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  1. ^^ they're so beautiful.....wishing to see them in our country soon.....
  2. In 3 months they will come.....try to save money but...dont know can or not
  3. I felt so happy when Qri unnie said "chuc mung nam moi" never think they know about Vietnam ^^ ohh hope in the near future they're coming.....
  4. I and my younger sister were cried alot when recieve that bad news Hope Jung unnie will better
  5. OOps so gud ^^ i also love their sweet voice so much.....but....why T-ara doesnt any concert
  6. We were in love made me cry so much...like my life...i love their sweet voice and strong rap ^^ :X
  7. Can i have ur email unnie?

  8. Like i knew..it's a single lol.....like thanks to their fan ^^ Oh 2 days and we can hear LD and this song too
  9. exciting....i wish i have a ticket to watch them...great dear
  10. thank you very much unni ^^.....u did a gud jobs.....T-ara always the best I love them so much
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