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  1. i'm a little bit skeptical on this what can that "big announcement" be? lol i would want their promotions to hit big or they can get more rest in the future
  2. /dazed/ their transformation looks so great and glamorous just can't wait for the conitnuous part as well as this dance version
  3. wow~ daebak!! congrads on first achievements for their comebacks !! this will be a fierce competition and can't wait to see how they roll ~
  4. sob all over the news ( i hope she recovers soon i can't take it when seeing members absent and esp they're making their comeback ><
  5. wow~ this is really a good news to catch congrads on the lead role, i hope she can put out her best since Eunjung's last drama, T-ara's members haven't participated in any dramas lately fighting goel
  6. red hair Hyomin o.O /wipemyeyes/ oh it's really her /shivering/ why are these comcept getting stronger and tougher? they rl like to battle around huh? xD really anticiapated /stillshivering/
  7. i wonder how are these two newbies would make their moves to be official T-ara members i mean they're still young (same age as mine xD) so hopefully they will make it thru i hav high expectations for them and their comeback
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