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  1. I don't think anyone would ever want to translate that lol .....it's an adult show ;A; if you only know what they're talking about lol most of this fandom are too young for this
  2. the choreography is actually killer ;A; it's the best out of all Jonte's previous work tbh ;;; at least imo
  3. i visit your Art Work Thread and i seriously love your graphics!^^ btw Have a nice day :)) i hope we could be friends^^

  4. that's not the full T-ARA cut, here's the full t-ara cut; http://t.co/4OaIbPvd
  5. Are Hyomin and Boram playing zombies ? tiara, your handwriting is perfect lol
  6. So Eunjunt is playing the guy? Or lesb? .......... So ccm you couldn't afford a male actor? Lol i seeee
  7. Where is hyomin? I saw a photo of her somewhere ,,, was she in another show/event?
  8. They said they only knew about the member change through news (that douche didn't tell them obviously) and they were completely surprised at it when they knew.
  9. I'm taking this as just a seek-for-attention act. No changes in members, they're just wanting people to anticipate the news on 6th-7th.
  10. omg omg eunjung's tights *_____* sexy lady. Qri pretty :3 I still Can't get over how sexy eunjung is here ........어머ㅠㅠ
  11. F.L.A.W.L.E.S.S I'm buying all Tony Moly Products that T-ARA advertised lol. Jiyeon is seriously spectacular.
  12. How disappointing. To know that our beloved diadem fandom has some unfaithful, easily-broken fans. What's wrong with "I'll never call myself a T-Ara fan again"?? Where has the loyalty gone? Where has the love and support gone? What about the sentence that you used to end your very comment with, "I'll forever love T-Ara, no matter what, FIGHTING"?? Is this the 'FIGHTING' you're talking about? Is this the love you used to always claim to have for T-ARA? what a shame =.= You think I'm not pissed? Heck YES, I AM! I'm so pissed and might go in a long depression soon if any member leaves. I'm so against KKS's logic and broken definition of "improvement". But My love for T-Ara will never get lessened nor will I ever stop supporting them. Even if all members leave T-Ara expect for one person I would still support T-Ara for this person. I will forever love and support the girls, in T-Ara, in another group, or even solo. If each member joins a new group I would gladly and heartfully support each of these 7 groups. I'm Loyal to the Girls. I'll forever support and love Jeon Boram, Lee Ji Hyun, Park In Jung, Ham Eunjung, Park Sun Young, Park Jiyeon, and Ryu Hwayoung. Under their own names or under the name of T-Ara I would still Stan them. At the end, this fandom will finally get rid of its unloyal and fake fans. Just like in the removing-salts-from-water process whereafter the water would only gets purer. Let's not forget "what does not break you will only make you stronger", I hope this fandom will not be broken but instead gets stronger. Now off crying, I really hate Kim Kwang Soo. ;____; I don't know how to react if any member leaves...I Hope KKS would take back his plan.
  13. Too much thick make up >__< nonetheless our girls look gorgeous.
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