' and Queens' long after their disbandment.
  11. I know I'll miss them all after it's all officially over. Embrace their time together.
  12. Any updated news on what Soyeon and Boram will do after it's all over? I heard MBK Entertainment issued a statement that it confirms T-ara will officially disband after completing their final promotion. The remaining T-ara members will go off into their own solo careers.
  13. I would so love to see T-ara's sister group perform the song. Better yet, have them perform together.
  14. Medley? As in instrumental? Too bad they couldn't end as 9. Flip that script. lol.
  15. They certainly talked about the times before the incident occurred during that Taxi episode, so I would think so. Did you watch the entire episode? Ankle injuries is something most people tend to underestimate, especially when your entire body is weighing in on it most of the time when standing, walking, and running around. Again, ask any sports athlete who've had this sort of experience, and they will tell you such injuries are never taken lightly, with or without a casing on it. Please look back at the former staff member's testimony, you'll see this person was not present with Hwayoung and her doctors at these hospitals, nor is medically qualified to make such a diagnosis, as pointed out earlier in the statement that this person was young and didn't know any better as well. This person was only told that the doctors told her that there was nothing serious. However, during that time it was reported that the doctors informed her to watch out for it and to be careful and report back if anything else develops. Please take some time to look into the differences between and X-Ray, M.R.I., and C.T. Scans, and know that it is wise to get other medical opinions, not just one, if the patient is so worried about it very much. People tend to forget about Hwayoung's ankle injury, just because sometimes she wasn't wearing the case. Not to mention that it is okay for the patient to remove the casing if the injury is not serious, by the way. No harm in having the casing just to be safe and sure too. Is it wrong for Hwayoung to be concerned about her own ankle? Did the staff member feel the sensations in her ankle to determine whether she was faking it or not? Or more realistically, did Hwayoung inform this staff member what was going about her ankle every time? As for the difference of will part, that was referring to the amount of sacrifice being given from the other members, despite the injuries between the members differ much, such as Jiyeon's injury at the time. Not sure why the slacking part is there when someone has an injury and shouldn't cause more harm to it, there's not really a whole lot of things that person can do, especially for rehearsals. I thought the nail art was a nice stress-relief for her at the time. Both point of views do fit, but it's not the whole picture though. Remember, that was only 6 of the 19 former staff members, and Kim Kwang Soo declined to give his input about it, knowing that it was reported at the time that he talked to Hwayoung and Hyoyoung at the time about it. Yes, she was contractually obligated to perform on stage, but given how things unfolded backstage with Hyoyoung and Areum, things spiraled out of control that led to her contract termination. Given how this person's point of view mentioning about the distancing between Areum and Hwayoung was the misunderstanding amongst them. Hate them for a misunderstanding? That to me doesn't sound right. I think some people are overreacting when it comes to hating someone for a misunderstanding, no different for antis/haters whom didn't even know what was going on in the group, since it happened almost 5 years ago technically. However, looking over the amount of comments online, it's significantly less compared to back then when it happened already. Hating them after nearly 5 years about a misunderstanding? I would question the sanity of these people's emotional states rather than hopping onto a bandwagon going absolutely nowhere with it.
  16. At the Budokan Concert, back in 2012, Hwayoung did perform while sitting in a chair on stage, but only for one song, Day By Day. According to the new information, backstage at the Music Bank show, that's when things blew out of hand amongst them all, hence not appearing on stage for that one. This incident happened in less than a week's time. Let's be understanding here that the conversation was between Hyoyoung and Areum, not Hwayoung and Areum. There's a difference. As for why they brought it up after 5 years on the Taxi show, I think it's because people are still interested about it. Cannot get any simpler than that, if you ask me. It's quite possible both Hyoyoung and Hwayoung just wanted to voice their regrets and sadness about it, because it's still an unanswered topic, after all this time. Cannot really blame them for wanting to put the past away just as much as the rest of us? And technically it was this former staff member who was giving us this information, not the twins on the show. The source of all this information is from this person who admitted to not being able to bear it anymore for the sake of all parties involved in the incident. In other words, this person just gave up on T-ara, the Ryu Twins, and Core Contents Media/MBK Entertainment. Hwayoung's and Hyoyoung's mentioning their perspectives during that episode was pretty much as being regretful and sad in their own career lamentations, probably missing the good times being with T-ara and the company. Can't blame them for missing such good times back then. As for Hwayoung taking responsibility for her own actions, she already did that long ago when accepting her contract termination with no conditions to the group and company. She showed her good side through and through and apologized a great deal during the aftermath, please note, along side the rest of her group members whom also apologized for their parts in it. The T-ara members even voiced themselves stating they didn't want the group to be broken apart either. I don't see any reason for more vile absurdities after all this time. As for Hyoyoung, her agency, B.A.M Entertainment issued a statement citing that from her point of view. She was reacting to protect her twin sister without knowing what was really happening in the group. Most comments that I've read about this part of the issue seemed rather accepting and a bit mixed up, as if though they wanted Hyoyoung to be Hwayoung, which is so impossible. Which brings us full circle to this person giving us this information. I find it rather dubious in nature, but with MBK Entertainment issuing a statement recently about that episode and this ex-staff member's information, it's like water under the bridge, and they don't really want to deal with it anymore. Sentiments exactly with the rest of us. One of the reasons why I understand this forum removing the Hwayoung section. Sad, but understandable. If you ask me if I hate Hwayoung and Hyoyoung and that they deserve more punishment from the public about it? The answer is no. Because there's still good in them, and people can make mistakes from time to time. In this case, everybody involved made mistakes, including the antis/haters. The only ones who are found innocent during this incident are the ones who only wanted no more suffering and wanted them to stay together, even hoping there's some friendship left amongst them. They are the only victors in this ongoing civil war.
  17. Firstly, thanks for posting this up, craZy. It is unfortunate this forum has decided to remove Hwayoung from here, although after 5 long years and wanting to be rid of this, it's quite understandable, and I hope you'll forgive some members, including myself, from mentioning her from time to time, since she did help the group a whole lot to their successes way before that incident began. Secondly, I do have some inquiries about this, . . . Question(s) 1: Why is the naver article going backwards in the explanation? Hwayoung was injured on the 23rd, which sort of makes the "24th, The Beginning" part ignoring this truth. Especially when the whole nail art portion happened in Japan later on that week? Question 2: Were members' tweets before the Budokan concert, after initial reports stated they were uploaded after it? Question 3: Were ankle injuries considered as an unimportant risk factor in the group and company? I understand back then people were comparing injures amongst the members, however that didn't focus on the main issue, which was the condition of Hwayoung's ankle. Ask any veteran professional sports player with experiences and knows all about ankle injures, and you'll get some interesting perspectives about it and why such injuries are not ever taken lightly. Question(s) 4: Did anyone ask why the staff members were terminated/resigned in the first place? Are these the same staff members whom admitted written complaints to Kim Kwang Soo on the 30th? I do have more questions regarding this ex-staff member's information, but highly unlikely they'll get any answers beyond a reasonable doubt, such as, why does this person have paper copies of the messages between Hyoyoung and Areum? Can MBK Entertainment confirm these messages?
  18. I hope to see another dramatic T-ara music video again. I'm still waiting for more teasers with the rest of the group. T-ara Fighting!
  19. Jiyeon as always looking alluring and charismatically filled with emotions. Can't wait for their comeback. T-ara Fighting!
  20. It is understandable for artists to create popular music, and in the U.S. it is well-known the teenage and young adult demographic tend to favor the raves and club atmosphere more than other gathering formats, next to concerts. So I won't blame the song change up, especially when remixes are quite a part of the music scene and lifestyle. The U.S. is definitely not majority ignorant when it comes to music, and with technology improving, language barriers are becoming more easy to overcome. K-Pop is growing in the U.S., and for a fact, there are T-ara fans over there, myself included. T-ara and Psy are different from each other, so there really isn't a need for comparison.
  21. Her instagram updates don't appear to be any cause of concern lately, and her age shouldn't be a problem either, because she has shown that she's able to handle very well before.
  22. I was speaking on behalf of those whom I know who were such. Well, don't say I didn't try to help ease such, in my opinion, unnecessary suffering. Good luck on trying to work that out.
  23. Given how the article mentions what happened back then, I don't think we're off the article topic. I've very happy that it cleared up your misunderstandings and resolved all of your concerns. Apology accepted.
  24. Correction, remember the thread I mentioned before, which covered Hyomin's interview about the events leading up to "Hwayoung's frustration" upon Hwayoung and the rest of the T-ara members being informed about the uncontrollable allegations being made by antis and spiteful 6-aras online, that were being cited by the media in real time back then. If the antis and hating 6-aras did not jump to such conclusions and started blaming T-ara, Core Contents Media, and Kim Kwang Soo, it would be a totally different, and Hwayoung would still be with T-ara. Kim Kwang Soo was not there to witness personally with what was happening, but was later on informed by the people directly involved 2-3 days later, after a company investigation was conducted and statements taken into accounted for. That's the apology I mentioned in this. I can see now that you've misunderstood about me stating, . . . I hope that clears up your misunderstanding in what I said before. Now for contracts, I'll explain that in your earlier posting which stated, . . . I hope this too, clears up your misunderstanding in what my posting stated before. Moving on to the "no conditions" part, "without conditions" is the same interpretation as "no conditions". When it was said, can be found from this article, which left that part out, when it was posted back then, but the source article that's linked at the bottom part of that news post, clearly shows, "조건 없이", which means "without conditions". Other media outlets cited the source article more fully than the post here. Now here's where the chronological part I mentioned earlier is truthfully essential, . . . On July 29th, Kim Kwang Soo stated, which you've been mentioning as part of your focal point in this portion of our discussion, here. On July 31st/August 1st, Kim Kwang Soo gave his account of what was happening at the time here. Hours before midnight (August 1st), Hwayoung went to her Twitter account before being spotted by a reporter outside Core Contents Media here. Hwayoung and Hyoyoung were met by a reporter outside Core Contents Media, while they were on their way to meet with Kim Kwang Soo at his office here. Later, on August 1st, Kim Kwang Soo gave accounts of what happened in the meeting both over the phone and in person here and here. On August 4th, Kim Kwang Soo made his written apology about the entire incident publicly here. As you, me, and everybody can see clearly that Kim Kwang Soo's and Hwayoung's apologies were given, and that Hwayoung, for a fact, can rejoin T-ara, even though she said that she will wait, and Kim Kwang Soo has been doing the best he can for all of the T-ara members, including Hwayoung, therefore completely eliminating such concerns in your previous postings, as I've stated before.
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