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    Seorori reacted in [12.04.06] What's the role of the 2 new members of T-ara?   
    OMG he’s like literally screaming out loud ‘T-ARA CAN’T SING FOR xxxx! That’s why I’m adding two new talented members’ I CAN’T EVEN! HE SUCH A DOUCHEBAG , how the hell can you manage a group if you don’t have faith in them and their talent? How is that even possible?
    Did he forget that T-ara got like 3 amazing and strong vocals, Soyeon isn’t the only strong one Mr.!
    There is Eunjung that you seem to completely take off the hook!
    Jiyeon & Boram can take off perfectly the soft parts but if you had just challenged their vocals a bit you’d see that they have the potential needed.
    Hwayoung? She’s one of the fiercest rapper I’ve seen in Kpop AND she’s totally passionate about rap…so why can’t you make them songs that SHOWCASE their talent instead of ALWAYS STICKING TO THE CATCHY? Because it’s the safest choice. Because he just doesn’t have the faith in those girls.
    I’m so disgusted right now, I FREAKING HATE HIM! He doesn’t deserve those girls nor does he deserve my money! They’re better off without him…clearly
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    Seorori reacted to maknae23 in [12.04.06] What's the role of the 2 new members of T-ara?   
    So basically, it's like this.
    Three of them, Soyeon and the 2 new members are going to stand in the middle and sing during a performance. They won't be dancing. While the other 6 will dance at the back of them. Hwayoung or Hyomin or EunJung will be joining the three of them in front when it comes to rapping. They won't need the boy dancers and the backup dancers because the stage can't accommodate too many of them. This will help CCM to save money on backup dancers !! AHHH, now I get his stupid point.
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    Seorori reacted to ZZuRRa in [12.04.06] What's the role of the 2 new members of T-ara?   
    So,I can imagine if they're doing Cry Cry performances,the 2 members will "help" Soyeon to sing her lines while they will "help" Hyomin to sing her lines in Lovey Dovey.To be very honest here,I'm actually glad that the two members are said to have a good singing abilities and not just being the pretty face.
    From now on,we can expected Soyeon along with the new members to carry most of the songs while Hyomin's job as lead vocalist is reduced to just vocalist while others act as back up dancers and just singing "Yeah","Ahah","Baby",clap-clap,wink-wink and whatever stuffs and nonsense.
    In a nutshell,the other members,Qri,Boram and Hwayoung who still didn't get enough spotlights until now will be completely forgotten (not by their fans,of course) by KKS and indirectly forced them to quit themselves.Wow,"great" planning,KKS.
    You should has just enter a battlefield and you'll win for sure,for using dirty tactics....
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    Seorori reacted to CASPER.JiYEON in [12.04.05] 7-member T-ara to reveal surprise tomorrow, "Becoming a 9-member group"   
    oh man i would LOVE to see what is going on inside KKS's brain.
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    Seorori reacted to Malvius in [12.02.14] T-ara, "It's fascinating to get a storm of sign request in Europe"   
    No wonder getting 1st on charts isn't their goal anymore. T-ara spent over 100 days as chart leaders this past year. Debuting overseas can be dangerous though. I hope they will stay as a Korean girl group promoting in Korea for a long time. Going after SNSD isn't anybody's reach and its such a nice goal with a friendly competition.
    Thanks for translating such a lenghty and good article.
    Where have you been these past 6 months ? We know about this SF concert since October. It was set for early January but got delayed.
    There you go : http://www.hellokpop.com/2011/11/11/ccm-takes-k-pop-to-san-francisco/
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