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  1. Waiting for that single, Areumu ! It's good that T-ara supports their ex-member.
  2. I'm already addicted and currently listening to this non-stop.
  3. I'll be eagerly waiting for their comeback !! Seriously, we need another full album, but I'll definitely look forward to the mini-albums as well.
  4. I'm a little worried, but I'm sure T-ara will get to see things they've never seen before. Oh... this will give them lots of valuable experience. Hope they can take some rest there too.
  5. Hmmm ... I'm divided. Well yes, I agreed with a lot of you. I wish T-ara would collaborate with an artist with a better reputation. Well, the news was like rain for antis already as far I could tell. But I really don't care about the things they say anymore. Despite that, it's interesting to see an international artist collaborate with T-ara. Before he had that reputation, I kind of enjoy his songs a bit. If they really have collaboration, I hope they gain lots of music experience and not taken advantage of. That's all I want.
  6. I'm sure people with sensible logic would have known that from the beginning. Only antis with ill intentions would have thought of something like that.
  7. I loved it, despite the girls could have done everything on their own and having more lines and stuff. Overall, the beat is pretty catchy. And the lyrics is meaningful hahaha.
  8. Dino with glasses. :wub: :wub: I love the teaser. Reminds me of the Invincible Youth days haha.
  9. Everyone's been given a solo song and all of them sounds amazing. Now, all I need is a new Korean album with everyone with solo songs, I can die in peace now.
  10. I feel bad I couldn't make it this time. T_T

  11. I feel bad I couldn't make it this time. T_T

  12. Anyone in here going to the concert? Hope you guys give lots of cheers. I had work outside Bangkok so I couldn't make it this time.
  13. Well it was a nice apology, but they got what they deserved.
  14. I agreed. These conversations are kind of private. And hell, gossips are normal human stuff for crying out loud. If she gets bashed for this, then everyone in the world deserves it too. This is stupid. Oh ... there is a private button (for friends only). I don't really think that Sso would ever make her chats public, right ?
  15. CCM probably exaggerated a bit, but I would love an ASEAN tour haha. Since promoting in Korea is still a problem, I'd agree for them to make tours in Asia. Hope it won't tire them so much though.
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