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  1. Nae I want Hwayoung and Jiyeon remains as our dearest maknae. <3 Oh sad that by adding 2 members make all things go worst ~~
  2. Yes, I hate that too by adding 2 members in the groups. I wanna 7-princess that is enough...I think 9 are too many members...And how about the singing protions. And they are getting fewer protions to sang already and now wanna add 2 members.... Sad too ^^ Damm ccm CEO. And he also mention that *Lazy* and where did T-ara being Lazy at...They being working so hard for the damm guy...And some are sick due to tired....^^ Oh my Hwayoung
  3. Yar, yes I just want all 7 to be together as before in the group.
  4. Yes, that is a good new for them. To take a break...Be Happy
  5. Yes, thanks for the info me also waiting for it too...Ddaebak....fighting
  6. Yes, seen the tweeted message also....Yar good to have a caring sister....great Hwayoung fighting....
  7. Yes I feel sad for them too....So long and they didnt get a break yet....
  8. Yar our fashion terrorist is back with her fashion...I like the shoes and the clothes she is wearing....nice....except the bag.....
  9. Thanks for the sharing....Jiyeon look so sexy inside the album pictures....all also look so Lovey
  10. Yes me too so envy the guy get selected....and can see T-ara everytime they go....EunJung....
  11. aa...EunJung, soyeon, boram, hyomin, qri, hwayoung, jiyeon, please come to Singapore!!!!!! t-ara please come to Singapore!!!!
  12. Glad to hear they're getting a holiday soon... They totally have deserved it... Working non-stop for more than 6 months I think.. I bet all they wanted to do is lazying around the house... But I think EunJung still have filming for Queen Insoo????
  13. Me too...Almost suffered a heart attack after sawing it as rumour...dont know true or not...now very happy....
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