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  1. Just saw the news in soompi and went straight here... fingers crossed that the song will be epic!!!
  2. Just popping in to support ej debut. Loving the performance
  3. Nice... I was just thinking as to when they would act again. Can't wait to watch their drama.....
  4. I like all their styles except for the bottom of Eunjung's dress, a bit matronly don't you think?
  5. HAHAHA!!! I ust couldn't stop laughng watching them even though its the raw vid. they are just so funny. A shame though that they couldn't perfect the random play.. Hope they cou;d sub this fast.
  6. Lol i just woke up and logged directly here and this is what i first see. Thanks for the fast update guys u are the best!!!
  7. Woohee!! I like the song.. not my favorite of the title tracks... but it is good. I like the version 1 better. Version 2 just hurts my eyes... Eunjung stood out for me the most in the mv... Hot dang woman! he he...is it because of the long hair... i wonder... Anyways all in all the more i listen to the song i am liking it more and more... Excited for the lives tomorrow!!
  8. Very happy news.. I do hope this is the start for the other girls too to come back on the small screen..
  9. Woohooo!!! This is a good bday present for me in september hehe... Here to hoping this will be a great album... HWaiting!!
  10. I love LOVE it!!! Sorry to say this but hyo's song is so much better than ji's at least the dance and song together for me.. It has playfulness to it that i find very sexy he he...
  11. Lol!! Imagine my surprise while I was trying to watch triangle and saw ji.. Gahhh!! it's 2 am and i squeeled so loudly. Hopefully this is the start of them getting into dramas... fingers crossed
  12. Nice... I like these song of theirs... It sounds more of a japanese song than there koreans songs made into jap versions.. Hope they can make more original jap sngs..
  13. Two words people..... SIMPLY AMAZING!!! From the intro of sso till the end just... Wow...
  14. This is awesome news!!! Can't with for the 20th... love the songs he composed of t-ara so..... excited!!! Weeeeee... hehe
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