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  1. i think this is good like this just seems to me like they're testing the waters to see if it could actually happen or not like if it doesn't then they still have their japanese promotions and album happening and if it does the the full group will debut here and US fans can get a chance at seeing them too
  2. lol they can always bring dani along with them for the english parts like when snsd where on live with kelly only tiffany spoke at it was fine if they were to get onto that show it would be for a performance short interview like its not like they'd be the main guest or anything , same with letterman snsd didn't even do an interview on there so n4 should be fine if they were to also get on those shows which i hope because then they can finally come to ny, and opinions of chris brown's personal life aside he's very popular and relevant in the us and his albums always sell a lot so n4 working with him is a good thing instead of working with irrelavent people like that random girl group the wonder girls worked with
  3. I hope that they can also come to ny in the future, it's good they had a good time in the US and hopefully in the future t-ara can come as a full group
  4. i think this pic is old or shes wearing a wig because her hair doesn't look like that but this selca is so cute omg *A*
  5. omg i can't wait for the solos and the boram/qri sub-unit ;A; i think its gonna be something with a cutesy vibe based of the title but who knows lol. I don't really mind it being 2 songs each version because that's how jpn singles work for everyone like the normal single usually has 3 songs while the limited has 2 and then the normal version will have different jacket photos and covers like this happens with all the jpop groups i like so its nothing new to me lol
  6. i think ccm should focus more on who leaked the convo like if i was soyeon i would now feel unconformable to talk to my friends normally on kakao now that one of my convos got leak and caused another unnecessary scandal
  7. i missed jiyeon having bangs *A* i just wish they were a little thicker, areum looks nice like this i think she looks best with darker hair
  8. hyo's hair looks like hwa's cry cry hair omg ;A;, idk if i'm gonna watch this yet i need like a teaser of something
  9. I honestly think this is a bad idea to release now but there's nothing I can do about it. There's no point in bringing it up again since we're probably never going to get the truth like its just going to get all the crazy t-ara anti netizens going at it again.
  10. I like this one better than the other one, it shows more close ups and has more qri *3* the only thing was theres not enough boram
  11. qri's handwriting is so nice *O* i agree with everyone else it was a good choice to have her write the letter since shes the only member right now besides areum and dani that has a relatively good image and making her the next leader wonder the the most logical move in moving on learning and growing from this scandal. I actually thought she would be the next leader after hyomin since she was the center in the beginning and ending of cry cry and the main in the lovey dovey mv lol. I don't think jiyeon will be leader for a while since not only the scandal but shes been maknae up until recently and shes still apart of the maknae line. When i first watched the teaser i was really sad not to see hwa and it felt empty but even though its still weird for me to not she her i think this is the most important comeback for them and we all need to support it in every way.
  12. I really love their hair omg i like qri's the most its so nice it goes from blue to gray and i love blonde jiyeon so much andi think soyeon has gray and pink in her hair
  13. I gonna give her a chance but i don't know about dani they should let dani train for a longer period and debut her in another group or let her be solo or something but theres nothing i can really do about it so i'm gonna have to just accept her either way
  14. omg i like all three but the pearl edition is defiantly my favorite is so cute and pink lol, love the contrast that boram's dark hair has to all the other members light colored hair too, i want to buy all three i better start saving up my money now lol~
  15. this is going to mess up all the dances and songs they already have like now they have to move everything around for these new members and its like 7-ara worked so hard to finally get a official fanclub and solo concert and now they have to constantly have that fear in their heads that they could be kicked out and replaced for any wrong move like thats not a healthy way to live :/ hes so rude to t-ara i feel bad for them i've never seen a ceo say such things about their own artist before -sigh- also they hardly get lines equally now i'm scared to think of what with happened with 2 new members like boram will probably become a backup dancer (((( you can't just start moving a group around like this almost 3 years into debut he should have started doing it while they were still less popular like after school >.>
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