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  1. Hmmm ... I'm divided. Well yes, I agreed with a lot of you. I wish T-ara would collaborate with an artist with a better reputation.

    Well, the news was like rain for antis already as far I could tell. But I really don't care about the things they say anymore. :)

    Despite that, it's interesting to see an international artist collaborate with T-ara. Before he had that reputation, I kind of enjoy his songs a bit.

    If they really have collaboration, I hope they gain lots of music experience and not taken advantage of. That's all I want.

  2. Interesting, I'm looking forward to see Dani. Hope she can fit with other people because she's still new to the culture.

    And I guess she's getting more adorable every time I see her. A good sign for her as the next T-ara member. :)

    But dream high and god of study are pretty good dramas (: . Just that it doesnt really make sense how the students in GOS can easily get 100 marks after a few training camps ._.

    I think he meant by k-drama portraying the school life in Korea. I would expect school life to be more like in "Reply 1997"

    Well, that's kind of resemble my school life anyway. :)

  3. I had expected that from the start.

    I mean it's been only two months, and KKS still has them under a tight control.

    But still, I don't want to see them cry. I remembered how bad I felt when the incident happened. It must have been a lot worse for all of them. I can still remember Hyomin and Eunjung press conference. I don't want to see that again..

    I'll patiently wait for the subs. Thank you in advance.

    And thank you for summarize the things they said for us. :)

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