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  1. i'm pretty much fine with this.....just ban them for a period so that they can reflect on their immatureness....especially kks...if this goes on, t-ara would probably be following dbsk's track....
  2. im sorry for hwayoung...and her family...they must have a really hard time right now....kks is too stupid for making this so sudden...he should've stop t-ara's promotion + activites for a while and give em counseling and try to investigate things properly...the way i see it, kks just want to end this fast and blame hwayoung for everything thus making fans go crazy bout t-ara and keep on making money....seems like it sumhow backfired though
  3. i wonder....what if hwayoung's not in fault (im not saying she is though) if she goes back to t-ara...then it would be like kks win, putting all the blame on poor hwayoung, kks probably is really desperate trying to cover the truth.....wanting to gain t-ara fans back.. but from my pov, its cruel and immature and unprofessional for t-ara members to punish the member publicly like this...thought its ambiguous, we can somewhat feel the intention of their tweets. it would be rly sad to see if hwayoung somehow just get back into t-ara without ccm revealing all the truth..the real truth from the beginning...confession from each member on how they feel towards hwayoung..it doesn't matter if it's good or bad, as long as it is the truth, since this have become too complicated...would probably ended up being like dbsk soon if this goes on...in the end..kks sucks hard on management
  4. if u compare their schedule with other groups such as snsd, kara, shinee, 2pm, and even iu, u'll get to see that t-ara really is overworked~ their schedule is really really really packed 24/7
  5. communication.....it worries us all....unless they're using a translator each time they talk....but that'd be a nuisance won't it?
  6. lol a lil bit weird for the guys if its really is QUEEN.....but we better wait for the officially announced name~
  7. awwww poor eunjung~ that sounded pretty serious....6 weeks is a long period of time~ get well soon eunjung! get a well rest!
  8. awwwww this is from bo peep bo peep.....i was hoping to see short-haired-hwayoung =( but anyways~ they're still beautiful~ they're always be~
  9. its probably due to amend their delayed concerts etc before~ its lucky ccm learnt something from that
  10. t-ara should win lots award first...then rest 100%....then make a greater comeback!! and yeah ccm should give two weeks of holiday for t-ara....and will t-ara really be free for 10 days? no recording at all? like show bout their holiday or something?
  11. will diadem sub this? =v= lolwat q-ri sexy is soo awkward...she's hesitating there~ its funny though~ XDD
  12. pls we don't want too many members in one group~~ 7 is just perfect~ just let the other group add members not t-ara~ DX
  13. had to agree with that.........yayaya concept doesn't really caught people's eyes~ but then in japan...there's a lot more weird things happening around~ so can't really tell that
  14. an all kill album~ just amazing~ they really deserve this after their hard work~
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