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  1. I can't wait for the comeback. Sugar free... sounds great.
  2. i like both mv, dance it's nice and it's a catchy song, but i expected a little bit more from rappeds parts
  3. it's so fun when they walk with high heels, walking to behind downhill is the best technique
  4. Full promo for Bunny Style Yeah!!! I like Boram hairstyle I wanna try it
  5. Wow perfect cake's for Qri. I hope Eunjung has beautiful cake's too
  6. I really like to run and I love to see the girls running happily
  7. I love their looks, specially Qri. I can't wait for the full mv, the song it's very catchy
  8. Is a moving letter, I hope to reach the hearts of citizens and finaly they stop the hate.
  9. I didn't know that she even bought a piano, I think she only practise. It's very sad
  10. I really hope that she stay strong. By strong Eunjung
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