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  1. Really?Like Garrix's Animals? Gosh....I love most of his music.Surely looking forward for T-ara's EDM style!
  2. Good Dino gone bad . IDK this will be good or bad for her. But I definitely looking forward for her transformation.
  3. This what INA Queen's been waiting for. We have quite strong fan base here in Indonesia. T-ara won't be dissapointed if they held their concert here.
  4. I can't stop laughing read the dialogues in the game,I enjoyed a LOT playing this game. Playing game with T-ara characters in it was a blessing for me. As a suggestion, you can make all T-ara members to be playable to get more fun. I'm looking forward for the sequel. Thank you for making this game.
  5. Seriously,I had a goosebump only with just watching the teaser.It's gonna be heck of a party for Queen's this December.
  6. The video has been removed .Is there anyone who have another link?
  7. WOW!I didn't know there's ver. 3.Oh yeah! More T-ara for us.
  8. Totally dissapointed.The MV was poorly edited and had no storyline whatsoever.It was more like a fanmade than an official MV.Feel bad for the girls,they deserved much better.
  9. Oh my,this is what I've been waiting for.I'm really eager to watch this.
  10. Areum looks so pretty and lovely at that interview
  11. OMG!!This is a breakthrough.Can't wait for our Queens comeback
  12. I love this remix and their performance here. Better than yesterday on KBS IMO.
  13. Congrats T-ara,even though the chart made by Kpop Italia but still LD is the number 1
  14. Thanks for sharing,it's been a while since I watched them perform. Great!
  15. So Eunjung wants to lift the sanctions and pretend as if this did not happen. But the Association want to make an example to prevent this from happening again in the future by taking boycotting measures. TAKE THAT YEINEMN!!!
  16. My deepest condolences for one of our Queens,Lee Jihyun. All Queen's will pray for you and your family. #BeStrongQri T____T
  17. Thank you for the links. I definitely download it. 2hour+ full of T-ara,can't miss it
  18. Even on the other side of the world,there's a lot of people that always support T-ara . I'm so touch . FOREVER SUPPORT T-ARA!! T-ARA AND QUEEN'S ARE ONE!
  19. "T-ara will plan to promote across Asian from early to mid next year in Hong Kong, Singapore, Vietnam, Thailand and Indonesia." OMG!! Indonesia next year. I have to start saving from now .
  20. Woho....I hope they stop by to Indonesia too.....INA Queen's needs some love too.
  21. One word : DAEBAK!!!!!! I don't care if the one that went to the website Queen's or even antis/haters. Just face the fact that the website crashes because of the MV .
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