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  1. O.O I almost spit my drink I knew she could be sexy but........................ no words to describe it
  2. personaly I think they where not fare on the individual pictures, I think they made Hyomin, Qri and Soyeon look bad
  3. part 6 is missing or is it a little mistake?
  4. I did right away but the bank people at my contry are stupid they didn't even knew what to do
  5. great Yesasia approved my credit on the 01/12 and today they just told me that there was an issue and the authorization failed........but they still took my money..... anyone else having the same issue?
  6. no Bo Ram selca? all of them look gorgeous but I was expecting a pretty selca from Bo Ram
  7. And I though she couldn't look better (nose bleed) I was totally wrong And now I can't wait for the song and the mini album x.x
  8. Just got mine too but I had to buy a small toy to get the free shipment. I love to see how my collection grows
  9. O,O august 1? not only my niece is born that day but also I get to listen to the new T-ara song lol such a nice day
  10. lolz I didn't expect this kind of mv
  11. the pd of that drama say that she would cut her scenes and since she/he got crit. For that matter she just cut her from the drama (my personal point of view) so whatever, Soyeon has better things to do and for sure she will have better rolles
  12. Lol I can't wait >_< I hope they don't do the usual thing of giving a release day and pospone it for a few more days
  13. Thank you for translating this miss Elly . I wonder how netizens will try to make this apologize some sort of twisted hidden messege
  14. What a load of . . . Lies I hope they realize the amount of viewers they are losing
  15. Tch I'm really getting tired of all this drama with the T-ara girls I just want to patiently wait for their come back
  16. thank you for sharing! I was wondering about the pictures of this album
  17. I hope she really desist this time and just rest for a few days. But is up to her, CCM and the PD whatever she does let's support her
  18. wth! Is just me or they should not have take those pictures? and of course is worse to make them public
  19. T_T glad to hear she is ok some how I had a dream about something like this intolving a t-ara member T.T
  20. that's it I'm learning korean if anyone knows a good online site (for free) send me a messege
  21. I hope the reporters have manners and don't go asking about the T-ara scandal . But of course is too much to ask that to the media
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