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  1. All of my expectations from them have been reaffirmed once again in this interview. I hope to hear about Hwayoung rejoining T-ara, and Areum returning to the group while still being a soloist, soon.
  2. This interview assures me again that the event that happened in Las Vegas has been put to rest already. Hearing about Chris Brown still supportive of T-ara is a good indication that such a mistake on his part is forgiven in a good way. This is another redeeming step for him, and shows he is still trying to better himself, while working with one of the best top female girl groups from South Korea. T-ara is gaining in the U.S. and that's a good thing. T-ara has always had this outstanding, preserving drive to succeed, no matter what the circumstances are, and it still shows brightly in all of them. I am so very proud of T-ara for enduring and fighting onwards, not just for themselves, but for their fans. I hope to hear more good news from them in their endeavors around the world, especially in the U.S. Perhaps this list might help clear up any misunderstandings about asians in the U.S. market. I, among many, feel like this will be a success for T-ara in a big way. I don't see a problem about T-ara and Core Contents Media making money in the U.S. when there are fans there. Currently, there's no official release yet for the English version of the song, so I highly doubt whatever that has been speculated as the song itself, shouldn't really be considered as a means to compare to the other official versions of it. I won't worry about their Japan activities, as with other artists on any chart around the world, sales do sometimes slow down, and I'm sure they will promote again in Japan at another time. But for now, they are readying themselves to enter the U.S. Given in this interview, even if there's a single person in the audience, it will not be the end of the careers. So there's really no need to worry.
  3. This is good news. I hope everybody has a lot of fun with T-ara, and hopefully with the rest of Core Content Media's artists, over there. With other K-Pop artists expanding in Mongolia, like Akdong Musician, it just goes to show the genre can make it anywhere in the world.
  4. Someone uploaded fancams of the concert event already on youtube. Seems like they all had a really fun time. Roly Poly, Why Are You Being Like This, Lovey Dovey, Cry Cry, Sexy Love, Bo Peep Bo Peep, Day By Day, and I Go Crazy Because Of You. Here's one that shows how packed it was, . . . Thank you to all of the Hong Kong fans and especially this fan.
  5. It's great to see them safe and well once again. Thank you Hong Kong fans for being there. I hope everybody in Hong Kong have an awesome time with our beloved T-ara.
  6. For me, not really. Lee Haein does have a similar look to Eunjung, and Song Eun Chae is mix between Soyeon, Boram, and Jiyeon. The 2 models are a mixture of Qri, Hyomin, and Jiyeon. The 2 surfers doesn't really have a close resemblance to any of the T-ara members. Core Contents Media did say that they are busy with their tours in Japan and Hong Kong. There are sorts of rumors flying around about this song, but, I doubt any of them are creditable. As for the revealing part, Hyomin as wore less clothing before, and she looked so fine. For some reason, I feel as though, Jiyeon and Eunjung wore less too, but I'm unsure. I don't recall Qri, Boram, and Soyeon wearing less clothing now. However, I'm very sure that all of them would look stunningly gorgeous in bikinis. Definitely the song is a very fun summer song to listen to and enjoy repeatedly.
  7. Just to inform, Hyomin, Eunjung, and Jiyeon are the only surviving original members of the group, when Jiae and Jiwon left a couple of months after they officially debuted. Update: I finally came across the lyrics for the song and it surprised me. It's not really a chorus filled song, but a blending of the vocal intonation and echoing amongst all of them. That's talent to sing in the same range and voice. Good job.
  8. Just to inform, Qri, Boram, and Soyeon are not original members of T-ara. They were added to the group after Jiae and Jiwon left the group, not long after they officially debuted with "A Good Person".
  9. @Princess Pril It's strange that the seriousness I'm talking about is the perspective on the song, not anything else. @Eunjung4eva That would be a misunderstanding already. The seriousness is about how people are taking the very nature of the song itself and how it was conveyed by them. Core Contents Media pointed out that they won't be promoting, nor will they perform the song on music programs, just releasing the music video and song online, because they have concerts to perform overseas. Here's an easy example, drama soundtracks, when a music video comes out for it, it mostly shows the drama, not the artist(s), unless that artist(s) are acting in it. It's a rarity for music videos to not show the artist(s), but it does happen. When Spica debuted, their first music video featured Lee Hyori, not the members. And they aren't the only ones. That "trick" is just reflecting how much expectations having in this song, without realizing what they said about not promoting the song. I didn't hold such expectations, because they informed all of us that they won't be promoting it. Did I expect to see T-ara in it? Not really, because of the teaser that showed Lee Haein and none of the T-ara members. It's like they released this song to see how people will enjoy the music. Are they really enjoying it, or just spitting out meaningless hate for a song that's so harmless? Update: I finally came across the lyrics and it surprised me, it's not really chorus, but a blend of the vocal intonation and echoing amongst all of them. That's talent to sing in the same range and voice. Good job.
  10. @ZZuRRa I humbly disagree, because I'm not giving this song any expectations to win awards and earn triple crowns on the music programs on a weekly basis. Based on the mere facts that they have already stated they won't promote this song, just release the music video and track should already be enough to say to everybody to just enjoy the song. Nothing to be seriously expecting high stakes from it. So I don't have to worry about being given a letdown song at all. It's just a fun song to listen to, nothing more or less. Sure, it's mostly chorus and some of us want to hear each member sing their very own parts, but there are songs that are mostly chorus too, which are plainly enjoyable. Replying is simply a means to communicate, and even help to point out other aspects not covered, or even considered, into taking into account. And to point out, I didn't totally disagree with everyone in my posting. It's not really an insult to the composer either. Because if that were true, all of the children songs would be considered an insult to the people that wrote them. Well, summer is coming to a close soon, and Skull is known for his Reggae style, which is more relaxed than energized, compared to other summer songs. There's always next year's summer time, and they can always revisit this and make a new version of it. I beginning to think this was a message to everybody that not everything should be uptight without any fun in it. People trying to place expectation, when no expectation is even required, speaks volumes that these people forgotten the joys of music, maybe even forgot to have fun listening to music in general. It just asks the question, can these people relax and enjoy the song without having to scrutinize every tempo change, duration, music note, and word in the song?
  11. Antis never cease to amaze just how completely dumb they are. One of the unique group traits for T-ara is to have each member experience and perform the role of the leader, so it will increase their abilities and knowledge, and it'll benefit them more when they take on a leadership position for something else. This is quite an advantage compared to other groups with just fixated leaders. It's definitely a respected group aspect of T-ara, because fan bias can look forward to their member becoming leader one day. And right now, Qri bias are very happy right now, especially me. One of the critical aspects when applying for a job is to list the credentials and achievements that helps portray your potentials to carry out the required and necessary tasks for the job position, like for first timers, what extra curricular activities did you do, while still in school. Having each member have the title of group leader is a very good thing, and nothing short from what Core Contents Media and Kim Kwang Soo wanting a group of leaders. There's still a couple of media articles that still don't know T-ara's history yet, by calling 6-ara "originals", when they are not, because 5-ara are the actual "originals" since they "officially debuted" when they came out with "A Good Person".
  12. Who knows if there will another version of the music video, and it's always an option for them to make one showing them in it. I find nothing wrong with them singing the chorus lines majority of the song, and they're singing nonetheless. Group singing together is still good. This just shows they are just plainly enjoying themselves vocally. It's a fun, laid back song, as depicted by the girls in the music video. It's not like they were gunning for an award with this song, since it was announced that they won't be promoting this song anyway. It's a summer fun song. Nothing more or less. I just can't believe people are trying to take this song so seriously? I mean, granted they are outstanding vocalists and have sweet, beautiful voices, but they can have some fun of their own too. They clearly weren't going to perform this song on the music shows. It's just a summer song to enjoy, like going to the beach to relax. If you ask me, T-ara can be heard in the chorus along with Davichi, and I like the song too. It's a very nice song. Why so serious? They are beautiful women, right? I like to think they are beautiful women, and I'm sure others agree on this too. I think they would look beautiful wearing bikinis and enjoying themselves at the beach. I don't see any issues about their body parts, when women in general, wear such attires at the beach anyway. Girls, women, want to have fun sometimes. Let them. T-ara is known for many things, including their dancing and previous performances, and I'm quite sure there's nothing to be serious about for this song and music video. It's just a fun song to enjoy. Nothing more or less. I don't blame Kim Kwang Soo for letting the girls enjoy some vocal fun, even when majority of the song is a chorus. Reminds me of those classic children songs that's nothing but chorus. I would even dare to say this is one way for them relax, since they love to sing.
  13. A T-ara Summer Special indeed. I wonder if T-ara and Davichi will be wearing bikinis in the video, since we see Lee Haein in one, in the teaser. Can't wait to see the music video, and hopefully a behind the scenes music video too, when it's released.
  14. T-ara as 3-ara? Unfortunately, that possibility did not happen. But it turned out better though with each new member addition to the group. T-ara became bigger and they improved over time.
  15. "T-ara debuted officially" as a group with "A Good Person". They didn't officially debut with "A Good Person" with Soyeon, Boram, and Qri. They made a comeback with 3 new members when both Jiae and Jiwon left T-ara. With misleading 6-ara bias "repeating" over and over again saying the 6 members are "original", when they are not? The contradiction. Music Videos are part of the promotional process of a single/album for an artist or group of artists. Dani did indeed "officially" promote T-ara as a member, despite that she didn't sing/rap on an album or single yet. She was introduced at a fan meet and the fandom accepted her as part of T-ara nonetheless. She helped promote T-ara-N4 in the U.S. and still introduces herself as a member of "T-ara". Those are the facts that prove otherwise from what antis and 6-ara bias who hate her and don't want her in the group. 6-ara bias who hate on the newer members are distorting the facts and misleading others. T-ara-N4 is a "sub-unit" of the group, and without a doubt, still part of "T-ara". Both sub-units, T-ara-N4 and QBS, are still "T-ara" regardless what antis and 6-ara bias who hate Hwayoung, Areum, and Dani, claim to be true, when actually and very truthfully, that's completely false. For example, 5dolls and Speed are still Coed School, because both of them are sub-units of the group, much like A.S. Red, A.S. Blue, and Orange Caramel are After School, especially Sistar19 is still Sistar, and Jewelry S is still Jewelry, and even Taetiseo is still Girls' Generation. The only way a sub-unit is their own group, is when the group officially breaks up, leaving the members to form their own and/or go solo. T-ara is not disbanded, period. Ergo, such claims that T-ara-N4, let alone QBS, are separate entities are totally false and absolutely misleading. Antis and 6-bias alike continue to repeatedly spout "5-ara was preparing to debut", when they already "officially debuted" and "released" their very first song to the public, is completely contradicting. Dani is joining "T-ara-N4" which happens to be "T-ara" regardless whether or not the idiotic antis and spiteful 6-ara bias accept it or not.
  16. As pointed out before, 6-ara bias has always downplayed the other members with hateful and very spiteful convictions, despite the 6 members accepting them. Jiae and Jiwon did "debut" with Hyomin, Eunjung, Jiyeon when T-ara "officially" started, when they publicly released "A Good Person". Dani has worked in the music video "Day By Day", and is working with T-ara-N4, which is by the way, a sub-unit of T-ara, evidently and quite obviously "T-ara" nonetheless. Essay? It's not required in this instance with that contradicting statement.
  17. More like favoritism and unruly hate towards the rest of the T-ara members from antis and ill-mannered 6-ara bias. It's the one news that started to refuel the T-ara hating all over again, since Hwayoung's Incident. I still remember reading here from 6-aras back then, who disliked Hwayoung, Areum, and Dani, simply because they didn't want them and feared unjustly and quite illogically about the amount exposures for the other 6 members, when to the contrary there's enough to fit all of the 9 members with room to spare. They even went as far as to bash on them, like saying the company/C.E.O. should kicking them out of the group and having their contracts expired and transferring them into another group. They also tried to prevented any successes they've gained, by commenting badly about their performances. If that were true, even new fans (I've seen this change myself.), like semantics, would agree that by saying, "that T-ara will return to promoting as a 6 member group", is more accurate and correct, as opposed to, "T-ara will return to their original 6 members", when legacy-wise and truthfully, T-ara began with 5 original members. Newer fans would think and question the grammar/language from the media's reporting perspective as bias and not researched enough to accurately inform the public about the group.
  18. After Qri's handwritten group letter and how well she stayed calm and collective during recent unfortunate events, I had the feeling she was going to be the next leader after Soyeon. Again, 6-ara were not the original line up. 5-ara were the "original" group.
  19. No, you're not in a minority, and most certainly not alone on wanting her to stay with T-ara. It is her decision, and she's still with Core Contents Media, and there's always the possibility for her to comeback to T-ara. She can still do inner-collaborations with them.
  20. I do not agree with that T-ara is "ending" with 6 members, because Dani is part of the group, and T-ara will still be around. One of the reasons for the member additions was to expand the group's potential successfully, and they did after Hwayoung joined.
  21. They officially debuted with the lineup members, Hyomin, Eunjung, Jiyeon, Jiae, and Jiwon, when they released their song and music video, "A Good Person", to the public for the very first time, but lasted for a couple of months, because Jiae and Jiwon left the group. Soyeon, Boram, and Qri were "added" to the group, and made a "comeback" with 6 members. Actually, I was talking about the misleading claim that media articles are making 6-ara the originals, for their newest "comeback", which so happens to include T-ara's origins, when 5-ara are truthfully the original group that started T-ara. Pointing this out will help newer fan members know truthfully more about T-ara completely, especially Hyomin's, Eunjung's, and Jiyeon's career backgrounds in the group. This is not a topic derail, I assure you, unless this is a push attempt by 6-aras to forcefully forget T-ara's origin, and continue misleading others by calling 6-ara "original"?
  22. This is not about which fan has been the oldest in the fandom. This is about 6-ara being just the 6 member group, not "original", because T-ara started off as being 5-ara. That doesn't seem correct when officially they debuted as a 5 member group when they released their song for a drama soundtrack and music video to the public, and has both Jiae and Jiwon as part of T-ara during that short time period. How can such releases be not considered a "debut", when in fact that is the very definition of the word? How is it that a public appearance be deemed officially as "only in person live"? The K-Pop Industry never disregarded the very first debuting performance (No matter what performance format it took.) of their artists, it's quite clear that the 6-ara bias were the ones making that claim based that 5-ara was merely lasted a couple of months, not by the industry. They were "officially T-ara" before Soyeon, Boram, and Qri joined the group. 6-ara was a brand new line up, and T-ara had to readjust. By calling 6-ara "original" is definitely not correct, because 5-ara were the original group that started T-ara. I don't see this topic as a derailing problem when such articles are misleading the public when they are claiming that 6-ara are being deemed as "original" which will mislead newer fan members into believing that T-ara started as a 6 member group, and completely disregard the group's origin and history as a 5 member group.
  23. Just "6-ara" for those fans in the fandom who've been with T-ara since the beginning with 5-ara, who're the actual "originals".
  24. I always check my facts, and most certainly don't mix my facts up with evil, anti, delusional, unproven theoreticals. And that's incorrect when it comes to the industry. When a product is released to the public and begun promoting with a couple of music videos, that artist or group of artists have debuted, henceforth, T-ara debuted with 5-ara, whether 6-aras like it or not. That's the truth, not favoritism. Spica debuted with a music video that didn't feature themselves physically either, but instead Lee Hyori along with their vocals and their "debuting song" as a group. Again, 5-ara is the "original", not 6-ara. The definition of "original" is as follows, . . . So pretty much, that decision was made after they already officially debuted, and they simply did not want to debut live in person and wanted to leave the group, therefore labeling 5-ara as a "pre-debut", but a "debut" under the stage group name "T-ara", with the "original" members, Hyomin, Eunjung, and Jiyeon, nonetheless. So when a 6-ara mentions the 6 members as "original", when they are not, it's still completely misleading and false.
  25. Aren't they going to perform as a 6 member group in Japan for their Budokan concert? I guess that author of that article (nathaniel only translated the article.) is a 6-ara bias without knowing that T-ara was "originally" 5-ara with Hyomin, Eunjung, Jiyeon, Jiae, and Jiwon. And as expected, the 6-ara bias are going stir crazy again since Hwayoung's incident.
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