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  1. I think I read back in September 2014 that T-ara's popularity boomed with "Sugar Free" in China, far beyond the success of their Korean and Japanese markets for that release. I think its fun to see them promote in China since the fans are really excited and things seem fresh again. I acctually went and created a Baidu account to follow the T-ara fan activity in China. I think its alot of work for T-ara but it seems like a good idea.
  2. Are they wearing the Roly Poly costumes in this picture?
  3. I always admired the background visuals from concerts and tv performances. This is great for fans of T-ara and an oppertunity for 3D animators to see professional work in action. Thanks for posting.
  4. Of course it must be emotional to perform a solo contest in their home country, I'm sure nostalgic given everything T-ara has achieved and overcome. But it is also exciting to see their booming success in China and around the world, where you can see fans almost discovering them for the first time all over again. Great time to be a T-ara fan.
  5. Whenever I see Speed and T-ara I always think back to the Co-Ed School video where Eun Jung is on the poster and then she comes to visit in the hospital. Those were good memories from fun times.
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