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  1. those shirts are ok i guess... they all look pretty of course but there is room for improvement for the stylist? maybe i'm too critical... BUT that baggy stripe dress on Boram has got to go! lol
  2. Yay! i was kinda hoping that Like The Beginning is chosen... happy Bo Peep Bo Peep is also good, i hope if they can they promote both songs this fri! :]
  3. I like Like The Beginning more too! But i think Bo Peep Bo Peep will be the title song, seeing as it got more votes from korean fans.. for now.. Anyway BPBP is also good.
  4. Loving Both Bo Peep Bo Peep and Like The Biginning although i'm leaning more towards LTB, maybe cause of the nice tune and classy style.. Ya agree with all whom say they should promote both lik Kara! Anyway whichever they promote, will support them all the way!
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