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  1. OMG finally we get so see Soyeon I missed her. I am totally looking forward to this I am confident on her abilities
  2. D: OMG i don't know how to react to this to be honest. I miss Jiyeon's hair, and I don't like Qri's one. Eujung and Hwayoung look the best to me. But they are sure brave to dye their hair like this, I guess this was for the MV for Day By Day I'm really looking forward to it
  3. *Sigh* It's pretty clear that KKS tried here to get really low the average age of the members. While I would never agree this and still not like the idea of 9 members not because of the number but because T-ARA as 7 is perfect for me I need to see how "talented" is she cause so far everything is based on the looks for the new members. At this point no matter what there is nothing we can do but sit down and watch how KKS do as he pleases with our QUEENS
  4. Beautiful I love our 7QUEENS I would love to see them live before they add the new members. Hope they do great and remain healthy
  5. WHAT wait WHAT "He had no idea if she could sing or act" is this KKS idea of a singer that can support Soyeon seriously. Just like that and what about the other people that have trained for years. Great idea CCM cast a random 14 year old little and turn her into an idol yeah sure. On other sites it even says she had no desire do become an idol. What is going on this is what T-ARA gets after all the effort, tears, sacrifices and hardwork. Maybe I can be lucky and become T-ARA's 10th member at this rate
  6. The food is not the only one to blame stress plays an important factor on gastritis and if it is really high the level of the stress the condition may get worse. After all we know how CCM explotes our girls and sure all this member changes and system as well does not help at all to much stress for our Boram I will pray for her and expect her to recover soon and get proper rest Boram fighting !!
  7. CCM should leave SNSD out of this if they did the comparison cause it's not necessary it would be really difficult for her to be accepted and if people are comparing her already it would be more. On the other side I can't and won't accept her I don't have anything personal with this girl but I just can't accept the fact that a child is joining T-ARA she should be in school now she is too young and unexperienced to debut in a great group like T-ARA sorry CCM you screwed it up as always
  8. Huevogro

    [PIC] T-ara

    Ok let the hate start. Seriously Jiyeon is THE maknae she is just perfect for that role why adding a child into this she is not experienced I'm sure its because he wants to lower the average age now I'm really worried about Boram & Qri. I would NEVER accept this girl
  9. Happy about T-ARA's comeback cause that means new music but i dont and would NEVER like the 9 member idea. In fact I sure I'm going to hate the 2 new members even now I can feel the hate. For me T-ARA = 7QUEENS
  10. Oh no I feel so bad for Eunjung as she is really hardworking and knowing her she must feel so guilty but she is not, this things happen but it is sure really insecure to carry that much money hope that the robber gets caught hope the other members help her to overcome this unfortunate situation
  11. LOL I thought exactly the same she is like her sibling Btw I want the minutes i wasted on this back t-ara was just seconds again KKS is USING THEM ¬¬
  12. I really hope that this turn like you suggest but call me pessimistic but a part of me thinks it won't jut look at After School when they threw the changing members method they are not as popular as they used to, I hope that Qri and Boram react so that they can get a bit more of spotlight despite the fact that there will be more members
  13. Actually SNSD does not have and even distribution lines either but I won't go in detail with that, but the big difference between them is the fact that in SNSD all members get attention whether they are singing or not, while In T-ARA it is evident that 2 members are completely ignored Boram and Qri almost never get lines get almost no screen time and they don't have any relevant activities outside T-ARA so personally I don't think there will be a fair distribution
  14. You wanted to take the burden from Soyeon GOD you have other 6 MEMBERS TO DO THAT why do you need to add 2 more. The only clear thing here is that the role os those girls is to the HATED really this guy proves each time he speaks he is really stupid. I can't guess the limits of his stupid system So what about Boram and Qri they hardly get line so what they are now going to be just back up dancers, and for god's sake Eunjung and Hyomin are pretty good singers they can help Soyeon with the lines
  15. Aww they are so sweet and kind that's why I admire them so much 7 queens forever
  16. Really, REALLY yeah sure you know what you are doing, arghhh!!! and sorry HOW CAN YOU BE SORRY the only thing that makes me feel a little bit better is that he kept all the members at least for now KKS you are the devil
  17. Hahahaha this is late but at least they gave all minors the opportunity to watch it and also they can download it but whatever. Korea seems really strict about these issues
  18. Im so happy for them this news makes me more confident that KKS was just bluffing about cutting members, glad they will be able to go to europe, the 7 QUEENS but on the other hand I think CCM is spending way to much money on this new girl group hope its for good.
  19. I just think that KKS took dream high 2 to a next level. How does Jiyeon feel now that everything seems to be going even worse than in DH2. I never wanted to kill someone but now I do
  20. Everyone welcome CCM's attempt to do a SNSD like group= failure what is wrong with this guy seriously and really "I've had 30 years of experience and have done much with singers starting as rookies. yeah sure that's why you are ruining one of the most successful groups in your company i can see your experience an also if "The purpose isn't to remove or to add but to give the members who give effort and display their skills more opportunities through activities. This is intended to introduce the principle of a competition so the opportunities aren't given to the members who are prideful and lazy" them WHAT DO YOU WANT why do you screw up with fans. No words can describe how mad and furious I am now at this point I will even prefer T-ARA to change to SM they seem to have the same destiny at this point And lastly "lazy" who is he calling lazy is he blind or what, really the've been working like crazy since their debut and they were just given a silly week after 3 years I think they need another CEO he is no even considering the girl's perspective what about the past 3+ years of work, sacrifice etc and adding members is also not a good idea that is just completely unfair the new members will just be enjoying a popularity that does not correspond to them that popularity is because of the effort of the actual members that is so opportunistic He is trying so hard to turn all the fans into antis
  21. Yeah I really hope that, because its not only not wise or intelligent but absurd to do such thing, If it took the girls a while to be recognized by the great masses it will be awkward to say the less to make a change in member line-up. But on the other hand we really never know with this guy he is such a troll that who knows whats going through his mind, maybe he really wants an SNSD like group for his company or he is just speculating to see fans reaction whatever it is I don't share his ideas T-ARA is a 7 girl group and as I sad before is composed of Hyomin, Eunjung, Jiyeon, Boram, Qri, Soyeon and Hwayoung if they change that is not T-ARA anymore and if he is going with the "drastic" change on the concept he might as well be careful because he might end up with a completely different group with the same name and that also is very risky since T-ARA is well known for an specific concept. There's a line between being chameleonic and transforming into a completely different group. The problem is that Kim kwangsoo is obsessed with the idea of leeching money from the girls and he is no thinking right.
  22. I think that burning the albums is way yo much afterwards it doesn't represent just CCM but all T-ARA's efforts, but I share your disagreement too. If something like that happens I'll just keep all the albums as memories of what the group once was
  23. I seriously hope you're right if not i dont know what I will do. I can jus say NO NO NO!!! I demand the CEO to be changed asap. T-ARA is a 7 member group and it's composed of Hyomin, Soyeon, Eunjung, Hwayoung, Boram, Qri and Jiyeon if one is removed or added it's not T-ARA anymore. CCM needs a better marketing strategy or someone who is intelligent enough to stop saying such things, it's the worst idea EVER
  24. That is such great news, although is a short time they really needed vacations hope they can get enough sleep and fun so that we can see them again full of energy and beauty as always.
  25. When I first heard that they were doing a japanese version of this video i was so excited and the teaser made me more excited but, well CCM fails to accomplish a PV that's up to the girls standards. Why rushing the filming, if they are tired please give them rest we all know here how talented they are but videos like this, that kind of lack quality when compared to other T-ARA's videos can give a wrong idea to new japanese fans. Please CCM don't just try to get money from the girls by rushing things, they deserve better they've been working so hard to get where they are now. Anyways I'll always support our 7 queens fighting
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