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  1. I think this is pretty much everything that T-ara can do, and I'm very happy that they did. As for Hwayoung's return, I'm sure a lot of us wish for that too. But the only person who can grant that wish is KKS.
  2. "A bullying issue arouse after posts posted by T-ara on Twitter surfaced. Hwayoung ended up being kicked out of the group and their agency Core Contents Media tried to explain, but in the end the controversy did not disappear easily." I don't see any explaining here ... or anywhere, sorry. The only thing that they did was creating more damage for T-ara. Explaining means putting a bad word for Hwayoung after you kick her out? How did that 'explaining' cost our girls then ? Can I go apply for its PR management ? I can't stand them anymore....
  3. Thank you for the translation. “Partial conversations over twitter or SMS between young adults cannot be used to make judgments on everything.” “One cannot say who was at fault, but to avoid similar situations and to prevent kids from getting hurt, care and wise judgments are needed from adults. Especially if the agency can take some action on behalf of the children, that would be great. Very anxious” I like this part, she's criticizing CCM for its poor management.
  4. Hmm... mixed reactions for me. It's time T-ara move on from the incident. I think one of the things they need to do is get back there on stage so they could become stronger. But then, I wish that their agency would let them take a break away from these controversies as well. But CCM probably put them up there because KKS want his money back.. that's the truth. Let's just hope that for once, CCM's stupid plans won't backfire. Because the people who will hurt the most are our girls.
  5. I can wait. It has been only one month since everything happened. Making the comeback now won't be good for the girls at all. There's even news today about problems between Five Fingers and CCM.. how can they make a comeback at this state ?
  6. Thank you Hwayoung. Thank you for to twitting something when other members can't. As for those antis, the simple fact they've forgotten was, Hwayoung never said anything about "bullying" in the first place. If they can't take that as "There's no bullying", just let them be idiots like they want to be. I've read about conflicts in many idol groups recently. It's everywhere. The only difference they have and T-ara doesn't have is good management. Those antis are the one living in the dream world and can't see the real truth. So I'll let them be ..
  7. No surprises here too. They're just making excuses to make them look good. That's it. Right now, I'm more interested in upcoming concerts and waiting for their appearances. I really want to see them all.
  8. Now this is called "karma" !! And the PD thought they can take advantage of Eunjung because of her scandal. Look where it gets him now. HA !! At least I can somehow believe now that there are righteous group in that entertainment world. Unfortunately, it's possible. If the 'bullying' incident by this PD is the truth, SBS will probably deny their involvement. It's the matter of how they'll take the incident. I agree that Eunjung shouldn't rejoin the series too. I mean, look at what they did ...
  9. I agreed with the comment above. Right now, Eunjung's life is like Yoon Baek Hee in Dream High. I also love these comforting words from Hyemi to Baek Hee on Ep.14 "When a day passes, it will become yesterday's news" "When two day passes, it will become news from the day before yesterday" "And after one year, no one will remember this anymore." Please stay strong. And stay happy, T-ara.
  10. I'm a bit relieved that an agency stepped in to help out with Eunjung's situation. But I'm also worried too. Whatever happens after this, it won't be nice. And T-ara will take more damages. Like I said before, I want T-ara to be happy and safe, but it looks like the way in front of them won't be easy as before. I just wish we could do something more than reading the articles and donating, but that's all I can do right now from another country.
  11. This is really idiotic. If you don't want to put them in, then just do it. You're going to remove them anyway. It's like they're asking people first as if they feel sympathy for the girls, which they aren't. They're just manipulating the situation to their favors. And that's even more worse for me. I agreed. As long as the situation isn't officially cleared, these kinds of people (like FF production team) will take advantage of T-ara. I don't want to see them with a broken heart like the incident that happened to Eunjung. They can take one incident, but can they take another ? Sooner or later one of the girls with have a mental breakdown from all these mess and it'll be too late to fix everything.
  12. No, people have different opinions, but they use facts and polite opinions to talk about it. Read your comments. All you did was criticizing us and writing down sarcasm and you call that different opinions ? And you dared post all these comments with 'I don't know' phase ? And you're still thinking you're not a troll ? Pfft ..... I've seen on and off stage more than a couple of times WITH MY OWN EYES. I've been their fan for two years. You should have kept silent when I gave you those information about Eunjung performing while injured. I'm using a fact to prove how you were wrong, and yet you reply me with with these sarcastic comments. Admit it. You're here just to troll and don't know much about T-ara at all. That's why you're embarrassing yourself like this.
  13. Now this is what I called "Bullying". Pretending to be all encouraging one day and backstabbing her in the next. Even if it's for your sponsors, at least you'd have to call Eunjung for a talk about the situation. How can a production company do something as unprofessional as this ? What can I expect from a drama that has a production team like this? Maybe leaving the cast was a blessing in disguise, it's better to take a rest than work with these kind of back-stabbing people. You'll never know what kind of things they'll talk and do behind your back. To Eunjung: FIghting !! We'll always support you. There'll always be better things than this. Stay strong !! And to Jin Seyeon: My advice is don't join this drama. I like your acting in 'Bridal Mask' so please don't ruin your reputation.
  14. I'm confused ... so this is SBS's decision or something and not an agreement ? Or is it another rumor ? If you're here just to troll, then leave. I can take BS from other places but not here. Eunjung don't have enough determination ? Are you kidding me ? DO I HAVE TO POINT OUT HOW MANY PERFORMANCES SHE WENT ON STAGE WHILE GETTING INJURED? Last year she took shots just to get on the goodbye stage for YaYaYa. Early this year she stayed on stage in Lovey Dovey performances until she can't put up with her injuries anymore. Her determination is second to none and everyone knows it. To be saying things like this mean you don't know them at all.
  15. Come on guys. Let's not blame SBS. From the article, I'm guessing that yesterday's reading was probably something Eunjung didn't handle it well. She was probably stressed out about the situation and everyone(including Eunjung herself) agreed on the withdrawal. Eunjung is the kind of person who wants to do everything as perfect as possible. She's a professional person and wouldn't want her reputation more damaged if she doesn't do well on this drama. I'll consider it a back--step so that she could step forward at a safer and stronger pace in the future. It won't be easy, but we'll be here to support her and T-ara. But we'll still be sending the support for the dramas, right ? At least we'll show other people that T-ara have good supporters so they might cast Eunjung again in other dramas. (On the side-note, let them have a little bad conscience for their decision for removing Eunjung. HA!)
  16. What ? ... This is confirmed, right ? The only explanation is that due to all these incidents, Eunjung probably don't want to act with all these incidents bothering her (look at her in the press conference..) So withdrawing would be better than continuing it with all these things limiting her abilities. At least, that's what I hoped for her reasons...
  17. Hmm, I don't know.. I haven't watch WooJung that much but I knew that they were a very cute couple. I'm going to try to believe their words, since Eunjung's got a very busy schedule. But I do feel though that the scandal maybe one of the factors here.
  18. http://www.dkpopnews.net/2012/08/jaejoong-there-are-no-idol-groups-who.html That's the reality of all groups. They all have conflicts. Right now, I'll find a way to support T-ara the way I can and ignore those idiot antis. They're just trolling around. I'm through talking to them. It's impossible. Only thing I can wish for is to let those 'karma' they talked about fires back at them, especially those who invented the rumors.
  19. Look at her smile and her eyes. She looked so sad, even sadder than Hyomin on her press conference. I've never seen her like this before. And these are our most cheerful and strong members in T-ara. I don't want to see Boram or Jiyeon's faces. It'll be heartbreaking ...
  20. My Malaysian T-ara ticket has arrived. Yess !!!

  21. I saw this on my way home but never get a chance to comment about it. Finally ... Seeing Hyomin broke down this easily means that they're very weak right now. They're trying to hide how sad they were while smiling in front of the camera. That's really heart-breaking to see Hyomin, who always smiles and plays around, became like this. I'm going to support them anyway I can now. I want them to smile again and be happy.
  22. Hahaha !! Sso's wink !! I love it Sigh* hope she'll recover soon.
  23. Get some rest Sso !! That's all I can say right now. Just use this little moment to recover your body and mind. We'll always support you. Just don't worry about others.
  24. They've cross my line .. and they'll feel my wrath. I've had enough of this ...

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