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    crazEun reacted to nathaniel in [12.09.02] T-ara to release four music videos at midnight on September 3rd   
    [12.09.02] T-ara to release four music videos at midnight on September 3rd

    T-ara's "SEXY LOVE" music video will be released at midnight on September 3rd.
    T-ara's "SEXY LOVE" music video will be the sequel to "DAY BY DAY" and 15-minutes long and will also include a robot-dance version and a BTS music video making part. The drama music video for the ballad "Day and Night" will also be released at the same time.
    The ballad "Day and Night" features Gavy NJ member Geonji as well as the famous 4-octave singer from Star King from British named Shannon and T-ara member Areum. The song is a sad ballad with a stunning rap part.
    "SEXY LOVE" is fourth in the series which was produced by Shinsadong Tiger and written by Choi Kyujung. "Day and Night" was the joint-work of composer Cho Youngsoo and the lyricist Ahn Youngmin.
    T-ara will showcase a robot dance on stage alongside their electronic synth-pop "SEXY LOVE" and will continue showcasing an exotic charm they began with "DAY BY DAY".
    T-ara's four different versions (T/N: drama in two parts 'Sexy Love' and 'Day and Night', dance version of 'Sexy Love' and BTS version I think) of the music video will be released on the 3rd at midnight (September 2nd 11:59 PM).
    Source: http://news.nate.com.../20120902n05121
    Translated by: Nathaniel @ Diadem
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    crazEun reacted to nathaniel in [12.06.14] T-ara Areum's first official photo release, "Classic beauty"   
    [12.06.14] T-ara Areum's first official photo release, "Classic beauty"

    Girl group T-ara's eighth member Areum's profile pictures have been released.
    On the 14th, T-ara's agency released profile pictures of Areum. On the 12th, she was first introduced through selcas taken in her school uniform, but her first official photos were released today.
    Areum has a charming cuteness to her with beautiful clear white skin and wide, big eyes.
    T-ara's agency Core Contents Media said, "T-ara's 8th member is Areum, a 19-year old girl with beautiful white skin and a height of 167cm. Both of Areum's parents were in the music industry and Areum has inherited both of their talents and is an extremely talented girl."

    In fact, Areum attends the Hanlim School of Arts in the applied music section and has been the top of her class every year. She has excellent singing skills.
    T-ara will release a new album with Areum on July 3rd entitled "Day by day" and begin activities after that. Areum will join existing members Eunjung, Jiyeon, Hyomin, Hwayoung, Boram, Qri and Soyeon. "Day by day" was choreographed by the world renown choreographer Jonte Moaning who is most known for choreographing Beyonce's "Single Ladies".
    T-ara, with Areum, will hold their official fanclub "QUEEN'S" opening ceremony on July 14th at Kyunghee University. After that, T-ara will hold their first solo concert in Korea at Seoul's Jamsil Indoor Staidum on August 11th.
    T-ara will also gain a ninth member, 14-year old Dani, in December. She will appear in T-ara's new music video "Day by day" before officially joining in December.
    Source: http://news.nate.com.../20120614n08669
    Translated by: Nathaniel @ Diadem
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