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  1. [OFFICIAL] HQ Sexy Love concept photos (09/03) For the rest of the images : http://www.tiaradiad...34-mirage-2012/ For the rest of the images : http://www.tiaradiad...34-mirage-2012/ Download this photo set: http://www.mediafire...39rqrhm64hz6izh CREDIT: sexylove.ccmnet + mllktea + tiaradiadem.com
  2. [PICS] HD T-ara "Sexy Love" Concept Photos (08/31) For the rest of the images: For the rest of the images: Download this photo set: http://www.mediafire.com/?wuo90d3n0mo28s2 CREDIT: TopStarNews + mllktea + tiaradiadem.com You've all seen these photos, but this time its HD! new wallpaper =D
  3. My god... can the team do a cover redesign? i don't really like it.. ok i'll be honest.. thats Freakin' BAD!! wth is that?? I'm not gonna pick on that '7st'.. but really? the colour scheme and design? really?? i'd be happier with a more 'futuristic' design since they are doing a 'robot' dance not 'circus' dance
  4. Wow thankx!!! but aren't you afraid of scanning your album?? Whenever i think of scanning my album its just all fear of damaging the photobook's spine D= .. the only album i've scanned is the Breaking Heart limited ed photobook & the spine is pretty bad condition .. i've stopped scanning or even looking through album photobooks entirely! But thnx alot to ppl who scanned and share the pics ^^ well people this is one reason to get Day by Day album, you get all these amazing photos for such a small prize, thats the really wonderful thing about t-ara's korean albums
  5. [PICS] Hyomin at One Thousandth Man Press Conference (08/2012) For the rest of the images: http://www.tiaradiad...ference-082012/ For the rest of the images: http://www.tiaradiad...ference-082012/ CREDIT: TCN + mllktea + tiaradiadem.com Hyomin fighting!
  6. [EVENT] T-ara at Fanclub Opening Press Conference (07/14) For the rest of the images: http://www.tiaradiad...b-opening-0712/ For the rest of the images: http://www.tiaradiad...b-opening-0712/ CREDIT: nate + mllktea + tiaradiadem.com Download Link (294P): http://www.mediafire...pc8syy4bne6yfx2 Edit: Sorry for the delay in download link, i want to make sure i search every inch of Nate to get every photo before posting the link. Mind helping me click the link below? it'll mean alot to me... thanks ^^ Click Please! ^^
  7. Hi hwayoung, i'm a guy with a warm heart and no double eyelids, i do my work/job diligently and i always make sure my private life never affects my public life, do i fit for your idea type???? T_T .. too bad i'm no celebrity lol. hahaha. Anyway i love reading the girl's bnt interview, really interesting stuffs there. I think i know how hwa would feel since she has experienced the negative sides of being a newly added member, she would probably click well with the 2 new members, she's so nice ^^.
  8. LOL are T-ara endorsing vitamin water or what? ever since jiyeon took a photo of it, then hwayoung(?) i don't remember much ahhaha but this drink ain't that 'healthy' anyway...considered a soft drink. But the cranberry and lime flavoured are not bad! I wanna hug hwayoung >< and boram why're you hiding below lol i almost can't spot you!
  9. It just shows she cares, T-ara cares about us even more than their health so yep hear that? i know there has been some disturbance amongst the fandom at this current moment, so we should just all get along, and remember We are all supporting the same group of girls . SoYeon daebak!
  10. Boram's laughter made the clip!! i'm not kidding she' got the best parts hahaha! 1st laugh in the car, 2nd one when talking to jiyeon, 3rd at the end "i lub you" omg... funny girl, she should get on variety shows more often haha!
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