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    Seorori reacted to Jchan in [12.11.26] T-ara arrive in Vietnam greeting their crying fans   
    OMG LOL 2000 fans =) There were 200 fans at max =)
    Anw I WAS THERE GUYS sobs they're goddesses I swear T______T
    And I successfully handed Jiyeon bb my letter, I directly put it into her hands *______*
    My fangirl life is complete *_______*
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    Seorori reacted to Scatter_88mil in [12.10.20] Video - T-ara Confession   
    Aite guys and girls, I just went through the whole vid (robbe_881 - thank you very much for providing the HD version ) and while I can't provide a full translation due to the length of the footage, I'll describe this out as best as I can (for those asking, I'm Korean here so the language is no barrier to me at all, though the music background could have been lower in audio so I may have not heard everything correctly - or maybe my speakers are just...well, ah whatever).
    I really must say, I'm terribly sad to tell those who were expecting the girls to come forward regarding the scandal had expected too much. In fact, the first half of the video had nothing to do with 'confession' at all and was more set to their showcase in Malaysia.
    When the group were altogether in the hotel room (after the ad break) where the subject regarding that mess was talked about, Hwayoung herself was not even directly mentioned and they were actually very, very vague as to what occurred and even then, spent a great deal of the second half of the show mostly talking about themselves and the group as a whole.
    What Soyeon did however, admit (note - this has little to nothing to do with the scandal) is that way back in the BPBP days, the group was particularly starved and forced into something that may be seen as a severe diet up to the point that when other idols or singers that were their seniors (in terms of how long they were in the industry) usually left behind leftovers after performances, the girls actually grabbed as much as they could - particularly snacks and gimbap, shoved such food in their pockets and even ate them in the toilets to avoid getting caught.
    That....is pretty darn nasty. When Areum says that what she's going through doesn't even amount to even one bit of what T-ara had to go through since debut, Soyeon then lets out that there were quite a lot of moments that the members cried.
    Basically, the title of the show 'Confession' is rather quite misleading. In fact, none of the members look even willing to spill anything in detail at all - in other words, what exactly transpired. I'd even go to say it did little to nothing to actually contradict what antis, netizens believe.
    And why? The most likely reason is that what they say is being filtered and monitored by a certain someone (no prizes to guessing who that is). CCM is part of Mnet Media itself (and Mnet Channel is the one broadcasting this) - there's no way they'd let anything in detail be told at all, no matter how much T-ara wants to speak out for themselves without internal consequences.
    All in all, it's rather disappointing, even for me who didn't expect much out of it.
    If anyone wants to ask for more details of what they said, feel free to PM me.
    Edit: I also forgot to mention this - the members, Hyomin and Soyeon in particular, have said that they're worried for us fans as well. Whether if they actually know how divided the fandom has become or simply that they're concerned with the crap we had to pull over with from antis or netizens as a whole is debatable, as they were quite vague with this too.
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    Seorori reacted to cynt29 in [12.10.12] T-ara's Dani and 5dolls' Nayeon preparing for comebacks together   
    mmmm.... i still have mixed feelings about dani but i can't deny that i am so excited with T-ara's new comeback with dani, I'm very curious about their upcoming concept, i hope it will bring back TTL era
    i hope the best for 5dolls too especially for shannon girl though tbh i feel awkward with hyoyoung there because of T-ara scandal
    actually instead of 5dolls, I'm more interested with CCM's "2nd seeya" group i hope ex-member of 1st seeya, lee boram will join them CCM ballads are awesome and i think they should stick with vocal group rather than idol group.
    i hope the best for CCM's group and new group especially our queens T-ara :wub:
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    Seorori reacted to nathaniel in [12.10.12] T-ara's Dani and 5dolls' Nayeon preparing for comebacks together   
    [10.11.12] T-ara's Dani and 5dolls' Nayeon preparing for comebacks together

    T-ara's Dani and 5dolls Han Nayeon's cute selca has been revealed.
    On October 13th, Core Contents Media revealed a picture of T-ara's Dani with 5dolls Hanna as they prepare together for T-ara's comeback and 5dolls comeback which are in early 2013.
    The two girls have became close and developed an unnie-dongsaeng relationship since they both lived abroad for a long time and are taking both rap and dance lessons together.
    Dani said, "I'm practicing hard for when I stand on stage with the T-ara unnies" while Nayeon said, "I hope there can be continued attention towards 5dolls until when we greet fans soon."
    Meanwhile, Dani was introduced in T-ara's "Day by Day" and "Sexy Love" drama music video. She will bring a new fresh image to T-ara in 2013.
    Source: http://news.nate.com/view/20121012n08194
    Translated by: Nathaniel @ Diadem
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    Seorori reacted to aleya in [12.12.11] Video - Sexy love @ M! Countdown Smile Thailand   
    HD one
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    Seorori reacted to Robbe_881 in [12.12.11] Video - Sexy love @ M! Countdown Smile Thailand   

    Thanks to aleya for HD version.

    BONUS: Hyomin and Jiyeon MCing:

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    Seorori reacted to s-park in [12.10.05] Video - Fancams of T-ara @ Malaysia Showcase 120903   
    [12.10.05] Video - Fancams of T-ara @ Malaysia Showcase

    Roly Poly

    Lovey Dovey

    Bo Peep Bo Peep

    I Go Crazy Because of You




    Performance Intervals


    Kevin Lim

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    Seorori reacted to nathaniel in [12.10.05] Russian fans give support messages to T-ara, "Don't give up"   
    [12.10.05] Russian fans give support messages to T-ara, "Don't give up"

    T-ara's fans from Russia have sent them encouraging messages.
    Fans from Russia have held notes with various messages like "T-ARA fighting! We Love You", "T-ARA Don't give up!", "QUEEN'S will be forever by your side" and took a picture of themselves with the notes.
    The Russian fans shared the supporting messages by combining all the images in one through YouTube.
    T-ara has had great success after having sold out showcases in Hong Kong, Malaysia and Japan and plan to expand their overseas activities.
    Source: http://news.nate.com/view/20121005n12206
    Translated by: Nathaniel @ Diadem
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    Seorori got a reaction from Chesskid1 in [12.09.26] After Hong Kong showcase, T-ara's Malaysian showcase sells out at record speed   
    The seats vary from 200 dollars (VIP), 150, 100, 50 and 33 dollars (standing)
    The VIPs were sold out too early. Anyone getting those seats comes with T-ara shirt and cap, with the privilege of getting signed poster on stage. I'm extremely jealous of those lucky people.
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    Seorori reacted to Chesskid1 in [12.09.26] After Hong Kong showcase, T-ara's Malaysian showcase sells out at record speed   
    how much are tickets? just curious!
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    Seorori reacted to kenzo in [12.09.21] T-ara to spend their Chuseok holiday in Malaysia   
    Does this mean they're gonna have fun somewhere in KL?
    Oh yeah stalking mode on!!!!! Bye bye lectures~~
    I hope they won't return to Malaysia coz I'll be jealous since I can't attend it after this year
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    Seorori reacted to nathaniel in [12.09.21] T-ara to spend their Chuseok holiday in Malaysia   
    [12.09.21] T-ara to spend their Chuseok holiday in Malaysia

    After having a successful showcase in Hong Kong, T-ara will have their first showcase in Malaysia and plan to spend their Chuseok in Malaysia.
    T-ara will have their second ever showcase in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia on October 3rd at a venue with over 4,300 seats.
    Following their Japan tour, T-ara will plan to promote across Asian from early to mid next year in Hong Kong, Singapore, Vietnam, Thailand and Indonesia.
    T-ara successfully completed their Japanese tour earlier this year with dates in six different cities and there were the first Korean girl group to perform at the Budokan theater.
    Source: http://news.nate.com/view/20120921n11228
    Translated by: Nathaniel @ Diadem
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    Seorori reacted to nathaniel in [12.09.20] T-ara to hold various concerts across Asia next year   
    [12.09.20] T-ara to hold various concerts across Asia next year

    Despite controversies, T-ara has resumed activities as a girl group not only in Korea, but in the whole Asian market.
    On the 20th after completing their first showcase in Hong Kong, officials from Hong Kong suggested that T-ara have a large-scale concert with 15,000 seats next time.
    On the 18th, T-ara met 3,000 local Hong Kong fans with their showcase at Star Hall. All 3,000 seats were sold out but it was reported than over 500 fans showed up outside the venue who were unable to get tickets and singed and danced along during the showcase.
    An official said, "There was a bigger reaction than expected. There are requests coming in and we're currently talking about having a solo concert for them next year on an outdoor stage."
    After the lively reaction from Hong Kong fans, T-ara are confident to spread out in the Asian market. After their Hong Kong performance, T-ara has big plans for next year.
    The official said, "Compared to other idol groups, T-ara has a lot of diversity in their music which is a big advantage for them because it helped develop a large fanbase for them in Southeast Asia. Their likelihood of success in Asia is good and there are plans to go to Hong Kong, Singapore, Thailand and the Philippines next year but starting with promotions in Japan. We want to aim for an Asian version of a World tour.
    2NE1 held a world tour in 10 different cities across seven different countries and SNSD and Wonder Girls have also held concerts across Asia, the Americas and Europe. T-ara is the next girl group who can possibly accomplish this and will begin with the Asian market.
    T-ara returned to Korea on the 19th through Incheon International Airport and will continue to promote "Sexy Love" through music shows this week.
    Source: http://news.nate.com/view/20120920n03235
    Translated by: Nathaniel @ Diadem
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    Seorori reacted to s-park in [12.09.18] Video - T-ara Fancams @ Hong Kong Showcase Concert   
    [12.09.18] Video - T-ara Fancams @ Hong Kong Showcase Concert












    I'm sure there are pretty more to be uploaded..


    Please do share some fancams here if you have too that are not posted here..Thank you!
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    Seorori reacted to xbot in [12.09.10] T-ara to release a Special Pictorial Album   
    Talking about Hwa.. Although I would be more than ecstatic if Hwayoung does comeback in the future, I'm really not sure if its a good idea just from a teamwork perspective..
    T-ara members may not be bullies but they are also human beings.. If KKS forces the T-ara members to accept Hwayoung again, how will the other members feel? Hwayoung may or may not be at fault in this controversy but the rest of the members have already received so much pain & damage to their reputations.This will definitely screw-up the group's dynamics even more & any disagreement will launch fresh new allegations.
    The only way that a Hwayoung reunion will work is if the idea comes from the members not KKS.. at least that will be a real reconciliation, a unilateral decision by KKS will only make matters worse...
    Okay, IMHO Hwayoung may be the best rookie rapper out there but T-ara already have rappers that can more than adequately fill her position: Hyomin can rap, Eunjeung can rap, Ahreum can rap, Dani also seems to have a talent in rapping and even little Boram rapped in Japan. Personally, I think the best thing for T-ara & Hwayoung is to keep supporting each other but go on their separate ways.. Hwayoung has great talent & potential but it will be difficult for her to get a new agency after being used as a figurehead by the Antis to justify their malicious behaviour.. I hope she can find an agency that will look pass that or maybe KKS can change his offer: instead of rejoining T-ara maybe CCM can promote Hwayoung & her Sister as a twins act (Like Tasty.. which was the original idea when the Ryus sisters entered the agency).. but then Antis would probably say that this is KKS's way to bribe Hwayoung into silence.. you just can't please everyone
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    Seorori reacted to xbot in [12.09.10] Quick News - "T-ARA's Best of Best 2009-2012 ~KOREAN ver.~"   
    I really thought KKS must be crazy to have T-ara's comeback right now & flood the market with their merchandise.. but I guess there is a method to his madness:
    CCM really sucks in the Public Relations game so I guess to win back the public's opinion they have to rely on the things they are good at: Creative Content and Marketing of T-ara products..
    Hope this will work out.. I myself am sold
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    Seorori reacted to DjiaPaLy in [12.09.10] Quick News - "T-ARA's Best of Best 2009-2012 ~KOREAN ver.~"   
    ok I just preordered ALL the 3 versions. Just gotta wait until the release date.
    I'm going crazy because of you T-ARA!!
    I love you so
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    Seorori got a reaction from fengzz in [12.09.10] T-ara humiliated as audience cheered "Hwayoung" at Jeju Island concert   
    I was a little angry when I heard about the news, but it's not like I didn't expect it.
    I just want them to know that there are still a lot of Queen's supporting them.
    They don't have to care about people hating them, just do your best for fans who support them, that should be enough.
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    Seorori reacted to hyominheart in [12.09.09] Video HD - T-ara Sexy Love Comeback @ Inkigayo   
    Found on lovet-ara tumblr
    At today’s Inkigayo PreRecording, a lady Queen’s shouted “Jiyeon is mine!” and Eunjung answered “No, Jiyeon is mine!” and then Hyomin said “I raised jiyeon up!”

    cr: @shawnkang731204 on twitter
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    Seorori reacted to s-park in [12.08.09] Video HD - T-ara Sexy Love Comeback @ Music Core   
    [12.08.09] Video HD - T-ara Sexy Love Comeback @ Music Core


    will update with a HD one soon when available...


    tblij, "the performance we watch every week is the product after they edit the best scenes of pre-record stages"
    "all of stage are pre-record, the fanchant we heard every stage is made at pre-record stage"
    nathaniel, " they show prerecorded perf despite t-ara really perf live today too"
    so i guess today's performance was prerecorded, and the live one wasnt broadcasted..damn i wanted to hear fanchants, there were around 60 queens supporting them for their live stage today.
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    Seorori reacted to xbot in [12.09.03] T-ara's "SEXY LOVE" website crashes after 30,000 simultaneous connections   
    Considering almost everything and everyone were against T-ara and people were calling for them to disband just a few weeks ago, I would've accepted any low score for this promotion, just as long as T-ara survived....
    But now this is so AWESOME, who in their right mind will disband an idol group with over 2 million total views in just under a day? I'm not really worried about getting #1 spots & All~kills, I'm already satisfied with their brave effort to push on through.. (though I'll be ecstatic if they did get K-chart #1)
    Also can't wait for the live performance.. the robot/doll concept is perfect.. even if there are antis booing, the girls can just make a straight face and coolly act like they don't care since it goes with the concept... though I truly hope that there will be more fans cheering them on..
    T-.... A... RA... GO!!!!
    PS: At the current time... 627,000 views for the dance version in less than 24hours.. not to shabby, eh?
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    Seorori got a reaction from Farnaz in [12.09.02] Video HD - T-ara Sexy Love MV ( Dance Ver.)   
    I just don't know where to comment right now. It's like getting lots of birthday and Christmas gifts at the same time !!!
    I shouldn't worry about the dislike anymore and enjoy these MVs. Daebak !!!
    And to see how ten T-ara MVs top the GOMTV charts is too amazing. :D:D
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    Seorori reacted to hyominheart in [12.09.02] Video HD - T-ara Sexy Love MV ( Dance Ver.)   
    Update : 0249 am

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    Seorori got a reaction from Farnaz in [12.08.29] T-ara release handwritten apology   
    I think this is pretty much everything that T-ara can do, and I'm very happy that they did.
    As for Hwayoung's return, I'm sure a lot of us wish for that too.
    But the only person who can grant that wish is KKS.
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    Seorori reacted to chloeownsyou in [12.08.29] T-ara release handwritten apology   
    T-ara release handwritten announcement of apology

    "We write this letter after much deliberation.The past month has felt longer than the time it took us to debut and the time we've promoted under all of your love.First, we would like to honestly apologize for making so many concerned.We admit that we were immature in not being able to resolve our differences in opinions within the group and letting it out publicly, and we are all reflecting on it together.We deeply apologize for acting without thought.If we had understood each other, shared, and acted more maturely, none of this would have happened..We think that thought every day in misery.Looking back, we've always overcome any hardships together while chasing the same dream, and it breaks our heart to think that all of those good memories are being seen in a bad light.We also think that Hwayoung must have gone through a hard time for being misunderstood as being ostracized.We were all surprised at a result none of us thought or wanted and feel upset that we can no longer be together again.We hope that Hwayoung no longer has to face any pain again.We apologize to everyone for concerning everyone with this issue and disappointing those that loved our music.This hardship was an opportunity of learning for us.We are supposed to be the strength of many, and have now learned how much responsibility we have on our shoulders, as well as how responsibly we must act.To our parents, who live for us, and our fans, who will remain by us until the end to love our music...And to everyone we disappointed, we want to work hard so that our apology will be accepted.We are genuinely sorry. We ask that you also give your everlasting support and love to Hwayoung, who must have had a harder time than us.We will always support Hwayoung no matter what.From all of T-ara.
    Translated by netizenbuzz: http://netizenbuzz.b...t.html?spref=tw
    Original article: http://news.naver.co...082920410105052
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