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  1. Got to admit the pictures look a bit thrown together - wish it was a bit more professional. Honestly some of that editing is just... Hard to figure out concept too - like a combination of cute but with hip-hop vibes. Have to really wait to see how this looks as a complete concept.
  2. My god her face looks so beautiful in the close up shots - its almost too much - shes so beautiful! The pictures from this event are gold.
  3. Looking forward to it - they are really pulling in endorsement deals! Always so busy though....
  4. Oh god these pictures are all so nice! Thank you so much for uploading this - so nice!
  5. That is actually a really cool idea - I'd look forward to it but I know it will be prohibitively expensive since its a Japanese release. Hopefully a Korean version will come some time in the future - but prob not while there is more money to be made in Japan...
  6. lol so cute messing around like that! Love them so much. Also, that first pic is really stunning...
  7. So much volunteer work - nice to see them have such a kind heart - makes them even more beautiful.
  8. I think its cool that they will be documenting this - looking forward to seeing the updates - but seriously calling it a "vacation" - CCM never gives them a rest - can't even take a trip without it being tied to promotion.
  9. Oh god these pictures are gorgeous and the girls look so good - thank you so much for putting this compilation up!
  10. They both look beautiful - especially the angle they captured Hyomin at in the second picture. Love it
  11. Jiyeon must be absent due to her filming... That's a cute group picture of them starting the article
  12. First solo concert - they come such a long way - so exciting!!!! An official fan club too - about time! All these events one right after the other though - Core Contents Media really runs them into the ground, especially recently....
  13. I can't believe they thought they could get away with just putting another singers voice over it or something like that. Really? Taking other artists hard work and posing it as your own........
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