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  1. This is freaking ridiculous Now netizens are randomly posting anything they want I don't give a f*** to these stupid things
  2. Oh my Eunjung I'm very happy to see you on stage but if it's hurt, then please don't force yourself too much Hope your injury will recover soon
  3. OMG! How could it happen to my eunjung I'm worrying about how she's gonna do the shuffle dance with the injured ankle, ah... please don't make her join any performances before she totally gets recovery
  4. Awesomeeeee CONGRATULATION, UNNIE! I hope you can get more and more awards Ah! So happy
  5. Well, it's a good reason to delay anyway Relax guy, until then, we still have "We were in love" to enjoy
  6. I'm loooking for engsub of this one, but it seems no sub yet Anway, thanks for your uploading, Eunjung jjang
  7. Wow it's nice, maybe they will dance in club with our girls, co-ed have such good-looking male members anw
  8. Why it's so hard for T-ara to reach no.1 on Music Bank I always enjoy their performance anyway
  9. I'm really interested in this show I didnt see Eunjung there, where is my Eunjung?
  10. I'm trying to keep silent and just wait.... But now I just wanna shout 'I CAN'T WAIT ANYMORE'
  11. Wow, already 21 weeks? It's so amazing, Roly Poly FTW T-ara go go!
  12. IGCBOY - Capture fanboys Yayaya - Capture kiddies Roly poly - Capture old people Cry Cry - capture fangirlsLOL! i like ur comment, it's just exactly Freaking love this song, yeah, u girls already stole many girls' hearts with this concept Cry cry is such a beautiful and power song, it deserves to win at any music program
  13. Already picked up one to set as desktop background They're so hot!!!!!!!!!!
  14. Yay! It's finally out, setting as my ringtone, cry cry is so amazing I'm crying crying
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