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  1. Reminds me of old times.. they were soooo cute back then.. Now they're still cute too but a lot hotter also :-D
  2. Wow... WHAT IF... Hwayoung & Hyoyoung is supposed to be pulled out of T-ara & 5dolls to form a duo or something under Maru Planning in KKS' master plan???? How's that for conspiracy theory....
  3. Hi all.. All this got me thinking.. If KKS really really assured that no bullying takes place in T-ara then I can only assume the problem lies with Hwayoung. If (a big if) the problems with hwayoung's commitment to T-ara is real then maybe just maybe KKS is doing the right thing in not telling the whole truth... Its just my hypothetical 2cents...
  4. Which newspaper? I haven't read any newspaper yet today...
  5. @min young Wow ur post is really looooong... But I really love the points... No doubt the antis have very good out of context editing skillz. I hope your post can be seen by all antis & haters..
  6. That's how big an influence a news report can have on a celebrity's life. IMO, The problem is most of "bloggers/online reporters" are not real reporters who actually studied to be a reporter. And the "netizens" are not helping either with their witchhunt mode...
  7. Something just popped up randomly in my head... What if KKS's plan is to eventually make T-ara into something like AKB48 or Morning Musume of Korea... You know where they bring in younger talents and "graduate" the older ones... That would suck... It's just a random thought...
  8. Anybody knows when the Youtube acc for T-ara's adventures in Europe gonna be up?? Is it gonna be live or is it gonna be up when they got back from EU?
  9. Well, adding is better than removing any members I think.. But whoever they add better be friggin good.. Though it probably means I'll hear less of my sweet Boram-ssi...
  10. Just managed to get on "teh internets" today & first story I saw is Soyeon-ssi on crutches?? How did that happen? Anybody knows? How about the Europe trip? Will she be able to go?
  11. Happy to hear that they're all going to Europe together... Hopefully they all can have some fun times and not just work.. Well maybe Hyomin would have to work more cause she's the assistant photographer and all.. But I'm pretty sure this trip will give KKS some leverage to push the girls around more in the future, IMHO..
  12. A member lineup change would be pretty bad now IMHO... Right now more people are getting to know T-ara more than ever & they're at the top or almost at the top of their game & then BAM!! change... I don't think its going to go well with the fans (or most fans)... And we all know the WE (the fans) are at the core of their success.. As much as I understand that KKS want's to change the group for the better, I think his method & mostly timing is waaaay off.... These are my 2cents...
  13. I seriously don't mind getting no updates from them for the vacation period... I just want them to have a good sleep, and do absolutely nothing... I know that's what I would do if I ever worked as hard as them...
  14. She really does look like an anime doll.. boram-ssi.. its amazing...
  15. Wow... she really seems interested in the whole behind-the-scenes work... Who knew the "byeongpung" in Invincible Youth could be T-ara's next MV producer/director/editor... Hwaiting!!!
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