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  1. It would be nice if there are subtitle for it At least they are doing good in Japan. T-ara fighting!
  2. Although they cannot clear up all the misunderstandings about T-ara as seen by haters, it is good enough for them to be by T-ara's side and let the girls know that there are people who will always be available when they need them. Stay strong and move on, T-ara. You are worth more then those sick netizen who might not have done any significant achievement in their life than, well, criticizing
  3. Well, there are some ways to get nominated in such grand award ceremony. If awards were to be given based on achievements and dedications only, the music industry would be wonderful with healthy competition among artists. Let's face the reality, in this world nowadays, who wouldn't mind giving $$$ or 'services' to gain fame as long as he/she is capable??
  4. Goodness, gracious, good soul. this just make my day
  5. what is this about??? please don't let it be another bad news
  7. why do they come to Malaysia when I'm at Australia? T_T nevertheless, have a good time in Malaysia
  8. this link post article about the interview along with the translation. Enjoy http://www.t-araworld.net/2012/08/t-aras-soyeon-talked-about-haeundae.html
  9. Conclusions from all the controversial incidents: 1. Unless forced by government, medias will only report something that will benefit them, regardless of substantial proofs or the consequences carried by involved party. 2. Korean netizens are mostly bunch of idiotic and cowards who speak through keyboards, think through their eyes and take action through hateful comments. By the way, it is fun to watch their own people destroying k-pop industry which they once proud of. Well, history proved that every great things were brought down by none other but themselves
  10. Every things happen for a reason. Take it as a blessing in disguise and thing will turn out for the better Fighting!
  11. who knows? maybe something better awaits her somewhere else..just hoping the best for the girls
  12. although they are busy, they still give attention to those who are less fortunate. It shows that they really appreciate what had been blessed to them and shared it to those who need it :')
  13. my heart breaks, but as a human, u deserve happiness too. Gud luck
  14. i am very happy with their achievements but i do hope they take care of their health more. although it is true that success come with hardwork, it would be less meaningful if they overexert themselves. T-ARA FIGHTING!!
  15. omaigod!! so adorable, so innocent, but the best of all,so cuuuuuute!! t-ara hwaiting!
  16. WOW! can't believe they are going to perform in my hometown!! A must-go event!!
  17. cry cry, lovey dovey, japanese roly poly..man, that is one tough schedule..be strong, girls! fighting!
  18. wow, they looked nice dancing roly poly in that outfit
  19. wow, unexpected. i'm afraid this will leave others heartbroken T.T
  20. wow! nice job they really do have the potential to go further and do better. chaiyok! nice Cry Cry MV btw
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