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  1. This is the first time I posted in months but I've got so much to say. I remember when Hwayoung was a newbie member and I disliked her at first. I mean, why did they need a rapper when the had two already. Then, I really got to know Hwayoung and from what I saw I really liked. Her skills as a rapper AND dancer were phenomenal! It's so disconcerting to see this happen to her. I just really wish KKS would admit blame for some of this fiasco. I'm still holding out on the possibility of her coming back! Hwayoung FIGHTING!
  2. The guy Jiyeon and Soyeon are talking about is KIM SOO HYUN, lol... I love the Yeon sisters, pot stirrers. Lovely pot stirrers.
  3. Sad they cannot full promote Lovey Dovey here, but I'm looking forward to perhaps other cities included in the April US junket. As a T-ara fan in Texas, it's expensive to fly to Cali. lol.
  4. I like Eunjung's change in hairstyle. At first, I was pretty shocked(even though its not that different) and I was like "whoa she changed her hair". Another powerful performance from an underrated song on the music shows.
  5. Gil? Haha, maknae you are hilarious! I think rappers always gotta think a bit outside the box.
  6. Of course I did this for t-ara they have to win! =)daebak!
  7. Good to see Soyeon getting rest after a slew of promotions Cool to see she's catching up on English books haha.
  8. Giving big props to TOP always good when accepting an award. Roly Poly was a nice summer hit with a retro theme perfect for the evolution of t-ara. They can do everything... musically that is. lol.
  9. They sure gave the competition "black eyes" lol... go t-ara! I'm hoping they will win big in all the music shows.
  10. The question was most likely who does the best impressions and Soyeon and Jiyeon had the best. It was a nice video!
  11. Eunjung fighting! I know she'll do well in this drama! WHOOO!
  12. What a wonderful Christmas Eve it will be this year!!! I'm going to pre order Lovey Dovey when it comes out too! whooo t-ara!
  13. It's probably going to be a repackage album after Cry Cry promotions. I think probably late Dec, instead of going to awards shows they're going to be working hard on bring lovey dovey's promotions and mvs back into people's minds.
  14. MVs galore! I love it! I hope that the Lovey Dovey promotions will be just as powerful in promotions, t-ara fighting!
  15. I hope Soyeon will get a chance to act like the Big 3(at least in acting) for now she has remained a variety show standby. It would be cool to see Boram, Qri and Hwayoung act in some major roles as well.
  16. Hopefully they'll gain recognition from Music Bank, they should be number 1! T-Ara fighting!
  17. I love this video and esp the amount of screen time Soyeon gets with the sun! haha. Keep it up, girls!
  18. I think just a regular guest would be nice. I think Hyomin's progress as a singer and actor have advanced so we see her in a different light. On the show, she was often overshadowed by Hyuna, Yuri and Sunny. I'd be nice to see her on another show.
  19. I'm really impressed, the video has many dimensions and I like the way they incorporated many dances. T-ara fighting!
  20. 2NE1? Seriously? They should have broke through already! Leave some room for T-ara ladies, a tide is comin'!
  21. I've pre ordered on Yesasia and will do it for Lovey Dovey. I love to support the girls and say that I was a big fan before they did Cry Cry lol.
  22. Jiyeon number one, all the time! Safe to say her acting helps the ranking!
  23. I hope to hear more about her condition! Hopefully, its not serious, I can see how a hectic schedule can make you sick, get well soon Soyeon!
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