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  1. Ha Ha Ha Another reason to be excited for Christmas not only do we get to see the lovey dovey video we also get a new song.... Thanks much CCM!!
  2. he he he it seems soyeon is always interrupting but she is only elaborating the answers.
  3. It was nice. in as much as i don't understand it, the show looked pretty interesting. I laughed at soyeons blooper and her trying to have it be cut. will soyeon be hosting the show or one of them will hosting it per episode?
  4. Finally, i can undersstand what the show is all about, them trying to hire pretty boys for their shop i thought at first it would be kind o a dating show but whew good to know ke ke ke
  5. Lol, I was laughing the whole time soyeon was screaming on the haunted house especially on the her entrace to it since whe reverted into korean because she was so scared he he he...... I do wish someone could sub this pleaseee....
  6. Yehheeeyyyy! Second win for mnet!!!! Congrats to T-ara. I Know you have worked really hard for this may you have continued success!!!
  7. Actually I thought they we're going to make soyeon the last leader since truth be told she acts like mostly the co leader since she always was the one to speak up on their interviews. but anyways congrats soyeon unnie!!! It would be interestings how the maknaes will be the leader
  8. Finally a win for t-ara. Unfortunately, there was no broadcast of this but I do hope they will win some more in the music shows. Cry cry is a really great song i can't stop listening to it.
  9. for me i think, this is just them having fun and not filming for the mv which is great to see that despite their busy schedule they can still have fun and relax
  10. I really do hope they win all this week. T-ara fghting !!!
  11. I think out of the 4 come back stages this was their best performance but inkigayo has better light and camera panning for them
  12. looking forward to this version. i just hope it won't be a bit messy like their dance version
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