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  1. I didnt read all the comments but selling Jewelry Box alone to 500,000 is gonna be hard =( I will buy it to support them ^___^
  2. Wow....this is really dumb! He is trying to fix something that is not broken. If member replacement do happen then its definitely going to break T-ara and the fans. Unless the replaced member would go as a Solo artist them maybe...just maybe....its ok....but still...ughh we have less than a month to wait for official statement ugghh!
  3. I only listen to Japanese Music. I'm soo glad T-ara releases Japanese Music

  4. Amazing! This is why I love T-ara ^__^ prob more than KARA but love them both! Thank you for helping Japan.
  5. Some guy is selling each of those for $20 on ebay I got Soyeon and 2 more is on its way. I really want Hyomin's and the whole group one.
  6. ❤Hyomin❤ I really love her short hair =) ^___^ Haven't seen the Ballad performance in a while. Too bad Eujung isn't there =(
  7. It is more likely that the first original Japanese song will be the last single they release before a full Japanese Album. It's not that easy to make a new song for them right now (Recordings/Filming) and they are still pretty new to the Japanese market. Plus they still have promotions going on in Korea. I really want a Cry Cry Japanese Version. There is no need for a 15min Drama MV though -___-" If anything they might get their very first solo concert in Japan than in Korea if they continue with their Japanese releases. Why is it that they haven't had a solo concert yet? They are doing really great right now ^__^ T-ara Fighting!!
  8. ^___^ Thanks for sharing this video! I love Fancams. Hyomin is just so pretty =)
  9. OMG Super excited!! Any Japanese T-ara release is my number one priority! Next will be Cry Cry Japanese Ver!!! They are going to be a lot busier than expected. I wish T-ara the best of health! T-ara Fighting!! ❤Hyomin❤ Fighting!!
  10. Yes Finally!! T-ARA Congratulations!! I'm so happy OMG What a great way to start my day! Hyomin
  11. I'm a Hyomin lover and I loved her as a leader. I think she did a great job and so did the past ones =) Congratulation to Soyeon! I know she will be as great as the others heh maybe even better because of her personality =) I like this leader rotation system ^__^
  12. OMG 5 version!? They are killing our girls over there I wouldn't mind it, but thinking about their current schedule...Isn't it a bit too much? Soyeon is still currently sick..Hyomin is about to follow her -____-" I really think that it would be better for them to spread their promotion throughout the year than overworking them for 3-5 months T__T they might be busy but not overworked..... plus fans wouldn't wander too much lol (oh well what do I know I'm just a fan T__T) Regardless I will enjoy everybit of these MV's thats gonna come out. T-ara Fighting!! Hyomin Fighting!
  13. oh gosh Hyomin...... ...... Boram is really pretty also ^__^ I want to see the other members pics also =)
  14. lol Koharu XD Kohapinku! Haven't seen her in a while. "Watashiwa Chisai desu Chisai Chisai Chisai" ahahahaha Boram is cute XD
  15. Hyomin bumped into someone T_T after the performance
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