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  1. This is good news to hear. Eunjung has become the 2nd T-ara member to help in this regard toward the area of writing/composing/arranging a song, Hwayoung being the 1st T-ara member for Yangpa's "사랑은 다 그런거래요" (Love Is All The Same), featuring Davichi's Haeri, and Hanna. I hope to hear the rest of the members participating in the writing/composing/arranging areas too, in their career future. Can't wait to get my copy. T-ara Fighting!
  2. I can't wait for the 10th. With two title tracks, "Number Nine", and "I Know The Feeling", I do wonder which song they will perform more on music programs. But no doubt, I'm going to like both. That's speculative to assume that for every project that they've worked on, and I don't think SM Entertainment is Core Contents Media, nor vice versa. For all that is possible, they really do assert themselves in their work, as they've stated publicly and they've shown via photos, many times before. And I see no connection with our T-ara to what's going on with Kara and DSP Media, none whatsoever. It was not a bad idea at all, but a great improvement when Hwayoung, Dani, and Areum were added to T-ara, because the results showed that T-ara as a 7 member group far exceeded their previous successes, and T-ara as a 8 member group managed to sustain themselves during that turbulent time, which speaks volumes of proof that antis and spiteful 6-aras who hated Hwayoung, Dani, and Areum are the root causes of T-ara's and the fandom's problems.
  3. 2 day music video shoot. Can't wait to see how it's all put together with the song, and how many versions of it will be released. T-ara Fighting!
  4. Glad to be of some help to you staff here, even though it didn't turn out the way we all wanted it to, in the end. Most of my friends and associates were devastated when they heard about the cancellation. They did the best that they could, and I'm thankful. Well, at least the T-ara N4 was an exception and they've gained more from it. I hope T-ara gets another chance to come over to Hawaii someday soon. They can sure use a break to enjoy themselves, before working their best again.
  5. I wasn't able to get any information from the sponsors about the event. My associates have mentioned that they were hitting roadblocks of problems. The Blaisdell office didn't even have the event scheduled on their calendar, ever since this thread appeared. I think the budget is one of the main problems, but it seems everything was in disarray from the start, because there's now an update on the webpage that states, . . . If you ask me, they should've organized way before making the announcement.
  6. I can't wait for the full release of the song and music video, for their "Number Nine". But I have to ask, how many versions of the music video will they release? Will there be a dance version, a remix version, drama version, and/or close-up version, besides the original version? In any case though, can't wait for their comeback and to hear their other songs.
  7. It's good news to hear T-ara is doing well in Japan again, and as always, they look beautiful for their concept ensembles. More details about their comeback song. I can't wait to hear it fully and see their full music video.
  8. That was a bad joke that shouldn't have been entertained, if you ask me, knowing full well the civil war is still going on. And I really don't see the point in quoting, or even viewing this from a dead and failed Chaos Traitor Marine, at the end of the 3rd Aurelian Crusade, which doesn't even metaphorically describe correctly about Core Contents Media's and T-ara's current circumstances. Chaos in general glorifies and embraces failure. No point in being in their side. T-ara are nonetheless employees of Core Contents Media, so even mentioning Core Contents Media as a whole, that includes T-ara and their labelmates too in that regard. Granted that there's a degree of worry about relationships going public, but not all public relationships are bad. Just look at how many couples there are in public already. It's really up to the couple to make it work, even during their married years, even with children. What happened with Hara was her decision. It had nothing to do with the public. That was just her personal life, as it is with Soyeon. We all hope they last a life time, nothing wrong with that. As for the future, there's always chances of success and failures in life. All we can do is hope and do the best we can to succeed and endure onward.
  9. Trailer looks awesome. Hyomin looks gorgeous and her performance has lots of energy and presence just from looking at this trailer. I can't wait to see this movie.
  10. Soyeon in a relationship for 3 years means there's no bad blood between Core Contents Media and DSP Media. Antis once again, gets another dose of reality, and fail miserably in trying to convince others with their continuing acts of illogical, imbecilic delusions. I approve and support Soyeon and Oh Jonghyuk, and hope they stay happy together. I don't think when an artist gets married, that doesn't necessarily means disbandment. There's lots of artists who are married and still continue to perform. This just means the T-ara Family got bigger, 3 years ago. Pretty sure Hara is the one who broke the relationship off, not the other way around. All couples face that possibility, no matter how long they've been together. I was told recently that Dynamic Duo's Choiza broke up with his girlfriend, and they've been together for 6 years. Se7en, 10+ years, well, I don't know about their relationship status quo is right now, but that one is an example of a rocky relationship. For Soyeon and Jonghyuk, we must respect, support, and allow their relationship to follow their own path in life. Hopefully, one day right down to the wedding alter. T-ara were not slaves to begin with. If Soyeon was seeing Jonghyuk for 3 years, that doesn't even fall into the description of a slave. And I do find the whole violence and murder way out of context and very highly unnecessary to this article. Also, I find it so idiotic of antis to even think he would do such things when it's so contradicting to hurt his girlfriend's career by doing that, and end up either getting killed in the process, or ending up in jail. Remember, "every eligible male serves in the military in South Korea", so this begs the question, how many military trained and skilled people are there in Core Contents Media? Antis are so very dumb. We agree together on the whole T-ara dating and happiness for them. Yes, Sports Seoul likes to jump to conclusions a lot when it comes to the private lives of celebrities. It's well known that some media reporters are T-ara Antis, ever since the media reporters started publishing everywhere about how bad T-ara's manners were to them that one time. I won't be surprised Sports Seoul has a few of them amongst their ranks. And I certainly don't blame Core Contents Media for that complaint, especially when they filed lawsuits against media outlets for not getting their facts straight for the Hwayoung Incident. Pretty sure that office complaint happened after those lawsuits. But I think we're clear though, because there's more support for Soyeon, because both Core Contents Media and DSP Media totally back them, which we're left to guess that Soyeon and Jonghyuk are okay with this couple news. I wish them the very best in happiness, and hope their relationship stays firm and strong together. It would be very nice to have a T-ara and Click-B collaboration sometime in the near future.
  11. Hallyu Dream Concert sounds perfect for their stage performance comeback, and releasing the single 2 days before sounds good to me too. I like the music video teaser, and await its full release.
  12. October 10th, marked and waiting for their comeback. Shinsadong Tiger hasn't given me any disappointments thus far yet, when it comes to T-ara. Can't wait to hear their "Number 9" song, and see their newest music video very soon. T-ara Fighting! 6-ara is not the original, 5-ara were the originals. And T-ara continued onward to become bigger and better even after they added Hwayoung.
  13. Exactly. Antis has a very loose bearing on what's logic and rationality, especially when it comes to Kim Kwang Soo. Have they sat down and talked with him about his business methods? I do remember him offering a sit down and chat to discuss about such things, oh wait, antis backed off because they felt more comfortable about the way they think, . . . thinking like a bunch of ignorant, idiotic, foolish, degenerates who can't comprehend beyond their delusion ways of belief and absurdity. They are clinging onto this assumption that he's some sort of crime boss in K.E.P.A. (Korean Entertainment Producers Association), when in fact, he is not, and only the Vice Chairman. Antis try to match other artists to other artists without even realizing that there's no solid direct connection between the issues. According to T-ara's interview, they don't see him like antis' delusional thinking, not even close. Just because a media, and surely not the only media outlet, that covers what's going on with Kara, has no proof to even claim that Kim Kwang Soo is out to get them, even when he's a member of K.E.P.A., doesn't mean he has absolute power over the other members. None whatsoever. Especially when business organizations are created on business and cooperation, not crime. Plus, there's no proof of corruption either. Do antis sit on their meetings? No. The sheer paranoia and idiotic audacity to even suggest blindly that he's carrying a grudge, doesn't even match, especially with what happened to Hwayoung. Antis come up with these most dumbest things without checking the sources properly to see if it's even true, leaving the matter as a bunch of balderdash, which is simply preposterous behavior by antis to begin with. On a positive note, it's good to hear that T-ara fans are in good terms with Kara fans. Which reminds me of the times when our Hyomin worked along with Kara's Hara on Invincible Youth.
  14. Maybe there might be another album at the beginning of next year, dare I say near the end of this year, since these surprising early T-ara news is becoming more frequent. Haters always going to love hating something and/or someone, and/or group of people. But I doubt Hara's troubles is enough to switch their foolish idiocy, since it's quite obvious that there's still antis trying to go after Dani yet. And there's no proof that Core Contents Media, let alone Kim Kwang Soo, is going after Kara. Won't make any sense to waste money on something that clearly isn't going to benefit them at all. More wiser to put the money that will boost T-ara's promotional effectiveness, than hopping onto some hating bandwagon with no clear justification for it, anyways. We'll have to wait until more information is available about their comeback concept. I know we can't guess from Hyomin's studio photo recently.
  15. Dani is a T-ara member. What's wrong with having 3 or more rappers together in a group? She's already a T-ara member, and it appears her training is complete, because she performing with F-ve Dolls now. Dani is a T-ara member, therefore perform in both T-ara N4 and T-ara. I'm very happy to hear about their comeback too. There are so many invalid, illogical hatred on the newer members, despite the facts that Core Contents Media made it clear why they were added to the group, and the rest of the members themselves accepted them wholeheartedly, which resulted in even bigger successes than before. Such unjustified malicious hate without realizing that T-ara, at the time, could make themselves into "sub-units", despite believing idiotically otherwise, and have 6-ara perform together without having to hurt and harm the newer members. It's well known that some antis rejoiced what happened to Hwayoung, and after Areum's announcement, they are trying to go after Dani for the same evil hatred as before. Lots of people all over the world see this and simply do not like how these antis are acting towards T-ara, especially towards the newer members of the group, as shown by the immense support for T-ara N4's debut song, which got them to come over to the U.S. Hwayoung and Areum can still return to T-ara, and many people who want them to comeback to the group. We can definitely expect Dani to perform with the rest of T-ara as a whole group in the future. Dani is a member of T-ara, and she can perform both in T-ara N4 and T-ara. She did partake in Day By Day's music video. Of course Dani can read this. She's a T-ara member. And I'm sure all of the members of T-ara are more than welcome to visit Diadem. Even when Hwayoung and Areum returns to T-ara, the group can still perform as 6 members. Qri, Soyeon, and Boram were not the original members. 5-ara, Hyomin, Eunjung, Jiyeon, Jiae, and Jiwon, are the originals when they debuted with "A Good Person".
  16. Dani does not disappoint, and I'm so very happy at how well she did in the music video. Her rapping is very sweet and easygoing, which matches perfectly with the song itself. She even sang with the chorus too. Her dancing is right on with the rest of the F-VE Dolls members as well. She done an amazing performance for her parts that supports her labelmates. F-VE Dolls did a very fantastic performance job with their vocals and their dancing. All of them together did an outstanding job for this song, and music video. It doesn't surprise me antis are going to criticize Dani so hard, while not equally criticizing their favorite member(s), or even when they enjoy the recorded song(s) on the CDs, instead of live recordings when they try to pull the whole "audio argument" stunt again, the utter hypocrisy. But then again, that's antis for us all. They're nothing but a bunch of moronic idiots who continue to just hate on the newer T-ara members, and can't get their facts straight, let alone get out of their delusional idiocy. Firstly, music videos are a means to promote their main product, which is the song(s). The song(s) by itself/themselves is/are a completed recording(s) that captures the artist's talented vocal abilities, whether they be singing, harmonizing, chorus, and/or rapping. Not going to even try to crucify any artist for their music videos and try to overshadow their talent, because the reality is, that is their vocals, their rapping and singing being recorded, whether there's auto-tunes are not, or even edited, because edited or not, they are still going to perform the full length of their tracks without a doubt after the recording, which they've already proven that they can carry on for such durations from their auditions when they sang their favorite song(s) all the way through. Secondly, the training systems differ amongst the label companies where we get numbers that range from 1 and a half years, 2, 3 years to as long as 5, 8, and even 10 years of training. Yes, there are children/young adolescence that start at such a young age, and we've all seen some of their cover dance videos online. With Dani's efforts to even make it over a year is still praiseworthy, and she's still going on with her career, which again, I'm not going to take away her chances to succeed, just because of some idiotic reasons, like her age, or even trying to bash on her current performance levels when in fact she can improve and become better, as proof of other artists who have done so before her. And raps is still raps, even a rapper can tell the truth about that, not a bunch of antis thinking they know rap when they themselves can't tell the obvious similarity. If I rapped a few lines from a song, that's still rapping. If I wrote a rap song and rapped it, that's still rapping. If I free-styled rap all of the sudden, that's still rapping. If an artist raps, that's rap, and that artist is a rapper. There's no difference between an artist from one genre or another when that artist raps, period. I swear, some people need some education, maybe reeducation what rap truly is. Lastly, the reality about lip-singing is it will always be there from time to time as to provide a protective means for the artist's vocal cords/speech. I'm very sure every artist is well aware about having to use it for interviews, meetings, vocal practicing, Q&As, meeting fans and other people, like people they are going to work with, making videos, not to mention making and taking phone calls. We've all heard about such throat injuries before, like Sistar's Hyorin during her time with Immortal Song 2 a couple years back, even hearing about Kara's Gyuri and her throat medical condition too. Sure, I'm one of those who prefer the real deal singing/rapping, but I can at least give leeway for understanding why lip-singing wasn't banned and prohibited. On rare occasions, a few artists actually notified their audience about performing with lip-singing in advance before the stage event, which I found very thoughtful of them to do so. Thus, I'm not even going to bash any artist when they have to resort to lip-singing, ever, because either way, I'm going to hear their singing/rapping anyway.
  17. I'm currently trying to get more information too on my end. If I find out anything more, I'll post up here. It's so good to hear about their acknowledgment for this festival. I hope there's Diadem staff members in Hawaii who can help out too. Maybe all of us can meet up together, that is, if T-ara does visit, it's going to be incredibly awesome.
  18. Psy's approach is rather different and unique compared to Leona Lewis, Adele, Amy WInehouse, and other artists from other countries whom made it in the U.S. market. There's lots of music genres that artists can do fairly well in the U.S., and it's up to the people to decide whether they like it or not. And at least, there are T-ara fans in the U.S., and K-Pop is certainly growing more there. We just have to wait and see what Core Contents Media will do for their U.S. advancements. We still don't know anything about T-ara signing with any U.S. labels yet either. I disagree with that American claim. If there are people in the U.S. that likes T-ara's songs, it will suffice to say that there are people in the U.S. who like T-ara and their songs. And with K-Pop growing widely in the U.S. and globally in other supportive countries, it's for certain that claim is not true. As the saying goes, "Everybody starts somewhere.", and that doesn't necessarily mean that's the end for them. Chris Brown can still redeem himself, and T-ara certainly is benefiting this more than he is currently. Business-wise, everyone would like to have their products all over the world, that is, if the product is that durable and flexible to be advertised, stored, and used in all regions. Core Contents Media hasn't denied Taiwan nor China, even after performing in those two areas. The most understood reason why they are entering the U.S. market is simply because they want to do well there, and it's well known that the U.S. market is the largest music market in the world. Can't get any simpler than that. Kim Kwang Soo is making good on his promise to have T-ara reach their fans around the world, and that's very praiseworthy. If anyone is curious, I came across this top ranking for the music markets around the world, . . . 1. The United States of America. 2. Japan. 3. The United Kingdom. 4. Germany. 5. France. 6. Australia. 7. Canada. 8. Brazil. 9. Italy. 10. The Netherlands.
  19. Who is to say that they aren't working on their Japanese and Korean comebacks, while they work on expanding themselves in the U.S. and other places around the world?
  20. From the beginning, they started as 5-ara, and there's no end in sight for T-ara at this point. Most of us are waiting for Hwayoung and Areum to rejoin T-ara.
  21. Actually it was a good idea for T-ara to expand bigger as a group. When Hwayoung joined, the group became increasingly bigger and made more successful ventures way more when they were 6-ara. No thanks to the moronic antis and spiteful idiocy of the 6-ara biases hating on the new members, contradicted their idealism when they failed to realize that Soyeon, Boram, and Qri were "added members", not originals. Upon hearing Areum and Dani joining, this meant even more better expansion possibilities for T-ara fans in the U.S. and Europe. But again, antis being a bunch of unsupportive bags of nonsense, began to hurt their chances on the world stage to become even more successful. The good thing is, both Hwayoung and Areum can still rejoin the group, and T-ara can finally become a 9 member group.
  22. Actually, getting into the U.S. market is a good idea, because there are fans there. Fact is we don't know how it's going to turn out right now. We have to give them the chance in order to know for sure, period. And if supporting them is the right way, then there really shouldn't be any downplaying of any kind, which makes it contradicting when having both statements in the same posting. It's amazing how it was originally Chris Brown's mistake, and antis are blaming Kim Kwang Soo, which is about the dumbest accusation I've ever seen. And according to the interview, that seems very unlikely what's being perceived of T-ara, Core Contents Media, and Kim Kwang Soo. Dani is an American and speaks English quite well. The other members, like Eunjung for example, have a good basic speaking and comprehension level. So, I'm not worried when it comes to interviews. And I didn't think that particular interview was that bad. At least it was something, which is better than nothing for their fans in the U.S. I think it would be great to see them on U.S. t.v. shows.
  23. I hope everyone in Mongolia has a very fun time with all of them, and I look forward to seeing videos and fancams of their performances.
  24. I wasn't concerned about that sentence when I quoted your post, even those other things you've mentioned. And I'm not questioning your loyalty either. I'm not sure where that came from. Without allowing T-ara a chance to debut in the U.S. and taking away the people's right to decide for themselves whether they like them or not, is sort of derisive, especially asking that question while already answering it at the same time, which makes it feel like it conflicts with one another as a statement. If that were true, the car accident he got into and then drove away after allegedly refusing to give his driver’s license and offered fake insurance information before leaving the scene, he would've stayed and blame the entire accident on the other driver. So, that allegation is uncalled for. I'm not going to jump on the womanizing mistakes he's made in the past, because that's in the past now, and people have moved on from it. How do you think Rihanna feels every time that gets mentioned? Do you think she likes people to continue labeling her as such when she's already moved on from him a long time ago? So why continue to pin this on him all the time when he was already admitted guilt to it in a court of law? It's already on his life record. So there's no point in continuing to hate the guy. He's already pitied upon, and some people don't take him too seriously. Plus, that incident happened over 4 years ago. Nobody doesn't really talk about it any more, let alone hold protest rallies in front of his home, because justice was served and Chris Brown took responsibility for his own actions. That was long over. Move on. Everybody else has. I've seen those so-called evidence and there nothing more than speculative, unfounded fears, and conjecturing of idiotic hate without any proof to back them whatsoever, or even be considered in a court of law. Professionalism is also part of being mature, and that simply hating someone for the most dumbness reasons is not good for anybody. Ever heard of the phrase, "Fighting for all the wrong reasons"? Because that's what antis are still foolishly doing right now. With Dani and Chris Brown making this venture into the U.S. possible, obviously it is their decision and Core Contents Media okayed it, even though they didn't anticipate what would happen in Las Vegas. Given with this interview, they took a more higher stance and moved on from it. Unlike antis who can't let go. And yes, they did forgive him, it's the antis who don't. That's clear enough to accurately say what's really happening now, instead of trying to claim that they hate him, when this interview shows they truly don't. And I also remember when antis tried to get them to talk about Hwayoung's incident in their own ways of thinking and complaining, more like whining to me, T-ara completely told them all that they were wrong. So, if they truly didn't want to work with him or even dislike them, they would've said so not long after that Las Vegas event. From the responses I've seen, there wasn't racism comments in the places I was looking at the time, only a difference in cultural understanding from all of the world. The only racism I found were from antis, plain and simple. T-ara N4 is making their way into the U.S. market, and debuting with a song we're not sure how many genres elements it'll have in it, when it gets officially finalized and released. And the majority of people who can understand and who are aware that English is not their first language, means there are leniencies for them and I'm one of them. The only people who are harsh on them about this are again, antis and racists. T-ara can learn the English language, and there's no way to even remotely claim that they can't learn the language when none of us are even there in their language sessions. And no, I don't see anything to be afraid of, nor are the odds against T-ara. Jumping to conclusions without having all of the facts is one thing, but having a complete review of the song itself is much more reliable. His music got nothing to do with that Rihanna incident. Because that's his personal life. Even after that incident, he did well in the Top Spots. Just check this. This is comparing apples with oranges here. He can try to rap, and that's all there is to it. The actual fact is he already knew this long before he even discovered T-ara N4, even after his last album back in 2012 did alright internationally, which was unexpected at the time. I disagree again, and I find the events leading up to the Las Vegas are stand alone unexpected circumstances. Chris Brown invited them over, and suddenly, other artists, producers, and music companies ended up meeting them. Nobody didn't see that coming for T-ara. They met and discussed about the song, U.S. debut, and the Las Vegas event with Chris Brown and company. Which I believe is unexpected for T-ara N4 to be guest performers for an event in the U.S. At Las Vegas, Chris Brown interrupts the music. Once again, an unexpected circumstance occurred. I highly doubt Chris Brown has a precognition ability that far ahead. I'm sure after gaining some measure of success in Europe for his last album, he had thoughts about the Asian markets too, because there wasn't that high rankings for it. As long as the fans are supportive of T-ara, no other celebrity can take that away from us, because we are there for T-ara. Any celebrity wanting to work with them is welcomed so long as they come off correct as professionals themselves. Chris Brown was able to have them come over to the U.S., and somewhat perform, which is more than what I can say about that so-called music event that T-ara were suppose to go to before in California, if it weren't for those visa problems. Who ever said anything about their well being put into danger when they all knew full well what they were getting into before signing their contracts with the company and becoming part of the entertainment business? I know who, antis. It's well known that some occupations risk life and limb, and definitely way more fatal than that of a celebrity. They all know about the risk and they are certainly taking that risk, and they themselves are not afraid to take it. T-ara has faith in themselves and they are committed to succeed as best as they can, and when in failure, pick themselves back up and succeed again. That's who they are. Clearly, when antis tried to crucify them as bullies, that didn't stop them from releasing Sexy Love. Sure T-ara were hurt by these spiteful antis, especially even when after Soyeon got into that car accident, but they preserved and showed that they know what's important to them, and that's the truth and each other, including Hwayoung, Areum, and Dani. Again, antis are the only ones who like to think that the girls are worried about how antis think about them. I find that rather egotistically insane from the antis to begin with. Yet again, as long as there are fans, T-ara will always have a career. I find T-ara's interview here being themselves, because they've said before that they are being truthful. Dani is technically a teenager, who's pursuing her career. She has been given that opportunity, and surely, I'm not going to take her chance of success away just because of her age in this industry that actually allows children and teenagers to be employees and work in it. She did do a solo while being part of T-ara for their Bunny Style! album, so I see nothing wrong with her doing her solo activities while still being a member of T-ara. If other members can act in a drama while performing on stage, it's very possible for Areum to perform as a soloist and as a member of T-ara at the same time. For Hwayoung, she can definitely rejoin T-ara. Life includes overcoming adversity and fear.
  25. There are T-ara fans in the U.S., that's a fact, and by saying that we don't belong with T-ara is sort of insulting to us, which I hope that's not what you're implying, right? I actually do have a good idea who Chris Brown is, instead of pinning the most idiotic notion that nobody can redeem themselves from their own mistakes. Thank goodness we don't live in that sort of society. Only antis with hatred are the ones who're trying to drag and deceive others down into their own personal Hells. Chris Brown struggles, tremendously mind you, to better himself. People don't give him, let alone others deserving redemption, enough encouragement to do better. He's not pure evil, nor are there any indications that he was spawned from the deep, dark abyss of the eternal damnation of Hell. So haters need to lighten up and start using their brains. Less hating, more thinking and understanding. How would someone feel when they make a mistake and try to correct that mistake, and yet, most people just hate on the person and taking away that chance to become better from it? Mature-wise, the interview shows that T-ara are not lashing out against him, and still working together on their U.S. debut. Actually, most responses all together were sympathetic towards T-ara N4, after that event. The only people I found immature and don't make any efforts to understand someone, let alone be aware of their current skill sets, are antis. Every cultural around the world has a few people who look down on novice language speakers, so that doesn't have any merit to argue about with T-ara. Especially when they stated that they are working hard to become better at speaking English right now. They have a good basic grasp so far, and that's a good thing. I encourage them to learn and apply themselves more to expand their English language level. I certainly won't belittle them, nor downplay their efforts when it clearly shows in this interview that they have the temerity and spirit to do better. Again, I'm not going to judge until there's an official release of the song. Has the song been finalized already? When is the release date? Where's the promotions for the song? Any details and information where in the U.S. we fans can expect to purchase it? Songs can and have changed before from small unofficial release snippets to the public. I'm not going to seriously think that any of these that we hear right now as being the final version of the song right now. The whole entire point is the full song itself. Not some snippet. At least official teasers are the final song product. Chris Brown has his fair share in being in the Top Spots on the charts before, so that says a whole lot more than just trying to be the best rapper, and at least he can try to rap, and it's not like he's hoping this song will earn him a grammy or B.E.T. award. He's doing this to make a good, enjoyable song, that's all, because he's a fan of T-ara and wants to support and help them in the U.S., which is fine by me and others too. Yet again, I have no problem with T-ara, Core Contents Media, let alone Kim Kwang Soo, earning money in the U.S., because they have fans there. They are part of the entertainment business. I don't see any points here to argue about such a thing, when practically every artists, company staff workers, managers, and C.E.O.s are working hard for their paychecks in the industry. And from the interview, it doesn't seem likely that such a trait matches to what the T-ara members is describing here. Since T-ara N4, and hopefully later on, T-ara as a whole group, will be entering the U.S. market soon, I don't think there's any reason at this point to be afraid of their advancements into the U.S., especially when Dani is filling in for Areum, who is still with Core Contents Media, and there's always that possibility that even she can rejoin T-ara, along with Hwayoung. Life is way more than skepticism and pessimism, and not all the time is it any good whatsoever. And according to their interview, they can pick themselves up from a failure, and we fans will still be there to support them.
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