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  1. I think Jiyeon should post a new selca everyday
  2. Boram looks beautiful, I'm glad she finally posted something
  3. the cat pic in the background
  4. Boram is such a cutie, more people should love her
  5. Nice pics! Jiyeon looks fantastic.. ok, how many words must I write?
  6. calendar is $23 and postage in the USA is $23?
  7. no pics of Boram today, all you can see is her red shoes
  8. I was lucky enough to get one of these, and I paid through paypal. any idea when they might be shipping.. just curious. thank you
  9. I love how Boram posts a blurry out of focus pic. She has the best sense of humor.
  10. Wow, really beautiful. T-ARA look amazing. So glamorous.
  11. Its good to hear from her. I hope everything is well.. she seems happy here.
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