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  1. If antis and spiteful 6-aras used more logic and reasoning, instead of jumping to conclusions and paranoia, Hwayoung would still be in the group, and T-ara chalking that one up as a mistake and apologized for it. Of course it matters when something is said, especially when it has been apologized for. It's illogical to claim a statement that was apologized for as being a statement that wasn't apologized. It's like saying a person says he's going kill this person, when in fact he doesn't and apologizes for saying it, and then only to still be afraid that the person who already apologized for it? That doesn't make no sense, because it negates the very usage of the apology in the first place. Antis and spiteful 6-aras have repeatedly demonstrated this over and over again, henceforth their delusional paranoia and their twisted sense of reality. Apologizing is indeed on the same level as taking what was said back, only it's worded differently. So when Kim Kwang Soo apologized for his part in it, that includes his previous statements that are involved too. If apologizes and understanding didn't have any meaning whatsoever, the human species would've been extinct years ago. As I said before, antis and spiteful 6-aras simply can't let go of the past, nor correctly put the events in chronically order, all the while purposefully leave out events of what happened, just because they want to rewrite history in their own way and simply lie to other people to benefit from it. Being employees of Core Contents Media doesn't mean their contracts are above the law, because the law frames the boundaries of it, not vice versa that's contract law 101 basics. Contracts that do not adhere to the law are deemed illegal and void and even punishable. And I don't see how it makes sense to ignore the members public statement about wanting to work hard and actually do work hard at all, when they've already made their previous resting requests. Again, where's the apology and the statement of change in their work ethics? It is well understood that nobody's perfect, especially C.E.O.s, they make mistakes too. In Kim Kwang Soo's case, the man does his very best to redeem himself. It is rather unfortunate that some people struggle to see the positive nature in what he's doing for T-ara. And as for Qri, she didn't say that they don't get much sleep 365 days a year, because that's a ridiculous, even to assume. Qri specifically stated, "do not sleep very much after they decide on our comeback date." There's no saying that it lasts an entire year, especially when we've see enough updates from them directly, when they are working on their comebacks. The point in using Sunmi as an example is to demonstrate her wanting to rejoin, while in Hwayoung's case, she'll wait, not say, let alone assume falsely and quite negatively, that she won't return to T-ara at all, when in fact she can, as state publicly by Kim Kwang Soo himself, with Hyoyoung as Hwayoung's witness in that half an hour meeting. He stated that there are no conditions that prevent her from coming back to T-ara, which completely negates that perspective on the basis of termination moot. A difference yes, but similar for Hwayoung rejoining T-ara nonetheless.
  2. The severity level of the tweets was very light in nature, in fact it was delivered quite indirectly, if not, very abstractly. We've took some time look at those tweets in here, and came to a conclusion that it was more like difference of opinion, rather than bullying, to which antis and spiteful 6-aras took to heart in accusing them of bullying. If you like, you can take a look at this. For the breaks/vacations and schedules, none of us get detailed copies of the members work schedules of every single day of the week, month, or year. Kim Kwang Soo said that way before Hwayoung's Incident, and given the latest interviews by T-ara, he doesn't sound like anymore. It has been noted before that antis and spiteful 6-aras couldn't let go of the past, nor differentiate the past and the present. Even though he said that, that doesn't mean it'll always be like that, and please note, he did apologize for his part in that incident, which happens to include that statement of his too. What Qri said is pretty much what she said, no ways of trying to twist her words, nor put other words in her mouth that wasn't her intention or meaning to say. Fans are not employees of Core Contents Media, nor are they on the inside track of what's going on within the company to even claim that "they know", when in fact they don't, and they are merely guessing. When someone makes a mistake, it is customary to apologize for it, in T-ara's, Core Contents Media's, and Kim Kwang Soo's case in that matter, they've all apologized, even apologized for previous misfortunes of theirs. In doing so, it allows forgiveness and a chance to redeem themselves and improve their circumstances. Tragically, antis and spiteful 6-aras are incapable of grasping the concept of apologies, let alone the practice of redemption. For example, a fan becomes an anti because he/she feels the company is not giving their employees enough breaks. Upon hearing this, the company apologized and stated publicly that they will, and allow them a 10 day vacation. This pleases the fan and stops being an anti. It works this way, unfortunately, extremists do not agree, and push it further and disregard logical reasoning and compromise out the window, while sowing discord in the fandom by focusing on the negativity only. Antis and spiteful 6-aras even disregarded the passion of the T-ara members themselves in how dedicated they are in their work. As for Hwayoung rejoining, obvious she can, no matter what the nay sayers continue to claim, when in fact it was publicly stated so that she can. To say that she won't, is not accurate at all. If I had to give an example from another artist, I would pick the former member of the Wonder Girls, Sunmi, who recently stated in an interview that she would like to rejoin the Wonder Girls, even after being away from them for years. So, whose to even claim that they know Hwayoung, when in fact nobody outside her family, close friends, including T-ara, F-ve Dolls, Core Contents Media, and Kim Kwang Soo.
  3. Doesn't really matter to me which cover they choose for this, because they all look alright to me. I've seen lots of different types of tape recorders. I wish everybody luck in the lottery though. I hope the five fans have a incredible time at the music video set.
  4. So proud of our T-ara, they deserve the number 1 spot. So the question now is, how many fans will be be hugged by the members? Congratulations T-ara!
  5. Once again, I'm pretty sure my deleted post is well within the set parameters of the Forum Rules. I can't wait for this. T-ara is working hard and will be rewarded for it with lots of love, support, rest, sleep, and appetizing foods and drinks. I'm not surprised to hear the ongoing complaints by illogical antis and spiteful 6-aras about their sleep again. Obviously, they've forgotten that a celebrity's life is different from everyone else, and foolishly place themselves in T-ara's shoes and/or heels when it's no practical to do so in the first place. T-ara fighting!
  6. I'm pretty sure my deleted posting is well within the given parameters of the Forum Rules. Whoever the guy she chooses will definitely be the luckiest man on the planet, that's for sure. I hope she finds him, as well as the rest of the members finding their husbands to be too.
  7. I don't see how it's a plausible concern about the length of the post when there's a scroll bar that allows anyone to either read it, or just scroll pass it. And I can see that my post was deleted without any notification as to why it was deleted, and I'm pretty sure my post was well within the Forum Rules. Plus, I don't see the need to reduce the discussion to personal attacks either. I'll ignore them in your posting to keep the matter civilized. Yes, their "ambiguous" tweets had lots of reactions, but the source of the problem was actually the antis and spiteful 6-aras who continued to insist that there was "bullying", when in fact there was none. Having concerns is one thing, but to conclusive judge them without any solid proof is just wrong. So it is correct in saying that antis and spiteful 6-aras were in fact the problem. It was pointed out before here that their tweets, and by the members themselves that it was disagreement. Their prior arguments before had no bearing on this one, because they already resolved and forgiven each other on those issues. Correction it was one of them that was reported during the year. There was another that lasted a few days too. They could've had a much longer break/vacation, if the Hwayoung Incident did not occur. As I've said before, antis and spiteful 6-aras wanted T-ara to disappear for a very long time without any word, even go as far as ending their careers by quitting Core Contents Media, just because their work style is different from others. It has been noted years before that the South Korean Government is cracking down on inhumane practices within the entertainment industry, and they still do, like what happened to Open World Entertainment. And not to mention that T-ara themselves publicly stated that they will work hard, and proven so, despite the call by fans for them to rest and take more vacations. There was one time T-ara got a full day to rest, but instead decided to help out a community charity event instead. Again, antis and spiteful 6-aras purposefully left this out in their arguments to better suit their own delusions and hate. Allow me to ask, isn't it common for travelers to take pictures of their site seeing adventures? So, what's wrong with the T-ara members making money from it while enjoying their vacation at the same time? Who said they spent all of their time in Paris and Switzerland doing the photo shoot? Nonetheless, T-ara does get vacations and breaks from time to time. T-ara's recent interview, Qri stated, "do not sleep very much after they decide on our comeback date.", which means they do get sleep when they have not decided on their comeback date. Again to inform and correct what is missing in that point of view is that Kim Kwang Soo stated that prior to him stating that publicly that Hwayoung can rejoin T-ara without any conditions that prevent her from doing so, and Hwayoung herself did in fact apologize along with Kim Kwang Soo publicly, which are irrefutable events that happened at that time. Hwayoung, as well as Areum can rejoin T-ara. I don't see any need for direct personal grievances to make points in a civilized discussion, so I'll ignore them in your postings to keep it civil in accordance to the Forum Rules, and no apologizes is required. But moving on with the discussion though, . . . It was actually presumptuous of those media articles, which by the way, didn't accurately report the facts of the matter in hand and ended up editing their own reports to say otherwise, at the time. To the contrary, after Hwayoung's contractual termination, it was publicly reported that she received "love calls" from other agencies, but she publicly denied all of them. One of the focal issues during that time was confirming whether or not the bullying existed in the group. One of the ways in finding out from Hwayoung, was though employment interviews. We've covered this aspect before here, just to let you know. The interesting part in this for Hwayoung's side is that she didn't say anything about it, while having no contract with Core Contents Media. She could've said something at the time, but didn't. Why? Because there was no bullying at all, as stated by the T-ara members, Core Contents Media, and Kim Kwang Soo publicly, and more than once since then. In that anti-fan cafe, there was a whole lot of messages expressing, more like demanding, Hwayoung be reinstated back into T-ara immediately. And that didn't even take into account of the fans outside of South Korea too, who wanted Hwayoung back in the group as well. When she released that short rap online, it got lots of praise and had people wanting to hear the full version of it, however, given the lyrics, there was chances of misinterpretation, especially by anti-Hwayoung fans, who would've twisted it to their liking, not the truth from Hwayoung herself. This most likely would've hit Hwayoung very harder. Hwayoung told Kim Kwang Soo that she'll wait. I do not see how this translates into her not rejoining in the slightest, especially after T-ara's Hong Kong interview, when Soyeon stated at the time that Hwayoung is their sister to the group. Hwayoung herself was progressing steadily, and even credited for help putting together a song for another artist. Her rapping gradually showed more improvement and distinct characteristics were starting to bloom as well. The reason for her acting is based on her interests in it, as stated in one of the rare media reports on her progress back then, and probably she was influenced by the other T-ara members whom made the successful transition into acting. As for Areum, she can rejoin T-ara, and Core Contents Media did state that they are open for options for her, which does include her return to the group. And to point out, if a member of TheSeeYa can work in 2 different groups in the same company, it's very possible for Areum to be a soloist and be a group member at the same time too. I agree almost everything you said in your last section there, but I won't say Kim Kwang Soo has absolute power over them, because the members do have their own rights, and they can file charges against the company and Kim Kwang Soo for breaking any laws. So I won't go that far into assuming he's some sort of tyrant as antis and spiteful 6-aras have portrayed before. But since the members have not ever resorted to such measures, it can be safely said that such things are not even a point of concern.
  8. To inform, my bias is actually every member of T-ara, including former members, because I am a fan of T-ara ever since the beginning with "A Good Person", and support ever single one of them. And I don't think Hwayoung's comeback is dead either. Both Hwayoung and Areum are able to rejoin T-ara, and many fans will welcome their return to the group, thus making T-ara a 9 member group once again.
  9. T-ara as a 9 member group can promote with 6 members as a sub unit, while with Hwayoung, Areum, and Dani are in it. Hwayoung and Areum can return to T-ara, and many fans will welcome and support their comeback as a 9 member group once again.
  10. That's a contradiction to post when previously posting earlier here that "the "bullying" controversy was 100% based on lies." Hwayoung, as well as Areum, are very much welcome to return to T-ara, which will greatly make the group even way more stronger than ever, and many fans are waiting for this to happen.
  11. The part I made bold in your posting, is incorrect. Hwayoung was not a toxic influence on T-ara, even though she herself made a mistake regarding her contract. According to T-ara themselves, noted by Soyeon, still the group leader at the time, Hwayoung is like their sister, family, in a interview in Hong Kong. I do agree with your latter in your post. Antis and spiteful 6-aras creating those lies and propagated them around the internet, even in this forum, in order to fulfill their idiotic, delusional, fear-mongering, paranoid, sick and twisted senses of reality to harm T-ara, Core Contents Media, and Kim Kwang Soo, for the dumbest reasons ever. At least most of the fans who became antis voiced very adamantly that they want Hwayoung back in T-ara as soon as possible. When Hwayoung rejoins T-ara, it will end this civil war once and for all. Hwayoung can still rejoin T-ara, and she will be most welcomed back by the fans. Same goes for Areum too.
  12. It doesn't surprise me one bit to still see antis and hating 6-aras to say that Areum won't make it, because they don't even have any clue on her hard working progress inside Core Contents Media. Like they ever did in the first place, such stupidity. So, they are going around with their childish antics and telling everybody about their stupid, illogical, so-called reasoning, like comparing her to other artists, when there's no grounds in comparing Areum's current solo work at all, because nobody outside of Core Contents Media, which includes antis and spiteful 6-aras, knows what she's doing for her solo debut. All the while still beating the dead horse argument of their drummed up delusions and illogical assumptions on the status quo of Core Contents Media, and their idiotic thinking and utter paranoia on the music market. I, like many others, are looking forward to seeing what Areum will bring to the stage, and she's always welcome to rejoin T-ara, and many fans will always support her, because she's part of the T-ara and Core Contents Media Family.
  13. Correction, they tried to prepare and plan T-ara N4's debut into the U.S. According to the T-ara, more specifically, Eunjung and Core Contents Media, stated that there wasn't enough information given to their side prior to the Las Vegas performance. And as mentioned before, all artists and labels would like to do well in the U.S. and the rest of the world, so there's nothing wrong on Kim Kwang Soo's part, Core Contents Media's part, and T-ara's part in all of this. So hating on any of them based on wanted to do well globally is utterly dumb and contradicting in supporting T-ara in any capacity whatsoever. Please note, antis and spiteful 6-aras will say anything to prevent T-ara from doing well on the world stage, because they blindly hate out of their own sheer idiocy on Core Contents Media, T-ara, and Kim Kwang Soo. And there's nothing wrong for them to debut in the U.S. when there are no doubt U.S. fans and the business dynamics between South Korea entertainment and the U.S. entertainment do share common interests and quite obvious have worked together on some occasions before. I just heard the other day that SNL Korea will be working together with SNL soon.
  14. Currently, they're a 7 member group, promoting with 6 of their members for this promotion. T-ara can always create a sub unit of 6-ara, and still have Hwayoung, Areum, and Dani still part of the group.
  15. This interview hits antis and spiteful 6-aras to the core. T-ara once again proves that they are all family and every member is important as a team together. Antis and idiotic 6-aras hating on Core Contents Media and Kim Kwang Soo with all of these dumbfounded allegations are once again proved that they are nothing more than a bunch of fear-mongering, paranoid, delusional morons. Trying to guess how long they were going to last, what the current circumstances are within the company, what their public relations is trying to do, and all of the endless non-sense without any proof whatsoever to back them up, not even in the slightest bit. Time and time again, T-ara, Core Contents Media, and Kim Kwang Soo proven their innocence against these brainless allegations, and yet, antis and moronic 6-aras continue to harm them and the entire fandom in this civil war with their ongoing twisted, illogical, inhumane, messed up sense of reality and disregard what T-ara, Core Contents Media, and Kim Kwang Soo were saying all along. For T-ara, it is still possible for Hwayoung and Areum to rejoin the group, and regain and earn back what you all lost back then, and achieve even more together, always. Qri is doing very fine as their angelic, unbreakable leader. Jiyeon is becoming more and more better in her tasks, and more beautifully with every smile. Hyomin is shining very brightly and alluringly sweet in what she does, and I can't wait to see her movie too. Eunjung is becoming more and more graceful and motherly, which is quite attractively and surprisingly good at this rate. I definitely won't mind hearing about her public announcement that she has a boyfriend too, that she's been hiding after all this time. Boram still looks cute and adorable, and I still can't fathom why gorgeous Boram doesn't have a boyfriend yet? But I do sincerely hope she finds a very good man who loves her and will take good care of her throughout the rest of her precious life. Soyeon is very blessed to have such a great guy as a boyfriend. I look forward to her wedding day in the near future. Areum is working hard to debut as a solo artist with her talents, and is always welcome to rejoin T-ara. Hwayoung seems to be doing okay, since the last time we've heard from her a while back, and she too can still rejoin T-ara, and many fans, including myself, even amongst the antis who still want her back in the group and will stop being such when she does return to T-ara, will become even more supportive and welcome her back and be reunited with her sisters. Dani is showing lots of improvement and doing well in establishing herself even more as a T-ara member, and giving more hope to the group. Can't wait for more fun concepts and great music from our T-ara. T-ara Fighting! Agreed, and I suppose I find Boram's answer to that question as a means and cause to vent out their frustrations, and let it all out in front of the computer, tablet, or mobile smart phone. And please note on how she phrased that, "There are also negative criticisms that can be constructive." Focus on the "that can be constructive" part. So Boram knows that negative criticisms are truly not constructive by any means. But I can guess that in Boram's case in what's she's saying in this interview, her constructive perspective is found in negative comments having a degree of something to work and build upon, rather than negative comments that doesn't offer anything but disdain and hate and full of dumb, illogical, non-sense, like going after Dani just because she's the newest member of T-ara.
  16. Granted Chris Brown messed up, but T-ara themselves are not blaming him though. The man got tons of problems of his own, and he's either to be pitied upon, or left alone, or allowed to give him the chance to redeem himself. As the lesson goes, "If you made a huge mistake, won't you like to be given a chance at redemption? Or shall we just start murdering each other over every mistake we all make no matter how big or small?" And to answer your question, it was reported here. It was pointed out back then that Chris Brown wanted to get some positive redeeming points on an international scale, based on his last comeback success at the time, before going back to court for sentencing reviews, and answering to a car accident on May 21st of this year. He would face the consequences, but still have his music supporting his career, which would be a good thing for him. The overall goal was everybody to gain something from this collaboration, and surely, antis didn't think so. This civil war is not ending any time soon, that's for sure. I surely don't blame Kim Kwang Soo for trying to reach U.S. T-ara fans either. Nor do I blame Core Contents Media and T-ara N4 for answering the call and wanting to expand themselves more globally. Nothing wrong with that. Having T-ara in some capacity to reach their fans in the U.S., and create a bridge between them, are a few of the positive and successful outcomes from that. Otherwise, we would be getting these great videos and pictures of them at all. After all, they all want to do the very best that they can, and if succeeding is part of their goals, then by all means, it is best to support their efforts, especially in the U.S. There's always something good in the U.S. anyways, unless the person is Anti-American, and not everything in Hollywood is scary. Antis are such morons. I most certainly won't blame Dani either, since she's trying to make the effort in helping to spread awareness about T-ara, when antis and spiteful 6-aras continued to bash on her and what's she's doing in the group. Bunch of idiots these antis and hating 6-aras. It was more or less the lack of preparations from T-ara's point of views, and the arrangements being made at the time, that created the media into hype in the end. So, it's logical for T-ara to state that the mounting expectations were piled on rather high is to blame, when no solid concrete entertainment connection base was clearly visible for fans to see, besides the U.S. fans supporting T-ara.
  17. Areum is indeed talented and has a very good set of skills that she has already demonstrated as a T-ara member. I can't wait for her solo debut, and Areum will always be welcomed back in T-ara, and fans will still be happy to see her together as a group member again.
  18. I just can't believe some people who forgot what Eunjung said in a previous interview about not having adequate information prior to their Las Vegas performance, which Chris Brown made his mistake, however, T-ara forgave him for it here. Which I still don't really blame Core Contents Media, nor Kim Kwang Soo for being excited and trying their best to showcase T-ara in the U.S. The sheer hatred for the company and their C.E.O. is just profoundly dumb already. We can all agree that the preparations were not that good. And that they received an invitation from the U.S., in which changed their schedule. Obviously, T-ara does have goals in the U.S. and there are fans there, and there was a degree of success nonetheless, and T-ara gained more from it, than did Chris Brown. They can still succeed in the U.S., because they at least know what to expect, and work on and improve from their previous experiences.
  19. T-ara knowing how important their members are and understanding why they have frequent addings to the group, which happens to include Hwayoung, Areum, and Dani, says so much, and just slaps every anti and spiteful 6-ara in the face for their repeating illogical hatred for them. They've proven how much better they became when Hwayoung was added, and how much more sustaining together as a group when Areum and Dani were added. T-ara became a 9 member group, and antis and hating 6-aras couldn't see that at all and tried to bring them and the fandom down with their utter idiocy. There are still many people who want Hwayoung, some who would like Areum, to rejoin T-ara, and again 6-ara are not the "original members". The original members of T-ara is when they were 5 members, Hyomin, Eunjung, Jiyeon, Jiae, and Jiwon. I checked the article, and it doesn't even remotely say that their returning as "original members", but in fact returning to their "first year line up" from "원년 멤버". You can check the translation here and here from the same site of the article source. With that cleared up, I'm very happy that they are preserving and regaining their momentum gradually and steadily. T-ara Fighting!
  20. The 19th and 23th are marked on my calendar, and can't wait to watch them both the fancam videos and the broadcasting. Will Ban Ki Moon will be in attendance for their Incheon performance? If so, that will be very good too. T-ara Fighting!
  21. I can't wait for their drama version to come out, and see all of them acting together and telling all of us a very good story, and I certainly won't mind if it's 15 minutes or more long as well. T-ara Fighting!
  22. Lucky fans get to spend an hour and a half with T-ara in the morning. Breakfast and T-ara sounds dreamy, well, a morning snack, and those 300 fans, a reality come true. Just goes to show how thoughtful and caring T-ara is about their fans.
  23. The nostalgia. I remember Hwang Jungeum back during her Sugar days, and it's really great to hear that she still supports T-ara after all this time, since, I think it was late 2009, she did a collaboration with Hyomin and Eunjung with this song, . . . And I agree with her that T-ara suffered tremendously recently, and it's great that T-ara is promoting again. I get the feeling she hopes Hwayoung and Areum returns to T-ara with the rest of us. I heard T-ara topped several charts already, so they are doing well. T-ara Fighting!
  24. Eunjung and Jiyeon opening the song at the start was very good, and kept the beat and rhythm on the right path of the theme, and set the following tone of the song which allowed Soyeon to develop expressively within her vocal realm of passion, with a very strong and growing talent coming from Boram, backed by the ever supporting Hyomin in her versatile element, all the while and together throughout the song with Qri upholding everybody with the impressible and lingering pillar question of them all to the very end of the song and beyond. This is T-ara in their natural rudiment that showcases just how incredibly they've improved since, "A Good Person". T-ara Fighting!
  25. This music video concept matches perfectly with the overall tone and song. At the beginning, we see the original 3 members, Eunjung, Hyomin, and Jiyeon, and then all of the remaining members, Boram, Soyeon, and Qri, combined. The dance choreography looks very good and flows visually with the concept, the song itself, and the members' individual and group cohesion all together. I feel like calling it the, "Lovely DJ Dance". The lyrics is very engaging, and scripts the very fabric of their expressions so very good and alluring to the very end. The rhythm and beat breathes in the needed right amount of adrenaline befitting the dance floor, while the props and stage settings by each member, and as a group together, captures and justifies the essential variety of the themes. Excellent work by T-ara once again. T-ara Fighting!
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