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  1. Thanks god they cut the other performance, I'm really looking forward to the comeback
  2. .______. ok CCM whenever I think I've seen it all you prove me wrong and come with unexpected things. I don't know what to say about this
  3. Pictures were absolutely NOT necessary I'm sure none one wants to get pictures on that state. CCM should have protected her and avoided those pictures to be published it breaks my heart to see this. Hope she gets better and i thought this couldn't get worse
  4. Hope she can get proper rest and that the injures are really not serious. They have been through a lot of rough things lately that this is over the top
  5. Followed by, "It broke my heart seeing Hwayoung cry. Seeing Hwayoung cry, I realized her heart has not had a break [from aching]. And yet he kicked her out like a useless thing. KKS she is a human just in case you don't know "The T-ara members also are saddened and shed tears over this incident," he said. So far we haven't heard anything from the girls but Eunjung. At times like this they should say something to fans at least
  6. Sure of why wouldn't her parents agree with the man that destroyed the career and reputation of her daughter. Sounds legit that was such a good decision that anyone who disagrees is retarded right KKS? Also since Hyoyoun also agreed she tweeted those 3 dots that believe it or not say a lot
  7. LOL seriously everyone is going crazy about this. If I knew korean I could also do that it's not difficult to be a poser they are just taking advantage of things
  8. "Soyeon being absent was decided before the situations arose because she has other schedules she inevitably has to attend. It is not related to the recent incident." Oh yeah sure and we are 5 year old fans that believe everything on the internet. Please we all know its because of the situation and KBS wants the attention focused on the tv drama not on the t-ara one. They know that if Soyeon is there reporters would be more interested on her statement regarding the situation
  9. Sure if Hwayoung humiliates herself enough she might get a chance to go back as long as she promises loyalty and total mind control to KKS. She knows better, this guy is really determined to ruin her so that she is left with no credibility at all
  10. This is seriously crazy and out of control. Fans now are antis and they sure want some heads to be cut off. I've never seen such a mess like this one before we are all over the place
  11. I knew this was the beginning of the end. I just hope the rest of the girls walk out safely but I guess it won't be possible at this rate netizens are pretty scary when they are furious like this. Just look at some tweets our girls received with images of their CDs completely destroyed
  12. Yes I agree this fits with the twitter issue but still we know that KKS so no saint so we well most likely NEVER know why hwayoung decided not to go with such little time. Besides the fact that he is spilling all this venom towards her is also really fishy
  13. LOL sure blaming it on the child is not going to make you a saint KKS. And I thought yesterday we were all over the place
  14. Basically that KKS is saying a bunch of lies including the no bullying thing so go figure
  15. Hwayoung's tweet confirms everything guys I am also disappointed
  16. SURE how can they be sad that she is leaving the group if they KICKED HER OUT. This is it seriously and I just bought the album gosh I loved her she got way better at rapping she was the master of rap now
  17. OMG she looks so sexy and God I'm in love with Soyeon's arms so pretty
  18. It was apparently a twitter issue you can look online some people translated the tweets but again for me is not insulting I don't get the messages. But netizens say they (members) were insulting Hwayoung in a sarcastic way for not being able to perform with them
  19. I don't have a good feeling about this seriously CCM is not famous for giving "good" news about T-ARA and about the twitter issue I still don't get how it was an insult it is really confusing to me
  20. As of now I still cannot accept her, like i read in one review all that she does can be done by other members like rap parts or singing ones. Still I don't deny the fact that she has a nice voice but it's not the awesome voice CCM promised that would be at Soyeon's level so I believe that she is not needed in the group. Hope time can change the way I think and that she proves to be better and a really good addition to the group that brings something new not just occupy an space
  21. Oh no Jiyeon I hope she gets well soon but most important that they don't force her to gon on stage if she is not able to. I will definitely pray for her and T-ARA's comeback
  22. oh YES I love running man and when she was with Sully and Luna was one of my fav episodes hope she pairs again with the commander
  23. Why are they so kind that they are even going to give a refund I love them. CCM does not deserve them
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